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When I was little my mom never let me have fruit roll ups. I’d throw tantrums in the grocery aisle. “Why?!” I just wanted to have tongue tattoos like the rest of the kids at lunch. It didn’t make sense to me why she would deny me the jovial camaraderie of tongue tats.

Now that I am twenty-three, I know why. Of course, it wasn’t just about the fruit roll-ups. It was everything. It was the sugar, the soda, the aspartame, artificial flavors, Red 40, high fructose corn syrup, antibiotics, aspirin, pesticides, processing - it was the poison. She was trying to protect me. I was lucky.

My father is a Chiropractor. In elementary school my classmate told me that his Dad said my Dad was a “quack doctor”. He didn’t know what it meant, and neither did I. I thought it was a compliment, I laughed, and said “Quack, Quack” curling my arms to my side like a duck. This was the first but not the last time my father’s practice was misunderstood and criticized. Throughout school I learned that we are trained to ignore the Spirit.

Growing up, my parents’ computer password was “Innate”. It was one of the first words I ever learned. What did that mean, Innate? It was the whole of their philosophy contained in a single phrase. I am still trying to figure it out. But I think I am starting to get it. Innate. It is an inborn, inherent intelligence within us all - the connection between the physical body and the Spirit. It is invisible, yet you can know it, it is beyond the senses, yet you can sense it. It is that spontaneous instinct, it is the natural intuition that makes the baby cry at birth and inspires the birds to sing. It is the adjective that describes the very force of Life; the force that evolves to form each individual life, so that each can grow, play, and experience, then once more dissolve back into the spirit of itself. The Western world of blind materialism, profit, greed, and media manipulation is constantly begging to pull us out of this innate state in which we are meant to be. A human being’s innate state is perfect health. I believe that we are naturally supposed to be healthy and free. So, why aren’t we?

As the years passed by and I was old enough to do my own research, I grew more and more thankful of my parents’ ventures to protect us from toxins. I started to learn about inescapable corruptions surrounding Big corporations, political lobbyists, the FDA, EPA, CDC, and media sponsorship bias, concerning certain chemicals in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the drugs we ingest. But all of that had to be cast aside for a moment when, in November of 2018, I got a phone call that my Mom was in the hospital.

I rushed back home. She had an artery dissection and was minutes away from having a stroke. I am very grateful that she never had that stroke. She spent several months at the hospital and we were unsure of her condition and how or why it happened. They ended up diagnosing her with “Horner’s Syndrome”. Horner’s is a general term for a group of symptoms caused by blood restriction to the brain due artery failure or blockage. The doctors had her taking constant blood thinners, and pain-killers for her headaches. After researching, we later found out that the particular blood-thinner she was taking had originally been sold as rat poison, before it was discovered to have the medicinal property of thinning blood in humans and approved for widespread market use. While the medication helped her through her headaches, and helped the blood flow, I could see it was poisoning her. She grew very sick in a different way. I could see her changing. I could see her vital force becoming weaker, her Spirit was diminishing, and all I could do was watch the doctors do what they thought was best for her. We had to let them take over because we did not know what else to do. We just wanted her alive. I was not ready to lose her.

It was in this time that I realized we needed to get back to our roots. We needed to change our lifestyles, and we needed to do it now. We needed to get our mother back to that Innate state of health that we knew she was capable of. The roles were reversed. I needed to step up and take things into my own hands, just like she did for me when I was young. I owed it to her. I began doing my research.

It wasn’t until a month later, when I happened upon a book titled You Are All Sanpaku by William Duffy and George Ohsawa, that I began to see a sliver of hope. It was a random book I had picked up during a stay in London, just because I liked the cover. Little did I know the profound impact that this book would have on my life. I opened the book up to a random page and read a line.

“No disease is incurable.”

That line changed my life forever.

The author, Japanese health philosopher George Ohsawa, had created his own unique diet regimen which he entitled “Regimen Number Seven”. In the West, his philosophy was known as “Macrobiotics”. You may remember it as a dietary revolution popularized by Duffy in the eighties. The book was a harsh attack on the American diet. Yet there was hope; Ohsawa claimed that any physical or spiritual ailment could be cured, in just ten days, through fasting and prayer. If you are born in the West, you know how crazy that sounds. I didn’t believe it either at first. But I was desperate, in need of a miracle, and the text was very simple. He claims that at the magnificent rate in which blood cells reproduce, in just ten days, through fasting, one could completely detoxify their bloodstream from all illness. The fasting was just one half, the other half of the healing process dealt with the Spirit itself, and was detoxified through Reverent- seriousness, prayer, and meditation.

The central theme of the text is to “heal yourself before attending to anything else”. So, before I could begin to heal my mom, I had to start with myself. I also wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t die during the process, so, I tried it alone first. The 10-day diet consisted of 100% grains and cereals, with the forefront of brown rice. It was truly a battle every single moment. Yet it was the most spiritually fulfilling experience I’d ever had. My life changed forever after that. I had never felt stronger, more peaceful, more connected, more at ease with life and myself. I felt that my spirit had been completely renewed and that my body had re-aligned once again with the very Source in which it receives its life. It felt like that was how I was supposed to feel all along.

Immediately after my 10 days, I went to the home and brought my mom the book. It was time for a change. I could not wait around anymore, and watch mom be poisoned by this medication. I brought her the book and told her to read it. Two weeks passed by; she had not picked it up. She had no energy. She did not want to read the book or try to change.

Somewhere along the sickness she was losing her vitality, her will and her hope. I was going to have to push it. So, I said “Ma, I’m not leaving the room until you read the book!” We had come full circle, suddenly she was the little kid in the fruit roll ups aisle of the grocery store, and I was the Mom telling her No. She read it all in one day. When she had finished, she looked at me, and said “When do we start?” I said. “Tomorrow”.

We began our 10 day fast together. I am getting choked up even now, thinking about how much we grew together in those 10 days. How much we needed it and how close we grew going through that struggle together. She was no longer alone. She had me. We were a team, and I wasn’t going to stop until she was healed.

Like any addiction, the first three days were the toughest. Especially for her, going from being on all of this medication to taking nothing at all. Her body had to wean itself free. Her headaches were unbearable. I was very worried that I had put her in danger by advising her to go off the medication. Nevertheless, we persisted. Slowly but surely, we weaned off all of the toxins that we consumed every day, most of which we are not even aware of - caffeine, glyphosate, preservatives, sugar, alcohol, heavy metals, artificial flavoring and coloring. All of these toxins build up in us through our lifetime. We become so addicted that we don’t even notice we are addicted. To detox from them was agonizing. That’s how we knew it was working.

On the fourth day of the regimen, my mother’s headaches had suddenly disappeared. After the ten days ended, and we had completed the regimen, she was completely off of all of her medication. Day by day, the light came back into her eyes. She was happy, she was laughing. She once again found the Way to tap into that spiritual force, the very force that gives us life and lifts us up.

The doctors insisted that my Mom would never fully recover. They told her that she would be on blood-thinners and pain killers for the rest of her life. They were wrong, and their attitude was wrong, but it wasn’t their fault. A few months ago, my mom went back for a check- up, and the doctors were shocked to see that the impossible had occurred. Her “permanent” dissection had somehow completely recovered itself. She was free. They had never seen anything like it in such a short amount of time. This is our testimonial.

No two paths are alike, and every situation is unique. This just happened to be our pathway to healing. I want the people of Moms Across America to hear our story. I want you to know that if you ever find yourself in need of a miracle, that there is an option, there is a possible path you can take, for we followed it. And for me and my mother, it was the detoxification of chemicals through fasting.

I chose to volunteer with Moms Across America because I know that Moms know more than anyone what is best for their baby. They just have that Innate instinct. There is truly no force stronger. It is greater than us, and it is far greater than a corporation’s greed. It comes from beyond. When I first learned about the involvement of corrupt corporations having conflicts of interest with government administrations including the FDA, EPA, and the CDC, I began to lose hope in the world. I told myself I did not want to bring a child into a world like this world was becoming. After finding Moms Across America, I no longer think this way. Seeing other people

involved in this fight fills me with hope. I truly believe that the Moms will be the ones to take down these Billionaire Bullies. We are beginning to see the seeds of change everywhere. We are gaining in numbers. Many are starting to see through the lies and have too come to the woeful realization that about 90% of household products on the shelf of the grocery store are poisoning us and our children. How better to protect the children than to educate their mothers? I am extremely proud of the work that Zen, Todd, Debbie, and all the volunteers at Moms Across America are doing to spread awareness of these issues. I think that Moms Across America has discovered a great truth, in that, when we eliminate these harmful chemicals from our diet, a whole new world opens up to us. A world of Innate health we may even not have known existed. I now devote my time trying to spread this truth. I am so grateful to be involved in this such a daring community. I know that I am young, but ever since I have become a part of this movement, I now can say, I really can’t wait to be a Mom someday.

Bio: Riley Vuyovich is a young activist, musician, and poet based in NYC. Her main goal is to use her music to open the eyes of the youth to the truth about global corruption and media propaganda. Under her artist name, Spy Riley, she is working on launching a solo music project to spark a youth movement about issues concerning GMO’s, 5g, vaccine mandates, global health policy, and government corruption.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @Spit___Bubbles
Twitter: @Spit___Bubbles
Soundcloud: Spit_Bubbles

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  • Riley Vuyovich
    commented 2020-03-13 11:45:22 -0400
    Thank you Maria and Gail, blessings to you both.

    Maria, that is a really great question. I know that many people are trying to avoid grains at this time for many different reasons. I think that a lot of these grain allergies we are seeing have more to do with the processes in which they are produced rather than the grains themselves. But, for those who cannot eat grains. I think that, Brown Rice aside, the biggest part of this for me was reducing to simplicity. Taking out what is unnecessary, and reducing to what is absolutely essential.

    In America, we especially consume so many liquids. I think we would all be shocked to find how much better we felt if we stopped consuming all liquids that were not water and herbal tea. Cutting out coffee is still a struggle for me every morning. Yet I find when I skip it, I have so much more energy, and it is sustained until I go to sleep. Cutting out the glass of wine is still a struggle at night. Yet I find when I skip it, I wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go. I try to make most meals from home, and make going out to eat a treat.

    In the same way we feel great when we do a big clean of our house, or a big clean of the worries on our mind with a nice deep breath, so is the same when we clean out our diets. Instead of adding anything to your regimens, I would recommend taking things out to clear up this space. This is the beauty of the Japanese way.

    But what do I know! Try things out. See how you feel. We always have a choice. That is the beauty of the Infinite.
    Love to you <3
  • Maria SanchezOBrien
    commented 2020-03-11 15:17:47 -0400
    Beautiful testimony. In today’s day and age, since many of us are not consuming grains due to our food industry practices, what does a macrobiotic diet look like for folks with autoimmune issues who are sensitive or allergic to grains?
  • Gail Pizzoferrato
    commented 2020-03-11 15:11:32 -0400
    That was inspiring
    Thank you
    Your mom is lucky to have you and vise versa.
    God bless you

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