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Why be an Organic Farmer?

Originally filmed to speak to children about organic farming, we found that these organic farmers were speaking to everyone and anyone who might be interested in a fulfilling and rewarding career NOW.

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How did you get your local farmers to switch to organic?

Answered by Kiki C. of Nevada

How we got the farmers to change was to visit their booths at the Farmer's Markets. I knew 2 summers ago that their crops were already in the ground, so there was nothing to do about it. We knew GMO sweet corn was hitting the market, so I educated them about it. Also told them that the next summer we didn't want GMO corn at our farmer's market. I told them almost every week for the whole summer. On the last day of the farmer's market I went to see them again and reminded them to order organic seed. 

I'll be darned, they did! So awesome to go to the first farmer's market of the season and ask them what they planted and they said organic corn, adding "it is so expensive!" They sold every thing they planted and grew. Yah for them!
Yah for you Kiki!!! And Yay for your whole community!!!!

We can work with nature not against it!!!

Soil Carbon Cowboys!

Please share this movie with a farmer you love.

Will you share this video from Advancing Eco Agriculture with your local Farmer's Market farmer? Email to your grocery store manager? We DO NOT Need pesticides and GMOs! Please tell your produce supplier and ask for High Quality, Nutrient Dense food! It's BEYOND Organic!

I spoke with John Kempft, Amish Farmer, and he insists that we Moms are in control of the food supply and quality of our food. If we demand higher quality food, not just pesticide free and organic, but grown with an awareness of the nutrients in the soil, we can actually heal our bodies with food. Naturally.

Please watch his fascinating video to learn more about how, when a farmer is aware of soil and plant health and nutrition, pesticides are no longer necessary. Healthy plants do not "call" to be eliminated by nature ( bugs or weeds).

Interestingly enough, neither do people. It's called survival of the fittest. Healthy soil=healthy plants=healthy people.

How to Restore the Soil

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