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OC Residents Take on Aerial Spraying of Toxic Chemicals


Did you know that many counties in America aerial spray toxic chemicals over cities and towns to kill mosquitos? The department that decides to do this is called Vector Control and each city has an elected official, a Planning Commissioner or "trustee" on that board. Together, they decide when and what will be sprayed over your home, backyard gardens, playgrounds, streams, and schools, while you sleep.

This week, in my county a few of the Vector Control board members thought it might be a good idea to have only 3 people head the decision-making committee along with just one trustee from the affected areas. Their intention was to not have to have all 35 members convene if spraying were to be done, for a vote. Because 48 hours of public notice must be given (they post it on their website), they often feel it is inconvenient to have to rush to convene and give us notice before they spray.

However, it also means, if only one or two cities were gong to be sprayed, the three main committee members could outvote the two elected officials from the cities. Keep in mind that the spraying from a neighboring city can drift, and those neighboring cities also could not vote. These trustees are YOUR elected officials who are supposed to be speaking for you. Many residents did not like this idea and spoke up about this voting process and the practice of spraying toxins. 

On April 20, 2017 residents from all across Orange county showed up, children in tow, to speak up on behalf of their children and residents who do not want toxins sprayed in their towns. I was incredibly inspired by the passion, clarity, factual data, and courage of the speakers. 

Katarina Murphy Roldan, a mother said, "If a stranger came into my backyard and sprayed chemicals, I could have him arrested for trespassing and the endangerment of my child.You, however, can do this, against my will and somehow that's ok? You do not have my permission to spray over my home."

Joe Imbriano of the Fullerton Informer challenged the reasoning for spraying and said, "The connection between Zika and anencephaly (babies born without brains) has not been medically proven."

This time, the trustees listened and retained their vote. All 35 board members in OC must vote on whether or not to spray. However, we are concerned about this tactic being utilized in other counties across the nation, and urge you to be aware of what is happening at your Vector control meetings. Obviously, it would be much easier for the chemical companies to persuade and convince 3 board members rather than 35.

Here is a link to our talking points that you can use after you find out when your next Vector Control meeting.


Video of Zen Honeycutt speaking at the Vector Control meeting on the fraudulent EPA approval process for chemicals, proving that NO chemical pesticides should be sprayed at all. April 20, 2017



Video of Mavis, Zen's mother speaking on the impact of aerial spraying on bees and wildlife, especially fish and our children, from endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals.


Please make sure you know what is happening at your Vector Control meetings. Some are moving forward with the spraying of toxins with drones (more effective targeting? or not?) and so chemical-spraying drones may soon be hovering over your backyard soon. Why is this allowed? The board only hears the "benefits" of these sprays from the chemical companies, so someone, we hope it will be you, must speak up for safety and the truth.

We wish to thank Michelle, Rebecca and Paul for inspiring us to be at the Vector Control meeting. Check out the Stop the Spraying of Orange County Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1486014415027989/ Feel free to start a page for your community too! Post this link to educate your neighbors: http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/toxin_free_town_campaign

Addition: We were reminded by a supporter to add that the solution to safe, non toxic and low cost mosquito/disease control is bats. Bats eat up to 1000 mosquitos per hour and bat homes are inexpensive to build. What if our Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts across America built bat houses and put them up in our communities? Free, safe mosquito control.

Thank you for taking action to protect your community and our country!


With Gratitude,

Zen Honeycutt and MAA Team

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