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Dr.Oz Petitions the President to Stop Toxic Pesticide

For the first time ever, on Monday Sept 22, Dr.OZ took a stand and started a petition for America to stand up against toxic chemicals.


40,000 people signed the Dr.OZ Petition to the President in ONE day! 
What if we could make it 100K in a week???!!!
We are SERIOUS about stopping this toxic product Enlist Duo from being sprayed on our food crops and near schools!


Enlist Duo contains Glyphosate (an antibiotic, chelator and endocrine disruptor...read: weakened immune system, vitamin and mineral deficiency and birth defects and infertility...yes, really) AND 2,4-D ( half of Agent Orange, you know, the chemical that killed 400K in Vietnam and gave birth defects to 500K more) and they want to SPRAY THIS ON OUR FOOD...and on fields just feet away from our schools!

Dr.Oz said "I am very concerned we are at the beginning of a catastrophe."
WE could avert it.
We could share, text, call and ask every friend we know to SIGN this petition.


I was invited to be on the  show and share our message on the stage with Dr. Oz.

It was an eye opening experience. Dr.Oz's courage and committment is in disputable. The Dr.OZ staff are brilliant, committed and impeccable in their attention to detail. I was deeply honored to be a part of the show and be a voice for Moms. It is a groundbreaking episode and moment for America...this is what Dr.OZ did represents for our cause:

A major day time TV figure explains how GMOs=more pesticides.

A prominent doctor  takes a stand against toxic chemicals! 

A mainstream talk show host inspires mainstream America to GET INVOLVED and sign a petition!!!

What a joy to be a part of this.

My story about my children, whose health issues;allergies and autism symptoms, all improved greatly by going GMO free and organic, is OUR story, the story of Moms all across America who are realizing what has happened to their kids. Although criticized for being anecdotal, I ask the reader...who do you trust more? A mom who's only special interest is the well being of her family? Our a corporate chemical giant or GMO scientist who stands to lose their bonus for their beach home?

What I say, what hundreds, if not thousands of our moms say now, about their children's symptoms of allergies, autism, asthma, auto immune disorders and more, all getting better by going GMO free and organic is REAL. No GMO scientist, skeptical reporter or paid blogger is going to convince any of us that what we see before our very eyes is not real. Isn't that what science is about? Observing the reality? 

Why do we share this? We share because Moms care. It is not enough for my children to eat organic. My son's future spouses are out there somewhere, eating the 85% of processed foods which are GMO and sprayed with Glyphosate. We know the third generation of rats that ate GMOs were sterile and that pigs who consumed glyphosate on grains miscarried 30% more and had higher birth defects and smaller litters.

I want my son's future spouses to be able to procreate if they wish someday, and to experience the profound love that it is to have their own child. That love is is what life is all about. It is why Moms do what we do. And we will not stop, we will not give up. The love for our children will never end!

Watch the first three minutes here:

Keep watching after the commercials for the clip where he calls for us to sign the petition.

The petition link:


You can also ask your friends to go to Moms Across America and click on ACTION to find out more!

All together we can make a difference. Please sign and share!


Zen and the MAAM Team

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  • Ruth
    followed this page 2016-09-15 13:05:20 -0400
  • masomeh aalam
    commented 2015-04-23 15:31:09 -0400
    I am not surprise ,why so many people have cancer ,because of all the poison we eat.

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