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What We Can Do To Keep America Strong

stock-market-crash-XHAWUP4.jpgWe are getting plenty of advice from news stations to keep washing our hands and practice social distancing. These two actions will help to prevent the spread of CoVid 19, however, they will not directly prevent the side effect of the pandemic, which is the crashing of our economy. The impact we could be facing in the next few months from the loss of jobs, stock sell-off, and closed businesses, if we are not responsible, could lead to more deaths and homelessness than we can imagine.

We at Moms Across America are not financial analysts, but as mothers there are several basic principles that we learn through generations of teachings that can be applied today. If everyone in America did their part, just like a child’s role in the family which includes chores, we would not only survive, but thrive.

  1. Have faith -  After this is over there will still be airlines and hotels and companies that make things other than ventilators. If you own stock, consider that selling shares decreases America's economy and strength. Wall Street's collective reaction to sell-off shares is driving panic and fear. Listen to Kenny Loggins (RIP). Now is the time to hold ‘em. Have faith that these companies will regain their footing and be proud that you were a part of the foundation of faith that kept them alive. (Of course, this only works if everyone Holds 'Em- so a government shutdown of WallStreet may need to be enacted
    to prevent a major depression.) This is a time to have faith and ride out the wave.

  2. Be honest - Bosses and employees, now is a time to be honest with yourselves and each other. Unless you have an essential business connected to the needs of the pandemic, we are not going to nor are we getting nearly the amount of work done that we used to. That’s ok. Now is the time to rest, regroup and see if there is a different way you can support others in this trying time. If you have an essential business and you are all working overtime, be honest with each other - you can only do so much. Sleep and rest are essential for you to be able to keep doing your job and provide that essential service or product. Do what you can but also know you can, and must, also have times of rest, joy and connection with others in order to thrive.

  3. Share - We know the fear of what could happen is causing a lot of people to hoard. The problem with that is that every time you buy 3 cases of toilet paper or diapers, there are others who are not even getting one pack. Take a deep breath. Understand that you can use a squirt bottle (bidet) or cloth diapers if it comes down to a total shutdown of manufacturing. You will survive. In the meantime, Mom is right, sharing is caring. Give to others and reduce the fear in our world, don’t add to it.

  4. Play - It is impossible to feel fear and anxiety if you are playing and being creative - making art, making a game of giving to others, challenging others to do good or playing a game from afar with friends. When you feel you have nothing to do - perhaps it is time to let your creative juices flow and make something out of nothing. Play in the garden and grow your own food! Try new recipes! Dance with your children barefoot in the rain. Rather than making fear and stress...make joy and laughter. What is something new and creative you can do today? Play!

  5. Learn - Everyday we have an opportunity to look at and talk about what we learned today. It could be how important it is to plan ahead. Or how wonderful it is to know how to play a keyboard or sing and share your talents with your neighborhood. Or how an entire city applauding nurses and doctors at 7 pm can bring a nation to tears with gratitude. The media could be exaggerating this situation or it could be underestimating the threat. Either way, we can see this experience as a time to learn. What could we do to prevent this? Do better? Appreciate the people who are getting us through this?

  6. Be Grateful - Talking about your fears is important to process them. But when you call your sister, friend, or mother be sure to talk about what you are grateful for too. Lift each other up and strengthen your immune systems by focusing on all the wonderful people who are being creative and compassionate. Express your gratitude to your garbage men, postal delivery workers, nurses, doctors, truckers, and law enforcement in new ways. It could mean Venmoing (or PayPal) them a tip but it doesn’t have to cost money - it could be a sign in your window, or having your toddlers do a Thank You dance for them when they drop off a package (from a safe distance). Show your gratitude in a creative way! In addition, employers, now is a time, as much as possible, to show your gratitude to anyone you pay for their work all year long by continuing to pay them. If you have revenue or reserves, pay it forward and do your part to keep America strong. If you have a salary, even if they are not coming to your home, pay your house cleaner. Pay your babysitter.


  7. Love - Lastly, when my siblings and I were squabbling when we were children, Mom would put both of her hands on our shoulders, look into our eyes and simply say, “Love, love, love.” It soothed us. Reminded us that we loved each other. That’s the answer. All there is, in the end, is love folks. When my father was dying last year, and I had the opportunity to hold his hand and sing Amazing Grace as he passed, love was all there was. Our past arguments, judgements, fears, resentments...were gone. Nothing mattered but the love we shared. Why does it take until that moment of death to let go? Why not let it all go now and be present with your loved ones to love? If you do not have the opportunity to be with your loved one when they pass, how do you want your last interaction with them to be

Many fear that we are facing death because of this CoronaVirus...and the fact is we are...every day we face death from many different things..heart disease, cancer, and even accidents are far more likely killers. We have a choice to allow the fear to justify being greedy, angry, and anxious...or we can accept that we will all die at some point. And so will our loved ones. In the meantime, what do we choose? Try...Love, love, love.


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