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How America Got Here

It is not uncommon for us to visit our parents or inlaws and see more prescription medications than we can count as part of their daily routine. And yet, most of our family members will insist that they are “fine.” They think that the pills will fix whatever is happening with them and that their doctor knows best.

Over 50% of our nation’s people have chronic health issues. Fertility is plummeting. 42% of us are obese. Thirty million have liver disease. $35 billion is spent on kidney dialysis. Diabetes increasing rate could bankrupt our country in a few years. We have a skyrocketing number of mental health issues. No, we are not okay. And what most of our doctors are doing is not working. They are simply prescribing more drugs.

We could provide volumes of pages of complicated science about why this is happening. Still, we know most of us have the attention span of a toddler these days, thanks to social media and neurotoxic chemicals in our food and world, so we are going to keep it simple. What if everyone told the truth?

Chemical Company in the 1950s to the EPA: Bummer. We can’t sell our chemicals for warfare anymore, so can we kill bugs and weeds and spray them on food crops? And don’t worry,  if the crops die, we will genetically engineer them (GMOs) to withstand the chemicals.

Government: Sure. Let’s make it easy. We won’t regulate GMOs. We trust you. And we will only require you to send us testing on one ingredient in the pesticide. Just make sure that that one ingredient you pick isn’t immediately toxic, so we don’t get in trouble right away.

Chemical Company: Great! We will donate lots of money to your campaigns, provide 30% of the EPA’s income, cook the science, and put out positive PR, so you look good.

Media: New! Try this delicious, easy “food” that makes your family love you. Never mind that the animal products were from livestock-fed GMO grains instead of eating grass and the wheat in the bread was sprayed with glyphosate. We won’t mention that glyphosate can increase the chances of cancer, illness, brain inflammation, autism, mental health issues, and, oh yeah, nasty urinary tract infections.

Family Member: Wow. That is cool-looking packaging. I am going to eat that. If it is on the grocery store shelf or in a restaurant, the government must have regulated it to ensure it is safe.

Media: Eat more cheap GMO food sprayed with poison. We serve it in restaurants too, without any labeling, so you don’t have to think about what you are eating!  

Family Member: I don’t feel so good. My stomach hurts, and I am getting colds, flu, bacterial infections, and weird viral illnesses. I also have this chronic urinary tract infection that has me crying on the toilet at 2 am and wishing I would die. I have to go to a doctor even though it will cost me a ton of money.

Doctor: Here, take this Fluoroquin antibiotic to kill your beneficial gut bacteria and weaken your immune system. Never mind that it can cause torn tendons that will have you in excruciating pain for 1-2 years.

Family Member: Ok. I trust you.

Media: Bad news. Bad news. Bad news. Even worse, scary end-of-the-world news. Because we need our ratings to go up so we can get more money from our sponsors.

Chemical Company: Thank you, mainstream Media!  Here is more money from us and our sister company Big Pharma. We will buy up 70% of your ad time. In exchange, we would thank you very much for only saying good things about our food and drugs. And oh, continue with the bad news that helps our anti-anxiety and depression drug sales.

Family Member: Man, I have this tightness in my chest and scary circular thoughts. I must not be normal. 

Media: Are you feeling anxious and not playing with your kids? Take this little pill, and your anxiety will go away! Butterflies and puppies will show up and make your kids smile too! Feeling depressed? Take this other pill!

Family Member: Fear and anxiety are bad. I feel depressed too. I gotta do something about this.

Doctor: I just had a great lunch with a Pharma rep (the crab and champagne were awesome), and they told me about this pill, Buspirone, for anxiety. And Lexapro for depression. Take them.

Family Member: Could I get addicted to them?

Doctor: Well.. Busiprone can cause depression and Lexapro can cause anxiety so.. maybe? Also I am not going to read the insert and tell you the other side effects like confusion, liver dysfunction, anxiety, dizziness, weakness, constipation, erectile dysfunction, infections...and incoordination that may make you fall and have to get a hip replacement.

Family Member: Okay, I still trust you. After all, I am not a doctor.

Media: Eat more of this cheap food. Have a stiff drink. Come on, you know you want to. Just a little won’t hurt. You deserve it. You had a tough day. Never mind the neurotoxic chemicals that alter your brain; it’s fine combined with the drugs you take and the side effects.

Family Member: I’m feeling fat, rashy, tired, and kinda depressed, but ok, I deserve it.

Chemical company on Media: We understand that you are tired. We have the perfect solution for you. Don’t hand pull those nasty weeds in your backyard. Spray them with Roundup in your espadrilles with no gloves on! Sure! Never mind cancer, birth defects, liver and kidney disease and nerve damage like neuropathy. We make it easy for you. That’s what counts.

Family Member: Oooh... that sounds good. Let me get some of that Roundup.

Media: Hey! While watching TV (instead of pulling weeds in your yard and getting your hands in the dirt that boosts your immune system naturally), don’t forget to take this drug! In the mean time, look at the sexy, slim woman. You should have a body like this photoshopped twenty-year-old even though you are forty and have been sitting on your butt all day, eating fast food like a trucker and drinking like a fish. 

Family Member: Man, maybe I should try and work out. Let me reach for that tennis racket. Wait a second that hurts. Ouch, I think I tore a tendon.

Doctor: Yeah, you tore a tendon. You need physical therapy that you probably won’t do because you’ll be binging on Netflix and the news, so I can give you a pain killer for that. Take this opioid, as long as you don't take it for too long, you won’t get addicted, but it won’t do much for your pain. Sorry, I can’t do much about that. But I won’t tell you that it doesn’t work because you know I don’t want to scare you (First, do no harm!), and the bonuses I get are awesome. 

Family Member: I am really tired of feeling sick and being in pain. Is there anything else I can do? 

Doctor: what? Diet? Changing your diet doesn’t matter. Eat what you want. In fact, make sure to get plenty of protein; red meat from factory-farmed animals with lots of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and heavy metals in their meat. Yeah, you can eat more fruits and veggies, too, but it doesn’t matter if they are organic because I wouldn’t want you to be mad at me for suggesting you spend a little more money upfront on reducing your dietary intake of pesticides by 98%. Plus, I wasn’t taught nutrition in med school, and I only have 15 minutes for this appointment because our healthcare system is only for profit.

Family Member: Huh. It’s been like, fifteen years and I am on twelve medications for anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease (arthritis and psoriasis), insomnia, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease ( so I am on dialysis). I also had my gall bladder removed because of all those fatty, fried foods I love so much. I have been to rehab twice for opioid drugs, divorced, and addicted to gambling/ice cream/porn/video games because I have nothing else to fill the void. I might not be OK. How could this be happening to me?

And it seems like everyone else is sick too, and our reported COVID rates are much higher than other did we get this way? 



How this is happening to all of us is pretty clear when we look at the truth.


We know we need to turn off the TV, eat right (organic whole food plant-based diet), exercise, and get outside in nature.  Yet, we often don’t do good things for ourselves (or talk to our family members about doing these things), and yes, we could blame the system that perpetuates it and lies to us. 


But it’s really up to us to honor the truth of our health. The choice is still open for us to opt-out of the corrupt and sickening system. So the question for us is, what do we want our future to look like, and will we have the courage to make that future a reality?


How will you take back your health today? How will you stop the vicious cycle of corporations profiting from sickness? How will you teach the next generation? 


You can do this. Some of you are already doing it. We want to hear from all of you!

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  • Carolyn Singer
    commented 2021-08-27 20:14:48 -0400
    I totally agree. This is the horrible merry-go-round so many of us are on. I got off it a few years ago and it was not easy, but I feel better than ever and take nothing but supplements at age 66. It takes work, and most people aren’t willing to cook for themselves from scratch, stop eating junk, get outside and ditch the TV, and nix the chemicals that we think we need. We have also been programmed (by our devices, entertainment, etc.) to think that the latest pill is going to change us into the beautiful people on the sailboat. And our doctor is busy trying to write a prescription so he can move on the next patient.
    I suffered from migraines and spent years going from neurologists to hormone specialists, to ENT’s, allergists, etc. When I finally realized I had to learn to accept the pain as I quit the triptans and get healthier, I finally started to get better. It was really rough and I had quite a few sleepless nights, but I am so much better! Never again will I start on a medication if I can find another way. Now my migraines are gone with the exception of the occasional headache that I don’t take even an aspirin for. Now I see pain as my body’s warning sign that I over exerted myself, or didn’t hydrate enough or get enough sleep. Pain is not something to be banished at all costs, it is something to listen to and heed.
  • Anne Temple
    published this page in Blog 2021-08-26 10:48:39 -0400

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