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Hot Mess Express Spreads Across the Nation

HME-1.jpgIn less than four months, Hot Mess Express, groups of women who go into a fellow mother’s home and clean up that which has been overwhelming for her, has spread to over 180 locations across the United States. Started by mom and TikTok star Jen Hamilton, this growing movement of kindness and compassion is a breath of fresh air during a time of tumultuous conflict. 

Jen says, “I started this group because we all need a little help sometimes. Hot Mess Express is a group of women who are here to rescue each other when we can't seem to dig ourselves out of our funk. Through nominations, we dispatch ourselves to the houses of our fellow mamas who need help--laundry, dishes, vacuuming, food prep, hygiene....whatever seems overwhelming to you...let us help! This is a volunteer-based group. No one is here to pay or be paid. Join this amazing group of women as we offer our hands and our hearts to pull our buddies out of the funk we all find ourselves in sometimes.”

The feedback has been enormous. The nearly two hundred local groups have dozens or hundreds of followers, all people who are looking to support or need support during these difficult times. Thousands have responded favorably on social media and are sharing the concept with their friends. It appears that cleaning other people’s homes, as a volunteer, is more exciting to us than most of the news and other things happening in the world. Many have been frustrated with the lack of support new moms, single moms, and most moms experience and want to step in.  The idea of making a difference in someone else’s life, even briefly, is inspiring women across the nation, and it’s just what we need right now.

HME-2.jpgMoms Across America applaud and supports this effort. When I started Moms Across America to raise awareness about GMOs and create healthy communities, part of the inspiration came from my frustration that the local Moms Club I was in, as fabulous as it was for supporting me and many local moms through teething and potty training, was restricting my ability to share petitions about GMO labeling. We could not be “political,” they said....even though the issue was about the food we all eat, regardless of our political party. I was dismayed. I felt that when moms come together in the spirit of wanting to connect and support each other, that naturally, the conversation would often turn to our kid’s health, allergies, food, and what we can do about it to make the situation better...not just how we should suffer through it. So I started Moms Across America in hopes that moms from all political parties and of different backgrounds and beliefs would come together to create healthy communities. Our goal was and is to transform the food supply and health of America and beyond. And how we go about doing that is by empowering community leaders to be global game-changers. And there is always more to be done. Being creative, coming up with different ways, supporting other people’s initiatives, and celebrating what works is crucial to success.

HME-3.jpgWe believe that part of being in a healthy community is connecting, supporting each other, being creative, generous, compassionate, and having healthy relationships. That’s why we love the Hot Mess Express idea - women teaming up, getting to know each other, going to a neighboring woman’s house that they probably have never met, and working wonders on her home. It’s not magic; it’s compassion. They are not fairies, they are fearless, loving people. It’s not for money or fame; it’s to make a difference. That desire to make a difference can be fulfilled easily in a few hours and inspire others to do the same.

If there is anything I have learned over the last nine years of being an activist and nonprofit director. It’s that there will always be more bad news, nefarious government actors, corporate corruption, and greed that could keep me up at night. But if I take just one action a day to create safety, health, community connection, and empowerment, then I sleep well at night. My health improves, my relationships benefit, and the world becomes a better place. That is what we all want right now, just a better place for our families and our future. 

HME-4.jpgIn going up against some of the most powerful corporations and forces around the world, I have also learned that my love for my children and commitment for all to have health and freedom is a limitless source of fuel. That power that comes from within me is unstoppable and incorruptible. That drive to make a difference for others is universal. We all have it. We all need it. We are all just looking for effective ways to express it. And when we express it, we are energized, renewed, re-invigorated, and we bring joy to the world. Some might even say we get back more than what we give.

HME-5.jpgIf you want to make a difference in your community, we invite you to team up with Hot Mess Express or start a local group yourself. Be the one to connect with and support other moms in your area. No matter what your views on politics, vaccines, religion, or education....we all need and appreciate kindness. No matter what you do, just looking for how you can be kind, supportive, and compassionate, and taking one action a day, will make the world a better place, and we thank you for that.

We thank you for being our partners in creating healthy communities.

With Joy and Gratitude,
Zen Honeycutt, Founder, Moms Across America


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  • Kim Benton
    commented 2021-12-01 16:25:28 -0500
    I would love to volunteer for this great program, but I don’t have a FB account anymore and don’t want one. How can I join?

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