Nearby farmers, landscapers, or neighbors spray pesticides and herbicides. I think my family is getting sick because of them. What do I do? - Moms Across America

Nearby farmers, landscapers, or neighbors spray pesticides and herbicides. I think my family is getting sick because of them. What do I do?

  • Get tested. You need proof that these chemicals are impacting your bodies. We suggest urine testing with Health Research Institute Labs for glyphosate because they have the lowest detect-ability. Great Plains Labs has a GPL-Tox test for many pollutants which is very useful.
  • Hair testing from the Detox Project is also good because it shows a month's accumulation.
  • Go to or email the nearby farmers, landscapers or neighbors who are spraying and ask why/what they are spraying. Follow up with an email, asking for it in writing. I ask because “my kids have chemical sensitivities and I just want to be clear which ones they might be responding to.”

  • If you live in California, go to the CA Dept of Pesticide Regulation and ask them to share with you what pesticides are being sprayed in your area. There are maps and a database. You may be able to find it yourself. If you live in other states, ask your county supervisor or city manager  call your town hall) or school what they spray, when, and where. In most states they are required to tell you. You do not have to do a Freedom of Information Act to the EPA and be made to wait 6 months for a response. They should answer within a few days or a week.
  • Then research and find scientific studies showing that those particular chemicals are harmful. Beyond Pesticides and Pesticide Action Network have a lot of studies if you just search the names of the chemicals on their website.
  • Once you have the results of which chemicals are in your body and the science showing that those chemicals are harmful, I personally would visit those farmers, landscapers, or neighbors with a plate of organic cookies and the studies and ask them nicely to stop spraying and instead use alternatives. We have alternatives listed here that you can print out.
  • If that does not work, I would go to lawyers and/or City Council or County Supervisors with the request in writing and with as many neighbors as you can gather (petition in writing and people showing up in person) - the problem - the impact - and the solution that you propose. I would bring the press releases from the lawsuits with the $2 billion-dollar verdicts as well. Although we focus primarily on glyphosate, we have most of this already on our website.
  • If that does not work I would go to the press with your story. ( MAA can send out a press release. Please draft it and send it to [email protected])
  • If that doesn't work I would move.

In the meantime, we would DETOX every day. We are not experts on detoxing but these are some ways that may help to detox. This is not a detox plan, simply some steps you may want to ask your integrative functional medicine doctor about. We do not suggest that you attempt to detox your body without a medical professional’s advice.

  1. You know to eat 100% organic, plant-based as much as possible.
  2. Use HEPA air filters continuously.
  3. Use a sauna daily or exercise/sweat daily to get toxins out of the body.
  4. For aluminum- Fiji water daily (I know, I hate bottled water but I got my Dad's aluminum levels from 246 ppb to 6 ppb in one year of drinking Fiji water daily.) 
  5. Primary Detox, made of Chinese herbs, is on our website and has been shown to detox and tastes good. Restore for Gut Health can be very beneficial for gut and overall health.
  6. Try Turmeric, Chlorella, and Spirulina daily (easy to add to a smoothie).
  7. Supplement with Activated Charcoal and Bentonite clay to pull out the toxins.
  8. H2 Elite, also on our website, is AMAZING for turning free radicals which increase in the presence of toxins, into water.
  9.  Quicksilver's PushCatch system of detoxing is reported to work well too. If the cost is above your budget, you can buy the ingredients separately if you are willing to figure out the dosage with a doctor.
  10. The bacteria acetobacter has been shown to break down glyphosate into non-toxic components, eliminating glyphosate in soil. It is also in Apple Cider vinegar, kombucha, and sauerkraut. I would have these things every day. We don't know how much to consume because there are no scientific studies on humans and acetobacter, just soil. We consume on serving a day.

No matter what you do, do not give up! Know that your efforts DO make a difference. In one family, just ONE week of eating organic dropped pesticide levels by 60%! AND over 220 locations have stopped or restricted the spraying glyphosate- so you can take action and protect your family and community from glyphosate spraying exposure too!

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  • Esther Cook
    commented 2019-07-23 11:58:17 -0400
    Assault used to be a crime. This IS assault.
    We do not need new laws. There are too many laws now.
    But what does it take to get existing laws enforced?
  • Lynda Gammal
    commented 2019-07-23 09:17:54 -0400
    The article has some good information but to ask someone to move is not realistic because toxins are everywhere especially glyphosate. It is ubiquitous in the environment. Because of the toxic world in which we live, " Cellular Detox" is not optional if we want to prevent and/or reverse chronic health conditions. True Detox must occur at the cellular level and requires a systematic approach or detox can become dangerous. Some of the suggestions about detox, like using a sauna, are valid but alone is not going to give you the results that you want. Other suggestions are not real detox and can cause more problems like using weak binders like chlorella. You can’t even detox and inflamed cell and toxins cause cellular inflammation which is at the root of all chronic diseases. If anyone would like articles on cellular inflammation and how to fix and detox the cell, you can email me at [email protected]. I am a Functional medicine practitioner that specializes in True Cellular Detox and Healing.

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