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GMO and Glyphosate News Oct

Monday night October 29, 2018 on our Moms Connect Call, we discussed the following news. You can see the discussion here. And review the articles below. We hope you will join us next time! 

Pesticide-Free Organic Food Lowers Your Blood Cancer Risk by 86% – 70,000 French People Surveyed

Cutting out pesticides by eating only organic food could slash your cancer risk by up to 86 percent, a new study claims.

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Bombshell New Study Calls for Ban On Pesticide Family Tied To Brain Damage In Kids

The entire family of widely used pesticides known as organophosphates causes brain damage in children even at low levels of exposure ― and should be phased out.

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New EWG Tests Find Glyphosate in All Kids’ Cereals Sampled

A second round of tests commissioned by the Environmental Working Group found the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer in every sample of popular oat-based cereal and other oat-based food marketed to children. These test results fly in the face of claims by two companies, Quaker and General Mills, which have said there is no reason for concern. This is because, they say, their products meet the legal standards.

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Throwing nature under the bus: GMO bees and Robo-bees

Robotic bees could pollinate plants in case of insect apocalypse”, ran a recent Guardian headline reporting how Dutch scientists believe they will be able to create swarms of bee-like drones to pollinate plants when the real-life insects have died away

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GOOD NEWS! Glyphosate herbicide sales banned in Punjab, India

Manufacturers, marketers, and dealers in Punjab will not be allowed to sell the chemical or its formulations and sellers will have to return unused stock.


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GMO Whistleblower! Genetic engineer renounces his GMO potatoes

Dr. Rommens says his GMO potatoes, which he calls “Pandora’s Potatoes”, pose health risks. Scientists and medics explain the issues.


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 TAKE ACTION: Tell Florida’s Natural: Orange Juice with Roundup®️ Weedkiller Isn’t ‘Natural’


  • Call Florida’s Natural: 1-888-657-6600
  • Tweet @FloridasNatural #Glyphosate is #NotNatural. Please stop using glyphosate contaminated oranges in your orange juice!
  • Or @FloridasNatural Orange Juice with #Roundup®️ Weedkiller Isn’t ‘Natural’







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