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It's NOT Just Vaccines!

The views expressed below are the views of Zen Honeycutt, not the entirety of Moms Across America supporters. Please note our motto is "Empowered Moms, Healthy Kids" and this encompasses all areas of knowledge and health.  We wish for all moms and people the freedom to make choices to have their families be healthy.

Every day now there is a piece on the news about measles and the anti vaccination scare.  Heated discussions have divided family, friends and neighbors. I experienced this myself when my neighbor and I disagreed about required vaccination ( I will not vaccinate my children any further because they are auto immune deficient and I am aware of the risks) and she did not invite my kids to her kids birthday party for the first time in years. They were very sad. I was very sad. I am pretty sure she is very sad...we were good friends. Now we are not.

This issue is dividing us..and threatens to divide us even more with talk of state and federal mandates. I hear, if pushed, federal mandates will cause families to not just avoid people at birthday parties, many will leave the country rather than vaccinate. Families will be torn apart, possibly for the rest of their lives.

The problem with this issue is that no one in the media is talking about the whole issue. The whole issue is not that vaccines are or are not hurting our kids. That is only part of the issue.

Think about it, mercury was in vaccines since 1929. There was no huge spike of autism then. Kids were injected with mercury for decades. I was, all my friends were, no one I knew got autism. But then in 1996 there was a huge spike in Autism. Doctors say "our office was flooded with children with autism in the late 1990's." What happened then?

GMOs, food genetically modified to either resist pesticides or BE a pesticide were introduced into our foods. One of the chemical ingredients in the most widely used herbicides in the world, glyphosate in Roundup, is a KNOWN cell disintegrator, the way that it works is it breaks down the cell wall lining. The result in the brain is that the blood brain barrier is broken down, allowing  toxins into the brain.



These toxins could be pollutants like PCB's from factories upstream from our reservoirs, DDT still lingering in the soil, plastic chemicals from the rubber ducky in your tub, fire retardant from your couch or your kid's pajamas, formaldehyde off gassing from your kitchen cabinets, fluoride from your faucet, aluminum from your soup can, untested pesticides on your food and yes, toxins in the vaccines or flu shots given to pregnant mothers. We don't and may never KNOW. We suspect...and many mothers feel they KNOW because they see what happened to their own children.

I believe every mother who shares that her son or daughter was fine until they got a vaccine and all of sudden they had autism. I believe the vaccine played a major and key role.  I believe vaccine can cause damage. But why now? Why suddenly are vaccines causing damage when they did not before?

Even after the mercury is taken out? ( Except for flu shots)

I submit it is because the environment in which the vaccine chemicals enter the body today is a completely different one than what was in our bodies when you and I were children. We were not exposed to the hundreds of thousands of chemicals a day. We were not exposed to the levels of glyphosate which are now allowed on our food daily. 0.1 ppb of glyphosate has been shown to destroy beneficial gut bacteria. 3-5 ppm are allowed on sweet or regular potatoes and 40ppm is allowed in cooking oils.

Today, the toxic burden on our children is astronomical.

Glyphosate is particularly insidious because many scientists now believe it is the KEY factor in giving these toxins access to our children's brain. ( Please see DATA on this website for scientific studies)

This is why, I believe, many parents have children with autism who have never been vaccinated...because glyphosate is breaking down the blood brain barrier and allowing toxins from the environment into the brain, amongst other methods of harm. I'll explain the other ways.

On top of breaking down the cell walls, glyphosate is an endocrine disruptor, meaning when pregnant, if a mother consumes glyphosate, a very very tiny amount can alter or stop the development of a fetus. If it alters it, a child could be born with brain damage or in many cases no brain at all.  Most cases of autism however are diagnosed after a child is over a year old, so although very possible, the endocrine disruption is likely most impactful in causing miscarriages and not autism. It may however be responsible for developmental delays, which only present themselves later in life when certain developmental milestones are not met.

Glyphosate is also an antibiotic. Studies show it does not just kill the gut bacteria, it destroys the beneficial gut bacteria and allows the pathogenic ( bad) bacteria to thrive. The bad bacteria have on their cell walls, lipopolysaccharides, which are known to destroy the gut lining. When the gut lining is destroyed, holes form and the pathogenic bacteria can escape into the blood stream. This alone can cause autoimmune issues. Nearly every child with autism has auto immune issues. Auto immune issues means the body turns on itself and attacks itself. Inflammation can result in eczema, psoriasis, rashes, stomach ulcers and stomach cancer. A multitude of illnesses like Lupus, cancer, Alzheimer's and arthritis can occur from inflammation in the body.

In addition to the pathogenic bacteria escaping into the blood stream, food particles can escape. The body attacks those undigested food particles because they see them as a foreign invader. Hence, the rise in food allergies, some of them life threatening. 200 children a year die from food allergies and millions more can no longer eat food you and I enjoyed as children. Nearly every child with autism also has multiple food allergies, many undiagnosed. Often an autistic child will crave and only eat the very foods that are the worst for them to eat, such as dairy, sugar, french fries, wheat and fast food (carbs turn into sugar). 

The body craves these foods because they are what FEEDS the bad bacteria to grow! The bad bacteria sends the signal to the brain to eat more of the very worst food for the child. These foods encourage the proliferation of more bad bacteria!

So the gut is harboring a plethora of bad gut bacteria, which have these lipopolysaccharides on their cell wall lining. The presence of these pathogenic bacteria and lipopolysaccharides alerts the vagal nerve which goes to the brain, to signal the microglial immune cells to activate. They in turn produce glutamate, which is an excitotoxin, and kills neurons. The child may experience neuron death of the area of the brain which impacts social behavior, decision making, potentially even causing tics and stammering. In other areas, like in the spine, ALS will develop In elderly, Alzheimers. In the joints, arthritis. These bad bacteria cause the body to turn on itself. See Dr. Matthew Buckley's blog for more info here

Evidence of this process has been shown repeatedly in rats and children when probiotics are introduced into the gut, balancing out the ratio of good to bad bacteria. When the gut bacteria is restored, good health and behavior return, autism symptoms disappear. We have testimonial after testimonials showing this.

The elimination of glyphosate, an antibiotic sprayed on 80% of GMOs which are in 85% of our processed food AND is suggested to be sprayed as a drying agent on many non organic foods such as dried peas, beans, barley, wheat, sugar and livestock grains,(see EPA allowable levels of glyphosate on 160 of our food/feed crops here) would then eliminate a chemical which decreases good bacteria and increases bad bacteria, altering the effectiveness of our immune system. The gut is where 70% of our immune system lies. Weakened immune system = increased illness and autism.

I saw this in my own child.

In the fall of his  8th year, he suddenly began acting erratically. He screamed like a two year old, swung at his father and me in an attempt to hit us, he threw himself on the floor, his grades dropped from A's to D's, he had a red rash around his mouth, he was bed wetting, and his urine was incredibly stinky.  It was a very difficult time. His teacher called us to tell me he was not participating in class, he was deliberately not doing his work (he would answer one question out of ten and then just write -9 at the top of his paper), was tired and was misbehaving. He had not had vaccines for years.

I immediately took him to the doctor and he tested my son's urine for fungus, which he said can impact behavior (now understand is for the very same reasons stated above, they are a pathogenic entity in the gut). My son's urine was positive, at high levels, the same levels as a child with autism, for fungus, clostridia difficile and pathogenic bacteria.  My son had gut dysbiosis and 19 different food intolerances, like many children with autism. Our western medical doctor diagnosed him with autism symptoms.

I also tested him independently for glyphosate ( you can test too) and he tested positive at 8.7 ppb, 8 X higher than was found in anyone in Europe. And we do not live near farms. I realized that it was this son, and this son only, that we were allowing to eat wheat and some GMO foods because previously he was the most healthy child. He did not test positive for a gluten intolerance previously, so we allowed him to eat wheat and foods the other two boys did not eat. So we eliminated those foods, and sugar (this was very difficult over Thanksgiving and Christmas but he did it because he felt so badly before that he was highly motivated to feel good). We treated the fungus with medication which cost $650 a month, and went entirely organic to eliminate the antibiotic effect and destruction of his gut bacteria.  See, we could have just treated the fungus, but without treating the gut dysbiosis, the fungus or C.diff. very likely would have come back.  Without taking care of the environment, the good bacteria would not be able to thrive  So, we went all organic to eliminate the destroyer of good bacteria and  also introduced raw organic sauerkraut, colloidal silver and probiotics to his diet every day to restore his gut bacteria.

Six weeks later we tested him and his levels of glyphosate were no longer detectable. His autism symptoms and rash were also completely gone. Not a single symptom mentioned above has returned in over a year.  His grades have gone back up to A's and he is helpful, kind and generous.

I truly believe that if we had chalked his symptoms up to a "phase" and just hoped they would go away than he would have incurred neurological damage that could have resulted in life long damage.

Regardless of whether you relate to my experience with my son, I hope you can see the connection between glyphosate destroying the blood brain barrier, the gut bacteria and autism or autism symptoms. We must look at the WHOLE picture, how glyphosate works in conjunction with other toxic chemicals, including the ones in vaccines, to cause neurological damage. Without looking at both vaccines and the toxins in our food, we are all missing a big piece of the puzzle.

I believe, that if our children were not being inundated with toxic chemicals in their food, and were eating organic, they would be able to withstand a single dose of  a vaccine at a time , as I did and many of us did as children. (NOT 3-5 at a time, 49 doses by age 6). I believe vaccines would, as were previously administered, be effective as intended. However, considering our children's current weakened immune systems due to GMOs engineered to withstand herbicides or be a pesticide, the majority of our children are in no condition to withstand injections of chemicals, exposure to live viruses and in fact are petri dishes for the proliferation of super bugs.

Want to know why super bugs, sickness, cancer, allergies, autism and measles are spreading?

Look to our food. Look to the gut.

In the meantime,  it is unethical to force a mother to intentionally risk harm to her auto immune compromised child by risking exposure to vaccine. It must be a parent's choice to vaccinate or not.

The problem with some proposals to eliminate "personal belief" exemption and to oly have a "medical exemption" is that many parents do not have a doctor who will sign off on a medical exemption. Many allergies tests are only 50% accurate, making it impossible for a doctor to technically diagnose auto immune deficiency even when he can see the rash. If the tests are not accurate than the basis for the "medical exemption" as the only applicable exemption is not accurate either.

Not a single death has occurred from  measles in 10 years in the US. Autism however has increased by 1500% in the past ten years in America.  Over 1350 girls have reported adverse , some life long effects, from the  Gardasil vaccination and over 139 have died from Gardasil. 1 out of 68 children, 1 out of 42 boys, now has autism.

It is projected, based on the current rates, that 1 out of 2 of our children born 20 years from now, will get autism. 50%. 

I will not play that game of vaccination roulette with my boys.

Zen Honeycutt

Below are resources submitted to us by a Mom supporter:


EUVAC.NET - Vaccination schedule - The Icelandic Childhood Vaccination Schedule

M-M-R single vaccines are manufactured by, France, India, and in some European countries and also China, Russia and in future the  UK. Our suppliers in the UK are working with UK manufacturers and are looking to produce the single mumps vaccine  for our patients." - See more at: Rule of 6ix: Single mumps vaccine jab (versus MMR) in the UK - back again?

Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR): use of combined vaccine instead of single vaccines - GOV.UK
#4 in this article states: Parents are free to choose whether to protect their children, as no vaccination is compulsory in the UK. The majority follow the good advice of their health visitor, practice nurse or GP and protect their children with MMRThe NHS has a responsibility to offer the best available protection, which is MMR. Some parents, such as all of those with children too young to be vaccinated or with health problems such as leukemia (who cannot be given live vaccines), have no choice; their child can only be protected if vaccination uptake is high in all other children.
Japan Banned MMR Vaccine & Stopped doing the MMR together as a combination vaccine in 1993:
These charts show that measles were on the decline even before the 1960's when vaccinations were introduced.
Putting Measles Into Perspective  




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