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Dear Lynsi Snyder and Board of In-N-Out Burger,

Moms Across America, a nationwide non-profit, initiated an extensive testing program on the top twenty fast food brands in America, including California’s In-N-Out Burger. Forty-two samples of 21 brands were tested for toxic heavy metals.

The results:

  • In-and-Out french fries had the highest level of heavy metals in all of the top twenty plus one fast food brands tested.
  • The heavy metal cadmium, detected in the In-and-Out French fries, was 1,158% higher levels of cadmium than what the EPA allows in drinking water.
  • Cadmium is highly carcinogenic and can cause toxic reactions even at low levels.
  • In-N-Out Burger samples also tested had trace amounts or higher of lead.
  • Even low levels of lead in blood have been shown to negatively affect a child’s intelligence, ability to pay attention, and academic achievement.
  • The scientific consensus is there is no safe level of lead.

Moms Across America requests that In-N-Out Burger take these results very seriously and make immediate changes to its sourcing of ingredients.

EPA Limits for Heavy Metals in Water

Arsenic 0.010 mg/L2 - or 10 ppb Skin damage or problems with circulatory systems, and may have increased risk of getting cancer
Cadmium .005 mg/L 2 or 5 ppb Kidney damage
Lead .015mg/L 2 or 15 ppb Infants and children: Delays in physical or mental development; children could show slight deficits in attention span and learning abilities. Adults: Kidney problems; high blood pressure
Mercury .002mg/L 2 or 2 ppb Kidney damage

We thought you’d want to know that you can make a difference in the abysmal health of our nation. Here’s how:

We request that In-N-Out Burger alert your suppliers that you will be transitioning to sourcing from suppliers who regularly batch test for the presence of heavy metals (typically an $85 test) as a quality control measure, and do not allow their presence. Suppliers must be regularly third party tested for these toxins in order to have your business.

To reduce the presence of heavy metals in their products the supplier will need to source fertilizers (the most likely source of the heavy metals found) or other agrochemicals that do not contain heavy metals (like glyphosate based herbicides).

To reduce glyphosate herbicide residues in the soil (which can remain for decades) plant pathologist Don Huber PhD. recommends the following product to remove glyphosate from the soil before transitioning to regenerative, organic farming. The product "PaleoPower Microbial from Ancient Organics Bioscience, Inc has been shown to remove glyphosate from the soil in 30 days: They have research and results on glyphosate and AMPA degradation in the soil utilizing their product.

A nontoxic weed killer and drying agent solution is Contact Organics. Contact Kathleen at or through Contact Organics.

Taking these quality control steps is essential for basic human health at any level of consumption of your food.

We are asking In-N-Out Burger to be leaders in sourcing safe potatoes and food products that are heavy metal-free. Please respond to us regarding the steps you plan to make. We would be thrilled to share with our network and the public how much In-N-Out cares about your customers and our nation's future!


Moms Across America


Why we tested fast food:

Fast food is consumed by eighty-five million Americans each day, and many chains are often the suppliers of school lunches. Thirty million school meals are served to our children each day, and for millions of underprivileged children, these toxic meals are their only access to nutrition. Our previous testing has shown that America’s school lunches are indeed toxic.

To further investigate the status of a major source of food and nutrition in America, Moms Across America supporters, including Children’s Health Defense, the Centner Academy, and many individual supporters, recently initiated extensive testing focused specifically on America’s most popular fast food chains to explore the potential contamination of our food supply, which is likely affecting our physical and mental health.

For further information see the full report here.

Contact Zen Honeycutt [email protected]

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  • Angela Harris
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  • mel turcotte
    signed 2024-02-06 16:28:30 -0500
    we don’t want poison in our foods
  • Morgan Drummond
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    Awful that a company people love to spend their hard earned money to eat would in turn poison them!!

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