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How Do You Make Your School Safe From EMFs?


Elements of an Electromagnetically Clean and Conscious School:

  1. Hard-wired cable or fiber optic communications networks, replacing over-the-air WiFi transmissions.

  2. Workstations with Ethernet connections available throughout the school for laptop internet access.

  3. Students and school personnel taught to disable WiFi functionality on laptops and personal devices.

  4. ‘No Cell Phone’ policy on campus.

  5. Personal hotspot devices not permitted.

  6. Wireless ‘smart boards’ removed.

  7. Hard-wired computer peripherals, such as mice, keyboards, etc.

  8. Hard-wired printers, with WiFi function disabled.

  9. No iPads or other tablets for students unless they accommodate an Ethernet connection, and provide the ability to disable the wireless.

  10. School personnel trained to be alert for signs of chronic electro-sensitivity symptoms from home WiFi exposures and wireless devices, such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, heart irregularities, concentration problems.

  11. Educate parents about the advisability of hard-wiring computers and internet connections, and limiting mobile phone use, in the home.

  12. Assess via, and with an RF meter, any external Radio-Frequency Radiation sources, such as from antennas or towers within a mile of the school.

A more detailed list “20 Elements of an Electromagnetically Clean and Conscious School” can be found at:

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