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Screen_Shot_2018-07-09_at_7.21.07_AM.pngSaturday, July 7, 2018, was the day that all products containing glyphosate in California were supposed to have a WARNING label as a carcinogen due to being listed on the CA Prop 65 carcinogen list. Monsanto sued and temporarily stopped the 30-year practice of labeling chemicals on the list. And yet...the judge agreed to keep glyphosate on the Prop 65 carcinogen list. So he acknowledges glyphosate is harmful...but the public doesn't need to know?

We think everyone deserves to know! And these products should not be sold to the public!

Will you call Home Depot and Loews today and ask them to stop selling Roundup due to its carcinogenic effects?
Let them know that glyphosate is listed on the CA EPA Prop 65 carcinogen list but as of July 7, 2018, it is not properly labeled as a carcinogen and therefore we are asking them to remove it from their shelves. Feel free to tell them about Dwayne Johnson, father of two young boys, who is dying of cancer and has sued Monsanto for not properly labeling glyphosate as a carcinogen. Over 10,000 people are also expected to sue Monsanto by the end of the year. 
Home Depot 800-466-3337 press 7, 5 (customer care) Email [email protected]
Lowes 1-704-758-1000 press 3  Email [email protected]
I just called and both customer care reps took the call very seriously.

If you go into Home Depot or Lowes, or any retailer selling Roundup, please speak up, tell the manager, or write a note to the manager. Let them know that the independent science shows that they are contributing to cancer if they continue selling Roundup and glyphosate-based products. Ask them nicely to stop selling them.

Thank you!

Screen_Shot_2018-07-09_at_7.21.59_AM.pngThe Monsanto trial is scheduled to start at 9:30 am PT today in a large courtroom (Room 604) at the San Francisco state courthouse at 411 McAllister. Pesticide applicator Dwayne Johnson sues Monsanto for not labeling their product Roundup as a carcinogen and subsequently leading him to use it on California school grounds and resulting in his Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. There is plenty of room for observers, so attend if you can, whenever you can during the next month.  It will be televised on Courtroom TV for a $500 fee per 5 viewers. CBS and maybe ABC are also recording the feed and may be televising portions of it.  CBS aired a piece about the trial yesterday at 5:30—should be on the Baum, Hedlund, Arestei and Goldman PC website soon.

Screen_Shot_2018-07-09_at_7.23.50_AM.pngJoin us tonight Monday, July 9 at 5pm PT/8 pm ET on our Moms Connect Call! We are here to support you in having a healthy family and community. Come tonight with questions. We will do our best from across the country to answer them. You never know who will come on the call-- we have had moms from California to New Zealand, lifelong activists, physicians, farmers, science teachers, and others.

Join with video on, good lighting, in a quiet room please, thanks!

Screen_Shot_2018-07-09_at_7.05.28_AM.pngJust in case you haven't heard, we want to bring to your attention that courageous acts of mom Kristin Mink who made national news when she approached Scott Pruitt in a DC restaurant with her toddler on her hip and asked him to resign for the sake of the health of her child and the public. The next day, Pruitt resigned.

See video clip of her approaching Pruit and news article here.

Full video here.

We want every mom to know that your words, your courage, mean something. You matter. Every time you speak up, you make a difference.  You may be uncomfortable, but often times you do it anyway because you know that it is not about you as an individual, it is about moms around the country and the world. You represent the love of a mother. You embody the unstoppable drive to protect your child.

Everyone and anyone can get the power of this love. Even government regulators.

So keep speaking up! Get out of your comfort zone like Kristin Mink did. When you have the opportunity, take the hardware store, grocery store, city council meeting, or with your neighbor. Be love, and you will reach their hearts.

Thank you for being our partners in creating health and freedom!

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