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Moms Across America Cross Country Kick off!

Here we go! Moms Across America Cross Country Tour! We are spreading the word all across America to Label GMOs!

I am driving from CA to CT  with my family and to cover more ground co founder Kathleen Hallal is driving from CA to WA. Kathleen is going to march with WA to support their upcoming ballot initiative and I am marching with GMO FREE USA leader Diana Reeves and my family of origin in my childhood homestate to celebrate their win and support the national labeling.We are so excited!

We are loaded up with GMO Info 15,000 flyers from Moms Across America, 600 GMO FREE buttons, coupons and flyers from Nature’s Path and OMG; online NON GMO grocery store, hundreds of samples from NYR Organic, movies by Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey M. Smith, “The UnHealthy Truth” book by Robyn O’Brien, and support from additional sponsors Dr. Bronners, Nutivia and Organic Valley. I do not know how my husband packed all these supplies and our camping gear, but I am grateful for his magic. My three boys, Ben 10, Bodee 8 and Bronson 4, are loaded up with toys, electronic gadgets and art supplies. The car is tuned up and decked out with a sign from and we have Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s mapped out so we can eat GMO Free cross country.

I already spoke to a guy at the gas station who thought what we are doing was so cool even though he didn’t know what GMO’s are. He said “I will find out!” I am moved to tears by this, his willingness and the difference it will make for his family is what I do what I do and why I know you share too. We care. One person at a time America. We are doing this! Thank you for sharing about GMOs with us in the next 12 days before the 4th of July! Next stop , Vegas Baby! to be interviewed by Nick Brannigan for radio.

Along the way we will also be interviewing other, Does America Know about GMOs? If so, what might be the health implications on our nation's children and families? And can we really feed three hungry boys GMO Free cross country?

With Love and Joy


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  • Ruth
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  • Beth Dalton
    commented 2013-06-22 17:43:27 -0400
    Bon Voyage!!! Travel safely!

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