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Earth Day - Four Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day


The theme for 2021 is Globally Restore & Heal the Planet 

“Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy food “ -Hippocrates

At Moms Across America, we continue to empower and educate mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities. Celebrating Earth Day on April 22, 2021, is another way to remind ourselves and our supporters about the importance of our choices every day that affect our health, the health of the ecosystem, and the health of our global community. We hope you will celebrate today by taking on our GROW Challenge and adopting plant today!

Mom contributor Liz Lee provided these Earth Day action ideas for us this year. We hope you will be inspired to take action and create healthy communities with us.

With each step forward…be conscious of what brings health to yourself and the environment.

Support Local Organic Farmers and Make Our Air, Water, and Soils Environmentally Safe

Creating biodiversity within your community is one of the best holistic approaches to boosting the soils, increasing local food security, and supporting your local organic farmer. High-quality, nutrient-rich produce nourishes a healthy community and a thriving economy.  For all of humanity, a top priority needs to be building a more robust immune system with nutritional food sources that regenerate our soils, clean the air, and purify the water.

Find a local farmer on today!

Support School Kitchens & Victory Gardens

School gardens can be utilized and transformed into Victory Gardens to provide nutrient-rich vegetation and sustainable food practice within our communities. The school kitchens can offer cooking classes and prepare meals for families in need.  There are very successful programs that have already been set up in schools, where they serve mostly organic food from their school gardens or local farmers. If they can do it, so can just takes one person to say, I am going to take this on!

Check out and to get involved today!

Educate on Nutrition, Cooking & Biodiversity 

Broaden education on nutrition by developing a community of caring at our schools. Humanity’s involvement in the evolution of change was significant during the lockdowns with the pandemic restrictions. Our bodies have an innate ability to heal and restore. We can continue to heal and repair during stressful times by being mindful to make healthy choices and learn new ways of healing. Learning how to make new healthy, fermented dishes with family or classmates brings joy to the heart and beneficial bacteria to the gut for a healthy immune system!

One of our favorite sites is, where you can learn how to make fermented, pre and probiotic-rich foods that support the immune system and detox the body from pesticides!

Create Healthy Communities with Us

Create healthy communities with us and heal our treasure, Mother Earth. Celebrate Earth Day every day and be mindful of what we buy, what it is made of, and how much waste we create. Support programs for recycling and cleaning up our environments. Volunteer with school systems, so the young generation learns the importance of recycling and limited resources while protecting the ecosystem by developing sustainability within our community. 

Check out 5 simple steps to start a school recycling program  at

Each individual can make a difference to protect, preserve, and have gratitude as we are embraced by her beauty. This is your time to celebrate Earth Day every day!

Peace on Earth,

Liz Lee
Food Alchemist & Organic Chef

Liz Lee is the proprietor of Essentially Organic. During the past 30 years, Liz has transpired her wealth of information on health, herbal remedies, the benefits of eating organically, and living mindfully. She weaves together the concepts of innovative modalities in the medical world, essentially organic foods, nutritional supplements, and exercise, along with a sense of nurturing oneself and those around you. Her experience with prominent doctors and health specialists in Beverly Hills and Malibu California has elevated her career as a personalized food alchemist with a passion for waking up our five senses. Most essential for Liz is to share the importance of living an organic healthy lifestyle and pass this on to our children for a healthier future. 

“It is simple to pamper the palate with fresh foods. We all need to make the right choices in order to make a difference in our body, mind and spirit.

Let those taste buds pop with flavors of each ingredient and wake up the senses of nurturing one’s body.”

Liz Lee

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