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Proposed Collateral Damage of Glyphosate

Moms Across America Meeting with the EPA to Recall Roundup and STOP Toxic  Chemical Cocktails on our Food

Presented to the EPA May 27th, 2014 on Rachel Carson's Birthday, author of "Silent Spring"

When a chemical does not do what the manufacturer's says it will do, for instance, it is discovered it kills birds, the EPA will, instead of recalling it, assess whether the "benefit outweighs the cost." And they "often finds that it does." Meaning, there is an acceptable level of harm and death. We wonder what is the acceptable level of harm and death of our children in correlation with the use of Glyphosate?

How much Collateral Damage must we Mother's be expected to withstand?

Do the corporations profits outweigh the cost?

Collateral Damage: Statistics of the Proposed Impact of Pesticides on Our Food by Moms Across America

Studies show glyphosate destroys gut bacteria. Illnesses today associated with the gut bacteria being damaged:

  1. 150 children die each year from peanut/food allergies =3000.Food allergies have increased 400% =6.7 million since GMOs and pesticides have been allowed on our food. Intolerances=24.7 million. Study from the Journal of Pediatrics shows colitis has tripled in just 10 years.
  2. Hospital records show a 79% increase in diagnosis of children with Crohn’s disease in the past 10 years since the majority of pesticides have been introduced.- Stephanie Seneff MIT scientist
  3. Damaged gut means inability to produce tryptophan which equals and inability to produce serotonin, which regulates insulin. Diabetes =25.8 million people in 2011 alone.
  4. It also means without seratonin and melatonin, insomnia, depression, mental illness and acts of violence ensue. America now has a school shooting every other day, hurting hundreds and traumatizing millions.

Studies show glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor .

5.The United States is #1 for infant death on day one in the industrialized world. 50% more children die in America on their fist day of life than all of the industrialized world combined. – Seneff. This correlates with Pig Farmer's finding of miscarriages, birth defects and infant loss in their GMO/Glyphosate  fed sows who had a 30% loss.

6.The USA has a 30% failure to conceive rate in young couples, the highest in recorded history. – The Sierra Club

= 2 million babies lost each year

Studies show a gut brain connection. Studies also show that glyphosate breaks down the blood brain barrier, allowing toxins into the brain. This may very well account for why doctors did not see a “flood of children with autism,”  despite mercury being in vaccines since 1929, until the late 1990’s when GMOs and glyphosate were allowed into our food.

7. Twenty years from now, 1 out of 2 of our children will be diagnosed with  Autism if we continue at the current rate.- Seneff = 27.1 million ( cost today =avg 60K p/family/yr = 1.6 trillion dollars)

Regarding children with autism: using US Population stats:

73.7 million children 2012 = 837,500 children with autism ( 1 out of 88 2 years ago)

74. 3 millon USA children 2014  =1,092,647 children with autism ( 1 out of 68 today)

=increase of 255,146, in two years, = 127,573 children per year = 349 children diagnosed per day = 43 children per doctor’s office hour =every 1.2 minutes a child is diagnosed with Autism in America (during doctor's business hours.)

349 children per day = $20 million,940 thousand  in additional cost to the American families PER DAY.  This equals a 764.3 million per year in cost to American families financially.

This does not include the devastation on the fabric of our society, the cost to public schools ( 50% of federal budget is spent on Special Ed), the impact on divorce due to stress, and the increased loss of IQ and talent which could be contributing to the success of America.

8.Since GMOs/Glyphosate was put in our food our collective IQ has dropped 7 points resulting in, instead of 6 million mentally damaged, we now have 9 million. And million fewer gifted and talented.

We would say the matter is urgent. These are the cost for autism alone.

Each day is critical for the future of America. 

 9.Alzheimer’s increase- 5 million currently, every 67 seconds someone dies of Alzheimer’s

Studies show glyphosate is a chelator, which deprives any living thing it comes in contact with, of its vital nutrients, vitamins and mineral. Vitamin deficiency is a consistent occurrence in all patients with cancer:

10.Cancer is the number one killer of children in America today.- The President's Council on Cancer = 8750.

More children die every year of cancer than died in 9/11.

11. One out of two males  (69.5 million)  and one out of three females (47.8 million) are expected to get cancer in America today. -Robyn O’Brien. =117.8 million adults with cancer

12. One out of two of our children have some form of chronic Illness in America today. – Beth Lambert  “The Compromised Generation” =37 million children

= Nearly 200 million of chronically sick children and adults with cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s alone.

We assert that the cost of the use of glyphosate does not outweigh the benefit.

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