OmniBlue Ocean MineralsTM Receive Moms Across America Gold Standard

OmniBlue Ocean Minerals Receive Moms Across America Gold Standard

January 29, 2020, Mission Viejo - Moms Across America announces that OmniBlue Ocean MineralsTM has achieved the 3 Star level of the Moms Across America Gold Standard. The Moms Across America Gold Standard was created because mothers, who make 90% of the household purchasing choices, are increasingly concerned about the contamination of our food and supplements with toxic chemicals and practices by companies that negatively impact the planet. 

“When a company has the integrity to step up, get additional glyphosate testing and commit to not using unnecessary synthetic fillers as is required in the Moms Across America 3 Star level, we are very excited to share about them as a healthy solution,” said Zen Honeycutt, Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America.

Honeycutt adds, “Due to agrochemical farming and heavy glyphosate use, which chelates vital minerals out of our soil, plants, and food, most Americans are deficient of minerals and therefore can suffer serious chronic health issues. Adding minerals of high quality such as OmniBlue is essential to supporting overall health.”

Malcolm McDonald states, "As the founder of OmniBlueTM, I am proud that our minerals have passed the tests of purity and wholeness with the distinction of achieving MAA´s Gold Standard. We are dedicated as are MAA in the goals of providing access to healthy food and products for all of us. Zen and her team are important advocates in this greater movement for community empowerment and health for all." 

McDonald further explains, "OmniBlue and our solar-harvesting ocean farms in a pristine, area of the Great Barrier Reef protected with a special twenty-year alliance. We are committed to providing the minerals that our bodies need in this modern age. Our passion is the satisfaction of seeing so many people getting happier and healthier using our product. OmniBlue TM is also fierce about protecting our oceans, and as with MAA we support and co-create sustainable, honest, real ingredients which are essential to the health issues that nearly every family is facing today."

Moms Across America is a 501c3 nonprofit whose mission is to educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities. Visit Find the OmniBlue Ocean MineralTM products on the Moms Across America website.

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