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New Monsanto Papers Reveal Company’s Attitude Towards Mothers….. Beat the S*** Out of Them


Baum Hedlund Arestei Goldman, the law firm representing the plaintiff in the court case against Monsanto who was recently awarded more than $2billion in damages by an Oakland, CA jury, released de-classified documents from the trial on August 15, 2019.

Among the damning batch of Monsanto Papers de-designated on March 1 and July 22 are a series of emails between Dr. Daniel Goldstein, Wayne Parrott, and Bruce Chassy discussing Moms Across America, where Dr. Goldstein explains, "I have been arguing for a week to beat the s*** out of them and have clearly lost. We don’t want to be seen as beating up on mothers, nobody will listen to it anyway, it has to be done by third parties…" to which Dr. Chassy responds, "You can't beat up mothers, even if they are dumb mothers but you can beat up the organic industry that paid for and wrote that letter. With a little imagination you can even make it fun.”


“Although the misogynistic and violent language in Monsanto’s emails are shocking, I am not surprised. I have been experiencing online attacks, along with many others, likely from Monsanto’s “Let Nothing Go” campaign, for years. However, the truly troubling issue isn’t the disturbing behavior of a few men, but the fact that Bayer and our federal government continue to completely disregard public health by continuing to sell and allow the use of Roundup and glyphosate herbicides.” 

-Zen Honeycutt, Activist and Founding Executive Director of Moms Across America

Dr Goldstein is a board-certified pediatrician and the former Head of Consumer Safety at Monsanto. Wayne Parrott is a professor of crop sciences in the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Athens. Former University of Illinois food science professor and Monsanto lobbyist Bruce Chassy is also the face behind the Monsanto-funded Academics Review website.

The reference to those emails, dated 7/3/2013, can be found here (Monsanto Email Re: FYI – Open Letter to Monsanto, From Moms - Moms Across America) and highlighted on the Aug 15, 2019 press release from Baum Hedlund, found here:

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  • yoshiaki fukukawa
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    Stop glyhosate!
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