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Open Letter to Michelle Obama

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Dear Michelle Obama,

My name is Samantha McDaniel and I am a family support worker at Healthy Babies Project in Washington DC. I work with teen moms and a lot of them are from very underprivileged neighborhoods with low income. When I take them shopping to teach them how to buy healthy, organic and non GMO food it is already challenging enough. They would never use a Smart phone to scan a QR code or go to a website like bill S.764 would require them to do because most can't afford a Smart phone. It's also dangerous to be looking at a phone when you have a baby in the cart or a toddler running off in a public place with possible predators nearby. Our moms would not use their cell phone minutes because they have Pay As You Go phones and can't afford to use up their minutes on calling food companies. This bill is very discriminatory to minorities, many of which are low income.

I ask you, Michelle Obama to ask your husband label GMOs and keep his word as he said he would in his campaign by clearly labeling GMOs in writing on the package.

As you are a mother of a child with an allergy, and one who supports organic gardening we hope you will support other mothers as well.

-Samantha McDaniel

From Moms Across America:

Michelle we ask you to speak to your husband immediately, as the bill could be signed into law before the summer break, in a few days.

The so called "GMO Labeling Bill" S.764 or otherwise known as the DARK Act - Denying Americans the Right to Know - is discriminatory against low income citizens, minorities, as well as senior citizens and people who live in rural locations also because it:

  1. Allows food manufacturers to "label" GMOs with a mere QR code that says "Scan this for more Food information," a website or a telephone number without the words GMO anywhere on the package. This means senior citizens would have to buy and learn how to either scan the package with a smart phone, log onto a website or make a telephone call. Many seniors are no able to so do and this leaves them disadvantaged.

  2. Many rural areas do not have cell phone reception or Wi-Fi in stores and therefore even if one did have a Smart Phone or cell phone, and they wanted to, they might not be able to access the information and be disadvantaged.

  3. People of low income, seniors and minorities have enough stress, difficulties and discrimination in their lives right now.They deserve honest information just like everyone else.

  4. Health issues in America are disproportionately affecting minorities. Much higher numbers of African American, Hispanic and low income children have diabetes and obesity. The parents of these sectors are especially in need of access to information which could impact their families health to prevent costly illnesses.

American citizens deserve to have the words identifying GMO ingredients written clearly, on the package, just like salt or sugar, so they make make informed decisions.

Please watch these videos, Michelle:

Please stand with us for equal rights,  respect, and honor of the American People. 

Thank you! 

With Love From,

Healthy Babies Project and Moms Across America


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  • Ruth
    followed this page 2016-10-20 14:07:29 -0400
  • Stephanie Jean Guiles
    commented 2016-07-20 03:34:22 -0400
    We have the right to know what we are eating and feeding our families. We should not have to search for the answer. It should be easily available to read on the package.QR code labeling is simply a deceptive way to keep the public, the consumer in the dark and protect corporation’s profits.

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