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Grain Farmers Move Away From Glyphosate and Other Great News

Wonderful, fantastic, delightful news!
Farmers are acknowledging that the marketplace is shifting away from glyphosate!
A Canadian grain farming association "Keep it Clean!" campaign advises farmers to stop using glyphosate as a drying agent!
“If farmers are using it as a dry-down, then farmers should be changing their practices,” said Dahl. “That’s not what it is registered to be used for. There is more scrutiny on all products, but glyphosate does seem to attract particular attention from the activist community.”

More great news below...

GREAT Idea, Illana!
One of our fabulous mom supporters donated $375- enough to send out 25 copies of UNSTOPPABLE to libraries (discounted rate) in her state of Michigan. Can you purchase multiple copies too? Imagine the difference you will make for your state!
Books normally cost $25 each. Orders over 10 are $20 each. Orders over 20 are $15 each.
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Thank you!

NEW Banners and flyers!
This is the first year our new banner and flyers focus on the toxic burden on our children and families from food, water, medications and vaccines, household products, and the environment. We can do better for our families by reducing their toxic burden!
Screen_Shot_2018-06-20_at_8.58.01_PM.pngYou are invited to make a difference for people beyond your social media circles and pass out flyers at your local 4th of July parade. You can either walk in the parade with our new banner (simply download the file and upload it to your local printer or Vista Print) or you can simply walk along the side of the parade and pass out flyers! You can even add an invitation inside the flyer for your next gathering. People in your town NEED this information. Be the one to give it to them!
Want to get Roundup out of your town, create GMO free zones, or create health freedom in your state? Reach thousands in a few hours in person! This is a FUN and FANTASTIC way to build your team, create the healthy world YOU want, and strengthen your community!
Find a parade near you here or post your own parade and get a code to order a FREE box of 1000 flyers worth over $169 (while supplies last). We will support you in reaching your neighbors! Thank you to our sponsors and individuals who make this happen!
Thank you for being our partners in health and freedom!
Zen and MAA Team

Moms Across America

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