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Holiday Parties to Unite Moms

woman1.jpgLast week Illana from Detroit called me to tell me about her successful GMO OMG movie night evening. She had 7 of her mom friends to her house, MAA flyers about GMOs and organic nibbles on her table. It was a warm, intimate group and she is inspired to continue to have monthly movie nights.

Before everyone left they all vowed to go organic. It can be challenging however, to switch, so they formed an email group and are now encouraging each-other with names of brands, cooking solutions and budgeting ideas.

My heart warmed with joy to here her describe how happy she was with the result. This is a busy mom of two young kids, one which had severe health issues (which got better), and she herself also has Hashimoto’s (down to almost no symptoms by eating organic) and yet she made the time to host a group of women to her home. How inspiring and lovely!

If all of us did this, even once, let’s just say 2000 of the people reading this email had 7 friends over for a movie night...if each of those 7 friends shared about GMOs, the movie, or about pesticides and the importance of eating organic with their 500 friends through social media, we could reach 7,000,000 people in a weekend.

women2.jpgIf those 7 million people then bought 100 dollars a week of organic food, that would mean an increase of organic sales of $36,400,000,000 per year. That’s BILLION.

We don’t have to wait for for our government to approve bills that will become laws. We don't have time to wait for our President. We don’t have to wait for EPA policy.  We are busy moms.

What we do have is the power to transform the food industry, reverse the health crisis, and create Healthy Communities Today.

All we need is to be generous, have a Movie Night, Organic Potluck, or Holiday Party and we can fight corporate control, corruption in politics, pollution of our soil and waterways, climate change and create healthy communities too. I would say you would also be on Santa’s “Nice List” too!

women3.jpgSimply go to click on EVENT, scroll down and click “Host Your Own”. Create a Holiday party, movie night or potluck. If you do not want to post your home address, post a nearby school or post office and after people RVSP and you check them out, then you can contact them with the updated address. We encourage you to be open to having new people however, and invite your community. It’s so fulfilling to make a difference in someone’s life! Thank you for being generous and creating healthy communities with us!



Zen, Anne, and MAA Team





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