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Reports of Menstrual Cycle Irregularities After COVID Vaccine

Moms Across America is deeply committed to creating healthy families and communities. Our reproductive health is essential for the viability and health of our babies and for future generations. 

Two new papers, one published in the BMJ called Rapid Response: Thrombosis (menstrual irregularities and blood clotting) after covid-19 vaccination, address concerns about the COVID vaccine* that are being reported online and researched by a recent University of Illinois survey. The BMJ study points to "underlying conditions" that might be blamed for the heavy and irregular periods and blood clotting that can lead to death. We are not so sure...

The second study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice states,  "On 19th March 2020, scientists from Oslo identified an antibody from vaccinated individuals which they suspect is responsible for attacking platelets and causing recent thrombotic events [7]. This discovery also supports our hypothesis [6] that CoViD genetic vaccines may have a direct role in spurring autoimmune response against platelets that may clinically manifest in thrombocytopenia, hemorrhage, and blood clots."

To support nationwide clarity on this issue, we ask that anyone who has received the COVID vaccine, please fill out the following survey and file a report with the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS.

The following parameters are directly from the University of Illinois survey:

Menstrual experiences with COVID-19 vaccines

Key Information: You are being asked to participate in voluntary research. This study aims to understand the menstrual experiences of people after they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. Participating in this study will involve completing a secure online survey which takes about 15-20 minutes. Risks related to this research include the potential to feel uncomfortable answering questions about your body and health. The benefits of this research are sharing your experiences and contributing to an often-overlooked area of health research.

Responsible Principal Investigator: Dr. Kathryn Clancy, Department of Anthropology, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (email: [email protected])

Purpose of the study: This research study is about your experiences with your period or other menstrual bleeding (such as "spotting") and associated symptoms after receiving at least one dose of a vaccine for COVID-19. Side effects are a common and even important element of the vaccine response, and bleeding patterns can be an important way to understand how our immune systems are activated.

Procedures to be followed: If you meet our inclusion criteria below and agree to participate, you will be asked questions about your menstrual cycle, COVID-19 vaccination(s), reproductive health, and general health through a secure online survey. Inclusion criteria: People who currently have menstrual cycles People who have had menstrual cycles in the past (e.g., perimenopausal, menopausal, using gender-affirming hormones, using hormonal contraceptives, lactating, pregnant) Have had at least one dose of a vaccine for COVID-19 Age 18+

Link to participate:

Thousands of women who have NOT received the vaccine but have been in close proximity with those who have are also reporting similar symptoms. If this has happened to you, we suggest emailing Dr. Kathyrn Clancy at [email protected] and reporting your symptoms. Ask her to create a survey for this category of women as well.

Moms Across America is concerned about the safety of the COVID vaccine, particularly for girls and young women who wish to eventually bear children and for their overall health.

Many scientists have expressed concern about the possibility of the mRNA COVID Vaccine genetic instructions prompting antibodies in the body to go after proteins that are not just connected with the COVID virus but proteins in the uterine lining and placenta that are very similar. If this is true, the results could be clotting, cramping, and irregular bleeding. Therefore it could be causing disturbances in menstrual cycles, interfere with fertility, and may cause miscarriages. The manufacturers have confirmed they have not done the testing to rule out this possibility.

Some suspect that a spike protein could be shedding from those recently vaccinated, and women who have been around people who did get the shot can also be affected. We are not asserting that this is true. However, after personal experiences with recent menstrual irregularities, we cannot help but wonder. We assert that gathering data from women who have both received the vaccine and who have been around people who have received the vaccine is necessary to ensure the safety of its administration.

We are also concerned that this procedure, which has only been authorized for emergency use and has not been approved by the FDA, is being administered prematurely. In addition, it is being considered for vaccine passports, which could infringe upon personal medical history privacy, restrict freedom of travel, and access to services.

The following are articles on the emerging concerns for women and the COVID shot. The views in these articles are the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Moms Across America. They point to issues of significant concern that we feel must be immediately investigated further, both by individuals and by regulatory agencies. Until shown to be safe, an immediate pause on the administration of the vaccine should be implemented.

Vaccine Impact article-

Chicago Tribune article- some are blaming it on stress from shutdowns (as if we haven't been stressed for a year!)

Here is The Highwire episode on the topic

Earlier Highwire episode- fertility is discussed at the end with UK scientist

Facebook group on Menstrual Irregularities

Chicago Tribune article-

LifeSite article with VAERS reports-

If you know of anyone with these side effects, early or heavy bleeding or bleeding after menopause, after they got the shot, please ask them to take the University of Illinois survey

Also, please file a report with the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.


Young women who want to be able to conceive someday should be aware of the potential risk and concerns that have not been confirmed or denied with any testing by the manufacturers or regulatory agency.

*Note: There is no evidence that the COVID "vaccine" actually prevents transmission; it is claimed to only reduce the severity of symptoms.

The CDC's own definitions:

Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person's immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease. Vaccines are usually administered through needle injections but can also be administered by mouth or sprayed into the nose.

Immunity: Protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected. Therefore, this experimental procedure is not technically a vaccine. We refer to it as a vaccine in this article only due to the understanding by the general public. 

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