Global Climate Strike - Call to Action Week Sept 20-27 - Moms Across America

Global Climate Strike - Call to Action Week Sept 20-27

We hope you have heard by now that tomorrow is a Global Call to Action Day- Climate Strike! on September 20th. 

From our friends at MADE SAFE, "These climate strikes will launch a sustained mass public mobilization, necessary to pressure world governments to take action in line with climate science and justice. This is a worldwide marathon that every living thing on our planet desperately needs us to participate in. To find a climate strike near you, click here."

The youth are leading the way in this call to action and we are so inspired by their commitment. It's time for us all to step up and demand policy change.

We highly encourage you to attend these events. You may even wear your "GMO? We're Not Buying It!" shirt and explain to people how GMOs and related toxic chemicals contribute to global warming by decreasing the organic matter in the soil which sequesters carbon. Regenerative organic agriculture is the answer to draw down carbon and help to reverse climate chaos! We can make a difference every time we choose NOT to buy GMO food!

Bring a clip board (download this sign up sheet) and ask people to sign up to get more information or volunteer in your area to raise awareness about GMOs, start community gardens, or come to a movie night to find out more. When we rally, it's important to also organize!

As Bobby Kennedy Jr. said about our recent health freedom setbacks, "Don't whine, don't complain, don't cry...ORGANIZE!!!!" 

NOW is the time to connect with others who get that big corporations such as Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Oil are polluting the plant and are a part of CAUSING climate chaos. They need to take responsibility, our government needs to take responsibility....and we need to take responsibility for holding them to account.

It's time.

You can also make a difference locally by joining into World Clean up Day!

This Saturday, September 21, is National Cleanup Day and World Cleanup Day – a day when people of all backgrounds volunteer, remove trash and inspire us to create a waste-free community and world. As a presenting partner, Earth Day Network invites you to take part in this worldwide cleanup.

In the U.S., cleanups will take place across all 50 states. In 2018, almost 2 million volunteers cleaned up their communities.

This year, we’re expecting even more participation, but we need you — Find a cleanup near you and join in!

Internationally, citizens from 157 countries are expected to participate in cleanups this year, uniting 18 million volunteers for a single day of action. To see how to take part in your own country, visit

National Cleanup Day and World Cleanup Day are great ways to see first-hand the extent that waste, especially plastic pollution, affects all parts of our lives. The momentum created this Saturday will bolster excitement for Earth Day Network’s flagship volunteer program, the Great Global Cleanup, and drive momentum ahead of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in April 2020. 

We hope you’ll join in – turn out and clean up this World Cleanup Day. Help us make the world a little more beautiful where you live!

Earth Day is proud to join global cleanups this World Cleanup Day with support from Wells Fargo.

-The Earth Day Network Team

Thank you for doing everything that you can, every little thing makes a difference.

Zen and MAA Team

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