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Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year!


 From our families to yours, we wish you a very Happy Holidays!


We wish everyone will rest, relax and cherish their families.We also wish you healthy and happy holiday gatherings! 
Here are some Mom-Tried-and-True-Holiday tips: 1.Always ask what the ingredients are in each dish, (never assume Aunt Josie made her banana bread the same way!) before you serve it to your child with allergies. We have spent one too many holiday gatherings in the ER. It's better to be safe than sorry!  2. Bake and bring your children's favorite GMO free dessert to gatherings so you know they can enjoy a treat. 3. Ask your family to buy organic food ahead of time! If we don't ask they might not think it is important! Let them know where they can buy organic in your neighborhood and what is most important to avoid GMOs and toxic chemicals: corn, soy, canola oil, squash, potatoes, carrots, and sugar.  We thank you for continuing to share with your friends and family about GMOs and Glyphosate (and associated toxic chemicals) in our food. They may think they don't want to know, but most likely now, everyone in America loves someone who has health issues. When they find out about GMOs and associated toxic chemicals like Glyphosate, you give them access to health and freedom. Thank you.  We also ask that if you are able to donate to Moms Across America, we are stepping up our efforts in the coming year and all resources are needed. I just spoke with a school nurse in Arkansas and she said 50% of the children in her school have allergies or asthma. 170 out of 600 are in Special Ed  and this does not count the numerous children with Autism. She said her student's health is being devastated. This is a national crisis. We need to take actions in the coming year to make GMO info and GMO free solutions available to every American. One of the best ways we know how is to be in every 4th of July Parade we can, with thousands of people in home towns and millons nationally, able to see our message. Our goal is 400 parades signed up by FEB 14th,"Share the Love, Sign Up Your Parade Day,"because we love our families! Invite your family to plan ahead and join in a parade with you this summer! We hope you will support getting GMO info flyers to 5000 people at each parade. Just $15.00 reaches over 200 families, and $50.00 nearly 700.  Thank you for giving generously!!! Every dollar counts! We can create a healthy and happy New Year for all! Happy Holidays!!! Zen, Kathleen and the MAAM Team


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