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General Mills Announces Major Change for the Benefit of Human Health and the Environment

August 20, 2019

Wheat FarmsThe Western Producer reported that a farmer in Manitoba's Red River Valley has stated that General Mills, the maker of Cheerios and Nature Valley, is requiring farmers in their sustainability program to discontinue the use of glyphosate as a drying agent on crops before harvesting. 

Consumer groups like As You Sow, Moms Across America, and the Environmental Working Group have previously targeted with General Mills with campaigns and lawsuits over concerns about the chemicals in its supply chains. GMO Inside (powered by Green America) first went after General Mills for GMOs in 2013, and General Mills listened. Clearly, consumer activism works - what the consumer wants matters.

Moms Across America's founder Zen Honeycutt, who initiated the first consumer glyphosate testing program in America in 2013, states, "General Mills’ decision to reduce the levels of synthetic pesticides, especially glyphosate, in their foods is a tremendous win for consumers, soil health, marine, wildlife, and future generations. We are thrilled about their decision and hope that many other food manufacturers will also take this courageous step in the right direction."

Organic Farms

General Mills is employing four strategies to reduce pesticide use in its supply chain:

  1. Encouraging regenerative agriculture
  2. Promoting Integrated Pest Management
  3. Expanding Organic Acreage
  4. Promoting Pollinator Health

Moms Across America believes what the consumer wants and needs is transparency, which is why they are launching the Moms Across America Gold Standard to encourage exactly this type of action...the progression away from harmful pesticides and towards regenerative agriculture. The multi-tiered verification program launches in September.

American Organic Farms

Moms have enough problems, we want solutions. That's why we developed the Moms Across America Gold Standard. With a long track history of holding companies accountable for creating safe products, our organization sees it's now time to celebrate the companies that are doing the right thing. Our multi tiered verification educates consumers about which brands are listening to their customers. By taking bold steps like eliminating glyphosate spraying as a drying agent, General Mills' brands are one step closer to being able to achieve the Moms Across America Gold Standard.  - Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America

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