GMOFreeNJ March from Collingswood to Westmont

GMOFreeNJ March from Collingswood to Westmont

We will be starting out by gathering in Collingswood in front of the Old Zane School, 756 Haddon Ave, Collingswood NJ at 10am and have a mini rally complete with songs, speeches, declarations of independence and general merriment.  Then we will parade along Haddon Ave into Haddon Township and Westmont, symbolizing the spreading of GMO awareness and have another mini rally in front of the old Westmont Theater.  We are expecting to wrap up around noon so you will still have plenty of time for other Fourth of July celebrations.  We would love to have you join in the fun.  
Make a sign to declare your independence from GMOs!

Bring a friend, or two, or . . . just bring them all! 

July 04, 2013 at 10:00am - 12pm
Collingswood to Westmont NJ March for Freedom
756 Haddon Ave
Collingswood, NJ 08107
United States
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  • christine gorham
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  • Barbara Thomas
    commented 2013-06-29 15:59:00 -0400
    Anyone have a fife and drum and know how to play them? We could have a little period music for the march.
  • Barbara Thomas
    commented 2013-06-28 15:32:27 -0400
    We can hardly wait for our MAAM Freedom March on the 4th of July! We will start to gather at 9:45am for our 10:00am rally and march. Be sure to connect with Lady Liberty of Labeling (she’ll be the one with the torch) so you can sign the Declaration of Independence from Biotech. Anyone who wants will have the chance to “speak truth to power” in an interactive puppet play with our own (life-sized) biotech scientist Dr. Nefarious. We’ll tell Dr. Nefarious why we don’t want GMOs and just what we plan to do about it. Let’s weave ourselves together as a strong force and make it our goal to have a GMO labeling law in New Jersey by the end of the year! Let this march mark the return of our food choice freedom!
  • Barbara Wilson
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  • Nancy Schanne
    commented 2013-06-24 06:41:38 -0400
    anybody want to join us??
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  • Barbara Thomas
    commented 2013-06-16 11:06:47 -0400
    Today is the last day to order the beautiful organic cotton t-shirts. Click on tab above to order. Amazingly, these shirts are being offered to us AT COST (!) There are also some aprons available. Order today for yourself and your family. Thanks Moms Across America for making these affordable for us!
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