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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

We know these are busy times, and with Amazon’s 1-2-day shipping, endless hours of online entertainment at our fingertips, and addictive social media, we are all getting very used to expecting immediate gratification. Today I write to ask you to consider what taking a moment to pause can do...

Every Christmas as a child my older brother Tao, younger sister Chi, mother, and father would gather around our Christmas tree, (usually chopped from our Connecticut land and rather Charlie Brownish looking), and sit in awe, looking at the piles of presents. My parents didn’t use fancy bows or even boxes sometimes, and we could often figure out the gift just by looking at the shape of it. But still....my father would pick up a gift, read the “To” and “From” out loud and the little clue that we became accustomed to hearing; “Something cozy for you,“ (perhaps wool socks?) or “Bee-Happy and Relaxed” (a honey wax candle?), and hand it to the giver. The giver would then hand the gift to the receiver personally.

When my mother was the giver, she did something very special. She would look at the gift, read the tag again, say “Hmmm, I wonder what this is...” and then feel the package, trying to remember what it was. When she remembered her face would light up, joy and delight would radiate from her body as she smiled with glee and said, “Ohhhhh yes! I remember...this is a special one”...or “Oh! This is from a special place”... or “Oh! I bet you can’t guess what this is!!!” She would hand it to one of us with both hands, look us in the eyes, pause, and as we squirmed with anticipation, say, “Merry Christmas.”

That pause, taking that time to be present to the gift she was about to give and how special it was, made us feel special, and made the moment magical. I may have forgotten what some of the gifts that she gave me were, but I will never forget who she was being when she gave them, and how loved I felt.

May we all take a pause this holiday season, to be present, to give the gift of our full attention, our love, and bring the magic.

Have a very magical, safe, healthy, and happy holiday.

With Joy and Gratitude,

Zen Honeycutt

P.S. Due to the holiday season we will postpone our Moms Connect Call with our Dad Champion Chiropractor Dr. Eric Plasker and in 2021 shift our monthly calls with him to the FIRST Monday of the month. So, Monday Jan 4th, please join us on our Moms Connect Call to discuss the new 100 Day Challenge initiated by Dr. Plasker and the 100 Year Lifestyle Team. Find out what you can do, every day, to transform your health!


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