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Glyphosate Causes Convulsions in Earth Worms - What is it Doing to Us?

The following excerpt is from an article by Carly Cassela in Science Alert:

The notorious weed-killer, Roundup, initially made by Monsanto and acquired by Bayer, has been found to cause seizure-like convulsions in roundworms. 

When a soil-dwelling species, Caenorhabditis elegans, was exposed to highly diluted samples of Roundup – 300 times lower than the lowest concentration recommended for consumer use – researchers found the herbicide elicited prolonged paroxysms.

In a third of the worm models, the toxic effects of Roundup and its main ingredient, glyphosate, could only be halted with drug intervention.

Researchers say their findings are "pretty dramatic,” – and they come at a crucial moment for Bayer and the future of Roundup.

"It is concerning how little we understand the impact of glyphosate on the nervous system," says neuroscientist Akshay Naraine from Florida Atlantic University.

"More evidence is mounting for how prevalent exposure to glyphosate is, so this work hopefully pushes other researchers to expand on these findings and solidify where our concerns should be."

Glyphosate is the world’s most commonly used herbicide. A recent federal report from the United States found traces of this weed-killer in more than 80 percent of urine samples given by children and adults.

Yet the health effects of such widespread exposure are extremely contentious.

Leaders at Monsanto and now Bayer have persistently argued that Roundup is safe and non-carcinogenic for humans. But in recent years, scientists, policymakers, and the public have started to question those assertions, which tend to be based on industry-led research and not on independent scientific investigation.

What does this mean for us?

First, 280 million pounds of glyphosate is sprayed on our agricultural soil in the USA every year, which means countless trillions of worms and microorganisms are being harmed. Our soil cannot be healthy and rich with organic matter and microorganisms without healthy worms and microorganisms. Soil void of earthworms and microorganisms becomes clay-like, erodes more quickly, and is deficient in nutrients and healthy bacteria needed for healthy plant life. Pests, weeds, mold, fungus, and pathogenic bacteria gather and thrive in poor soil conditions. Unhealthy soil means unhealthy crops, unhealthy animal feed, and unhealthy human food. In addition, a lack of earthworms means a loss of organic matter and topsoil. Without topsoil, farmers cannot grow food. In short, no worms = the loss of our agriculture industry. 

The finding that glyphosate use causes convulsions in earthworms means that glyphosate use harms animal and human life up the food chain.

Second,  this is not the first time glyphosate has been connected to nervous system damage. A 2020 study out of China, Correlation between CYP1A1 polymorphisms and susceptibility to glyphosate-induced reduction of serum cholinesterase: A case-control study of a Chinese population, showed that gene markers CYP1A1 rs619586 was significantly associated with the glyphosate exposure induced reduction in serum Cholinesterase (ChE) and could be a biomarker of susceptibility for Chinese GLP exposed workers. Cholinesterase (ChE) is a closely related group of enzymes within the cholinesterase family. Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase increases the nervous system’s acetylcholine concentration(Saldanha, 2017). Acetylcholine is essential for nervous system function and behavior.

This study was shared with Moms Across America by a supporter experiencing significant and debilitating nervous system damage after her Home Owner’s Association in Florida repeatedly sprayed the nearby waterway with glyphosate herbicides to prevent plant life in the water. She cannot function properly. She is in constant pain. Most of her neighbors have nervous system damage, disease, or cancer. Her lawsuit against the association is pending. For her, this study is more evidence that Monsanto/Bayer’s products have destroyed her life, and the EPA is doing nothing about it.

Third, the earth worm study provides significant evidence that glyphosate targets GABA-A receptors. These communication points are essential for locomotion and are heavily involved in regulating sleep and mood in humans. Irregular sleep can lead to depression, mood swings, mental illness, and even acts of violence, something we have all seen a tremendous rise in America since glyphosate use has increased over the past forty years. As of July 5, there were 314 mass shootings in America in 2022 alone, nearly two per day. One in five Americans has been reported to have a mental illness, which can lead to mass shootings. When the Environmental Working Group tests food and finds there are higher levels of glyphosate than vitamins  (needed for decision-making part of the brain) in the food, what do we expect will be happening to our human population? Studies show now- nervous system damage, mental illness, cancer, and many health problems. We assert that there is more mental illness because more people are exposed to chemicals that cause mental illness, like glyphosate. It is that simple. It is a failure of political will to control the use of toxic chemicals.

There has been an incalculable toll on Americans from depression and violence. An unspeakable impact on families who have lost loved ones. If Monsanto/Bayer’s product contributes to depression, mental illness, and violence, what this means is that IF the EPA  does its job and bans it, our children face a much brighter future where depression and violence are reduced. If the EPA dares to face the impact of the effects of glyphosate, it could alter the future of our planet.   

As written in Sustainable Pulse on the subject:

What truly sets this new research apart is that it was done at significantly less levels than recommended by the EPA and those used in past studies. “The concentration listed for best results on the Roundup Super Concentrate label is 0.98 percent glyphosate, which is about five tablespoons of Roundup in 1 gallon of water,” said Naraine. “A significant finding from our study reveals that just 0.002 percent glyphosate, a difference of about 300 times less herbicide than the lowest concentration recommended for consumer use, had concerning effects on the nervous system.”

No glyphosate proponent can claim that glyphosate is “safe when used as directed.” That claim is invalid, done and over.

So what this news SHOULD mean to us is that the EPA immediately revokes the use of glyphosate. 

The Supreme Court has ordered the EPA to review the available science and make its decision by Oct 1, 2022. The EPA has appealed to the courts to give them more time. They have been reviewing glyphosate for 13 years already.

We believe they have had enough time.

We believe that every day the EPA shirks its duties and panders to the profiteering corporations; they are responsible for the harm, death, and loss of life on the planet.

Please stand with us, and INUNDATE the EPA with our demands to revoke the license of glyphosate by Oct 1, 2022.

Click HERE to take action.

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