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Dr. William Davis: Reclaiming Lost Microbes and Youthfulness

Article by Carol Grieve', Food Integrity Now

I spoke with Dr. William Davis today, bestselling author of the Wheat Belly books, Undoctored and Super Gut, about reclaiming lost microbes and youthfulness. What does this mean? Let’s dig in further.

As we learned from my last interview with Dr. Davis on his book Super Gut, there are beneficial bacteria that our grandparents and ancestors had in their microbiomes that most of us do not have! Why is that? It is mostly because of the overuse of antibiotics that kill off pathogenic bacteria and beneficial bacteria, and due to the extensive amount of environmental toxins we encounter every day. The problem is that when certain stains are killed off, they’re gone. Herein lies the problem. These strains were highly essential for having things like deep restful sleep, restoration of youthful muscle and strength, increased collagen and moisture in our skin, increased libido, preservation of bone density, and even creating deeper levels of empathy and love.

What if we could repopulate our gut with some of those lost strains? Well, the answer is we can. Dr. Davis is one of the leading experts and one of the few doctors using this cutting-edge approach to restore our microbiomes with strains that are essential for healing conditions like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), IBS, Crohn’s Disease and virtually all conditions that affect our gut and brain health, which is an extensive list. Check out Super Gut to learn more. A healthy gut equals a healthy brain–that research is clear and well documented and studied.

Dr. Davis in his last book, Super Gut, taught us the importance of eating fermented food on a regular basis and how to repopulate our gut with some of these lost strains through making yogurt using a long fermentation (36 hours) process. His SIBO yogurt and L-Reuteri yogurt were just a few of these! Many people who tried these yogurts had remarkable results and almost 90% of the people who tried the yogurt saw and felt these amazing results, including increased empathy, better sleep, smoother skin, restorative and more youthful muscle mass, and a generally better outlook on love and life.

One of the strains that are so effective in yogurt is L-Reuteri! It is the superstar of lost strains. Now, Dr. Davis has created this probiotic to be available without making the yogurt! This is exciting for many and it appears to have effects that are anti-aging, like increased elasticity and moisture in the skin (less wrinkles) and so much more. I have experienced the benefits of L. reuteri by making his yogurt and now I am so excited to have an alternative to making the yogurt. His new product is called Gut to Glow, In addition to L. reuteri, he added marine collagen, astaxanthin, and hyaluronic acid–all ingredients that have been studied for their skin benefits. He shares more about this in this interview. I noticed my skin is smoother and I am also having deeper and more restful sleep.

Oxyceutics conducted a pre-market group in which after 3 months, 88% of women reported a brighter and more luminous skin tone, and 81% a more youthful appearance. These results are exciting, and they have two more clinical trials underway that should be complete in early 2023. If you would like to experience the amazing effects of Gut to Glow, and experience reclaiming lost microbes, we have a discount code for you to use for Free Shipping which is FSGLOWFIN. Dr. Davis, has done his homework and continues to study the science behind repopulating our microbiome with these essential microbes. We live in a toxic world and using these great tools like Gut to Glow to restore our health and well-being, is in my opinion, an exciting and powerful way to reclaim or maintain fantastic health and great quality of life! Learn more here and listen to the interview to learn more about these amazing microbes and what they can do for your health.

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