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Monsanto in Hot Water


New developments do not bode well for Monsanto.

1. A huge win for consumer activists; Monsanto's Roundup and hundreds of other brands containing glyphosate will soon be labeled a "carcinogen" according to a newly passed California State ruling.

2. An EPA staffer, Jess Rowland, has been accused of colluding with Monsanto to downgrade carcinogenic effects of glyphosate. New York Times article here.

3. Monsanto has been accused of ghostwriting the Roundup cancer studies which show "safety." 

4. New studies show that Roundup causes liver disease and glyphosate-based herbicides are decisively linked to cancer in Argentina. Another shows endocrine disruptors such as those found in Roundup and glyphosate-based herbicides are the major contributing factor to the drastic decline of the quality of men's sperm.

5. In a groundbreaking turn of events, Moms Across America has been informed that the EPA has confirmed that The National Toxicology Program will, in fact, assess the final formulation of Glyphosate-based herbicides and the EPA will take their assessment into consideration for their review and decision on whether to renew or revoke the license of glyphosate.

Apparently, Bayer is reconsidering their $66 billion dollar offer to merge....

Could this be the beginning of the end of Monsanto?


See coverage which includes Zen Honeycutt below:


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  • Jessica Denning
    commented 2017-03-15 21:40:10 -0400
    Has the tide turned?
    “For once in your life, listen to me and don’t play your political conniving games with the science to favor the registrants. For once do the right thing and don’t make decisions based on how it affects your bonus.”….
    These words, penned in 2013 by former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) scientist Marion Copley, have an urgency seldom found in the dry correspondence that is typically passed between scientists. But this was no ordinary memo; it was an appeal, a desperate plea for action. And it was written on her death bed.

    International Forecaster Weekly
    Monsanto and EPA on the Hot Seat in Cancer Trial
  • Gena Wallenburg
    commented 2017-03-15 16:58:44 -0400
    Continue to share, repost, tweet….the truth is being teased out. Do your part to make it be known! Buy only organic. Boycott all the big pharma brands. Write to the companies to tell them you’re aware of the GMOs in their foods and the zero safety data & you won’t buy! Write to your legislators. We need all state to follow CA’s labeling mandates.
  • Amy Williams
    commented 2017-03-15 16:03:34 -0400
    Thank God! We have got to stop killings our children! Thank you, mom’s across America, for loving life, and making a better world for our children!
  • Cindy Hawco Pikoulas
    followed this page 2017-03-15 15:55:21 -0400

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