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What Moms Across America Means to Our Supporters

These are challenging times. Moms Across America is constantly looking at if what we are doing is working and how we can improve our effectiveness. There has also been a looming threat of censorship and potential lack of resources to continue to do what we are doing.

One day this fall, one of our team members, who was taking a course to improve communication with our network, asked a question of our supporters to find out what they would miss if we were to go away on Facebook. This question provided the answers to how much we are valued and in what ways our work is important. Men and women from all across the country and around the world responded. Below are just a sampling of their responses.

Question: If Moms Across America went away, what would you miss?

Elizabeth Bissonnette - The honest truth about what is going on with our health due to vaccinations, glyphosate, and other assorted dangers. Connection with the leaders doing great things.. Robert Kennedy Jr. Vendana Shiva and you .. doing the good work. Don't go away, please.

Cayce Craft Chalk- Knowing that at least there is someone out there advocating for people's HEALTH!!!

Becky Pioch Wittmayer - I would miss having access to a reliable and factual source of information about so many issues that are critical to our children, our health and our families and our country.

Jamie Day Fleck -  Someone fighting for our health and our children’s health!!!

Mindy Phillips Martin -  An amazing source of legitimate news and information.

Heather Arthur-Groves -  I’ve come to rely on this site for updates about the ongoing fight against roundup and 5G, but I also really appreciate your product recommendations. ❤️

Casey Casey  - Every post I've seen has been important, so I would miss everything!

Roxanne Miller -  Reassurance that I’m doing it right.

Roxanne Brown - Morale support

Joe Tes -  A voice of reason

Sandy Speight Stoker - You give me hope. I save so many of your posts because you are a source I can trust. Not sure where else I can find your honesty and commitment.

Roland Shafer -  The image of a mom reminding these scientists and politicians that we need to leave our children a clean world.

Lesa Berry -  Hope. That's what Moms Across America gives me!

Deb Najman -  Everything!!

Michelle Schumacher -  Don’t go!!

Eileen Sullivan Whelan -  Please don’t go anywhere!!!

Leila Thigpen-  We NEED Moms Across America!!!

These responses give us an unlimited source of inspiration to keep going and we will. WE WILL NOT STOP! We will not give up! The love for our families will never end!

And... we will be so much more effective with a stronger team.

We know you have many wonderful organizations to give to this year. We hope you will include us in that giving because you see the value and importance of the work we do. We have had some funders unable to give what they had promised, and we have had to make cuts. We will keep going, but our effectiveness, if this continues, will be greatly impacted. We deeply appreciate your support. We simply cannot do this work without you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Zen Honeycutt and MAA Team

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