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Standing Rock North Dakota is one of the most significant events of our time. Brave Indigenous people and supporters have chosen to stand in the way of bulldozers and pray to protect their water. All they want to do is protect their only source of water from having a pipeline of oil contaminate their water and from having sacred burial lands desecrated.


Any mother of any race can relate to this. All we want is clean water, clean, healthy food, a safe home, and to be respected in our society. We want corporations to Stop Poisoning Our Children!

Instead of protecting them, the governor of North Dakota has sent tax payer funded police to intimidate them, spray them without warning, with mace, and shoot them with rubber bullets. Flood lights surround their camp, glaring all night long and snipers sit on hill sides. Over 400 people have been arrested thus far, many in jails around the state unbeknownst to the tribes. Keep in mind these actions are happening on Sioux Nation land which is protected by treaty or on land which they have permission to be on, peacefully. None of the water protectors are being violent, and yet they are being harmed and arrested.

The Missouri River which will very likely be contaminated with oil if the pipeline is allowed to go through it, brings water to 20 million people directly down stream, maybe to you! People all along the river and beyond will be impacted. Standing Rock supporters report that there were over 200 oil spills in North Dakota in a month recently, it is not a matter of if the pipeline will break, it is a matter of when. We can no longer afford to let corporations make risky decisions for us and control our water and food supplies, poisoning all of us. This injustice needs to be stopped!


We urge you to take action today. Standing Rock needs boots on the ground. They need support there, in person. It will take some extraordinary planning, some resources and yes, time off work and child care support. But this is extremely important. If we have thousands of people there, we can make a difference. 

Thanks to your support, 7 of us went to Standing Rock Nov 15-26th and donated nearly $10,000 of supplies!

Watch the Standing Rock Review of our trip here:

You can see that list of donated supplies as of Nov 28,2016 here. We are VERY Proud of our supporters for giving so generously!

If you want to donate to support Standing Rock you can go directly to and donate directly to them. Make sure to specify what you want the money to go to: we suggest firewood for the women and the school, the medics, legal or community area. We also suggest donating for winter shelters. They have enough hats, gloves, coats and sweaters unless you have really good quality ones or fur coats.

If you buy supplies please see this update below on what is needed:

Amazon Wish List

You can also donate to Moms Across America below, as we are a 501c3 and your donation is tax deductible, and 100% of your donation will go to support the water protectors. Donating directly to them is also perfect, we have already far surpassed our goal.



Please watch DAPLLies at to learn more about oil spills and the harmful impact to the environment and people and pets health.



Standing Rock Update 11/2/2016: Via Daphne Singingtree

Today, hundreds of water protectors met militarized police to defend sacred burial grounds and the approaching construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Youth, elders, and people of all walks of life stood on the riverbank in prayer, and many boated or walked into the river, to stand strong in protection. Rubber bullets were shot by Morton County Sheriffs point blank at such close range as to cause one young man to cough up blood. Tear gas and pepper spray were unleashed on the protectors en masse.

The amazing physicians and medics we work with in the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council have been inundated with literally hundreds of injuries, triage overflowing. Notice the tree at the top of the hill where armored vehicles are staged. That is the grave site of Alma Parkin and Matilda Galpin, the indigenous women who once owned the Cannonball Ranch, where DAPL is actively digging its pipeline ever closer to the Missouri River. Police are desecrating grave sites, brutalizing peaceful people in prayer, and making a mockery out of law enforcement in this country.

The needs of the indigenous resistance movement here on the prairie are great. Come stand with us.

Make phone calls. 202-456-111 for the White House.

Call the people who have sent the police to Standing Rock, click here for numbers.

Send supplies. And if you can, offer financial support to replenish the stock of Milk of Magnesia used to treat the burns from tear gas, Arnica to treat the blunt force trauma, Rescue Remedy to treat the emotional shock, and to support the volunteer practitioners on the ground who are tending to the physical and emotional health of these protectors in such a loving and compassionate way . . . not to mention, gathering resources to winterize the camp for the impending -40 degree weather coming in just a few short weeks. Winterized tents, subzero sleeping bags, firewood, and supplies for medics are need urgently.

If you share this post, please copy and paste these needs, so they can reach the widest audience, as Facebook and other social media outlets are actively blocking the posts of Standing Rock supporters right now.

Oh, and someone please send a semi truck of rose glycerine and chocolate bars, will ya? These medics need some extra love right now.


Notice how the original pipeline route (dashed line) was re-routed from a white suburban neighborhood into Sioux nation territory and sacred burial lands (solid line), another example of social injustice and greed by corporations sanctioned by our government. All for oil to go to China, not be used in the USA. We are better than this. There are SAFE alternatives to oil!


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$10,535.97 raised
GOAL: $3,000.00
Contributions are tax deductible.

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    Donate today to get boots on the ground and supplies to Standing Rock! Thank you for protecting our water and life!
  • Christine Markel Lampe
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    Donate today to get boots on the ground and supplies to Standing Rock! Thank you for protecting our water and life!
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    Donate today to get boots on the ground and supplies to Standing Rock! Thank you for protecting our water and life!
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    Donate today to get boots on the ground and supplies to Standing Rock! Thank you for protecting our water and life!

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