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We, at Moms Across America, have had ENOUGH with the following:

  • Our government allowing known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors that cause liver and kidney disease and weaken the immune system on our food.

  • Corporations lobbying our government, ghostwriting "science," and influencing policy to be in their special interest, not in our best interest.

  • Our government mandating medical procedures, dismissing the entire professional experience of physicians and personal bodily autonomy.

  • The EPA allowing chemical products to be approved with testing on only 1 ingredient and not the full formulation.

  • The CDC board members are allowed to hold patents for vaccines - and profiting from the very things they are supposed to be regulating.

  • The FDA allowing corporations to regulate their own GMO products and releasing them into the marketplace unlabeled.

  • The FCC allowing wireless technology in our children's classrooms and antennas outside our homes that expose our families to harmful radiation without our consent.

All these things are happening for one primary purpose- for corporations to make more money and increase their power.

We have had ENOUGH with government agencies jeopardizing our health as they pander to corporations so the corporations can make higher profits and a few individuals can gain more political power.

It is time to actualize the power of large numbers of people.

The fact of the matter is that these large corporations only have money because we keep giving it to them. And because we keep electing politicians in office that will give it to them.

So we are inviting you to join the ENOUGH movement.

Wear a yellow bracelet to be able to identify and connect with others who feel the same way. Or to spark conversation about why you are wearing the bracelet. Connect. Gather. Take Action.

Then, organize a weekly or monthly meeting (Online or in-person) to strategize and mobilize in your local area.

We invite you to organize locally to do these three things:

  1. Discuss corporate corruption and government overreach that affects your health and freedom locally and federally.
  2. Identify the local policies and politicians that need to be supported or voted out because they pander to corporations.
  3. Strategize and mobilize to protect your health freedoms, food supply, and the environment by supporting local businesses and farmers who have opted out of the toxic system.

Some examples - gather at farmer's markets, have a movie night and organic potluck, or have a "Freedom Friday" Zoom call and post the link to join on local social media groups.

Gather signatures and ask for in-person meetings with the Governor's staff to request that the Governor respects health freedom and does not require medical mandates.

Have your gatherings be inclusive, respectful, and nonpartisan.  Everyone deserves freedom, clean food, and healthy environments.

Be the one to say I have had ENOUGH of the way it is, I am going to connect with others and create the world to be the way we want it to be - one of health and freedom.

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