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Five Reasons to Revoke the License of Glyphosate Now

If you have heard it from us once, you have heard it a thousand times. But it bears repeating because the EPA has still not done its job and banned glyphosate.

The science to support that ban keeps on coming.

In the past few months, more and more data is accumulating, showing that glyphosate herbicides, otherwise known as Roundup or Ranger Pro and 700+ other brands, must be removed from the shelves, banned from aerial spraying, and restricted from agriculture use immediately. Here are five more reasons why.

Bees. Roundup has been shown to harm 96% of bees. It also harms the flowers bees depend on. The EPA’s own assessment of glyphosate herbicides shows it also harms 93% of endangered species and 97% of their critical habitats. People who exclusively eat the likes of Hot Pockets and ramen noodles may not associate human survival with bees, but 1 out of every third bite of plant-based food is dependent on pollinators. We are literally driving ourselves into extinction by ignoring the fact that we are spraying 300+ million pounds of glyphosate herbicides a year in the USA and henceforth, are killing the very insects we depend on for food. Enough is enough. Time to ban glyphosate herbicides now.

Babies. New science shows clear pathways for harm to our babies from glyphosate herbicides. A new University of Michigan study  found a significant increase in early gestation when exposed to glyphosate herbicides. This means miscarriages, developmental delays and, potentially, infant death. In addition, androgenic effects (the masculinization of females) and the harm of sperm has been recorded in animal studies. Unless we want a planet like the Children of Men within a decade or two, we’d best get on the Ban Glyphosate bus. Pronto.

Pets. I am listing this one before people because Gosh Dang It, so many people care more about their pets than themselves. Glyphosate herbicides have been found in pet food. Pets run around on glyphosate sprayed sidewalks, patios, backyards, and driveways every day. Then they lick their paws. Currently, over 50% of dogs ten years and older die with or from cancer. Glyphosate herbicides have been shown by the International Agency for Research on Cancer to be a definite animal carcinogen. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get that Roundup should be stripped from retailers shelves immediately.

Farm Workers. Another sector of life on earth that we cannot experience life sustaining food without is farm workers. They get the brunt of the exposure to glyphosate herbicides and also the highest risk of cancer. Tragically, farmers also have the highest rate of suicide of any profession. Roundup is a proven neurotoxin. If you have ever tried to grow any kind of food at all, you know how tricky it can be and can understand why our farmers should be treated with the utmost reverence and respect. They should not be lied to by greedy chemical sales reps and convinced to risk the lives of their families and farm workers with toxic chemicals. The EPA needs to do its damn job now and protect farm workers. Germany has approved a ban on glyphosate by 2024 to protect farm workers, why aren’t we?

Future Generations. A scientific epigenetic study on glyphosate exposure to animals that we presented to the EPA, amongst stacks of other studies, is probably the most significant. In it, scientists disclosed that the first generation of rats, or F1, showed little to no significant damage. However, over the generations, the offspring began to show increased health issues. By the third or fourth generations, F3 and F4, the damage was so significant that Dr. Zach Bush, a triple board certified doctor and head of Farmer’s Footprint, said in an Earth Day presentation that if the same results show up in humans as this study, by F4, our human race will no longer be viable. That’s in two more generations, folks. If you are an adult now with kids, their grandkids could be living in a human health apocolypse. We cannot allow this to be our future. We simply MUST change tracks now and stop using this poison everywhere and anywhere.

Maine just banned the aerial spraying of glyphosate herbicides. Over 40 countries now ban or restrict the use of glyphosate herbicides. Farmers are increasingly moving away from glyphosate because it simply does not work for them to destroy their soil, build weed resistance, and threaten their family’s health.

It’s time for the USA EPA to be responsible for our safety. Take ACTION with just one click below: email, Tweet, and speak up to the EPA today at 202-564-4700. Save this number and keep calling! Just a few minutes of your time could make all the difference in the world, literally, if thousands of us do this. Leave a message for Michael Regan, Head of the EPA. Give him any one or all of these reasons. Be a part of creating a new future for your family, America, life on the planet, and the human race.

Take action HERE


On behalf of the babies, bees, pets, farmworkers, and future generations, Thank you!

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