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Would you like your neighbors and community to stop spraying toxic chemicals on their lawns?

Raise awareness for a petition to your city council, schools or university to stop spraying Roundup!



Let your entire town know it's time to get rid of Roundup for home or public use!

Reach THOUSANDS locally and MILLIONS nationally with us in s single day by joining into your local parade!


People want to see why you are in the parade and many are supportive, clap and cheer. It's a blast!

Here are the banners you can download or buy from our website ( soon).

We suggest this one at the front of your parade group:



And this second one either at the end of the group or on the back end of a truck/float:



How do you join in a parade?

1. Search online for the parade near you.

2. Apply to join in usually by May 25th.

3. Post the event on our website under events.

4. Order your free materials with a code from an email you will receive from us ( look in SPAM too) and order your banner.

5. Share event with friends!

Have fun in your parade! Reaching 10-30,000 in a day means ( to me) that we can kick back and enjoy the summer a bit!


Zen and MAA Team


UPDATE: In August of 2018, school pesticide applicator Dwayne "Lee" Johnson, who is dying of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, was awarded 289.2 million dollars from Monsanto by a California Supreme Court jury. Monsanto was found guilty of acting with "malice and oppression," meaning they knew their glyphosate products could cause cancer and the company executives suppressed the information. As of September 2018, over 8,000 more Roundup users are filing lawsuits against Monsanto. 

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