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Children’s Health Champion: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Moms Across America has many advisors who support our educational outreach to mainstream American families. One of them is the esteemed Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., founder of nonprofit WaterKeepers, an environmental lawyer who is on the legal team suing Monsanto, Chairman of the Board and Chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense, and father of seven. He is also the author of eight books, his most recent being American Values, Lessons I Learned from My Family. It is this book and his current work at Children’s Health Defense that Moms Across America most wants the public to know about. We are at a turning point in history... and without the values, as so lovingly shared in his recent book, and the truth, as it is exposed through the work of Children’s Health Defense, our future looks unimaginably bleak.

This new video from the Children's Health Defense tells the truth about the censorship that took place at the recent Harlem Vaccine Forum when Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. spoke:

Just a few points on the harsh reality that we face:

Mr. Kennedy’s team’s work at Children’s Health Defense exposes the controversial and terrifying truth about the current toxic and overburdensome vaccine schedule that contributes to all of the above health issues. This may be contrary to what you were told by your doctor, (if you were told anything at all about vaccines except that it’s time to get them), and if you are new to this idea I invite you to peruse the Children’s Health Defense website. Some basic facts are:

  • The current vaccine schedule recommends 49 doses by age 12 and 68 doses by age 18. This is not your mother’s vaccine schedule. The amount has changed. And so have the ingredients and the side effects.
  • Many of today’s current vaccines contain high levels of aluminum and some contain high levels of mercury, both of which are toxic to the brain and body, especially to vulnerable babies whose organs are not fully developed.
  • Many of today’s current vaccines contain aborted fetal cell lines and have been found to contain whole chromosomes of DNA which can cause immune system responses and, potentially, sex hormone changes.
  • Many of today’s vaccines contain Polysorbate 80 and are contaminated with mycotoxins, bacteria, and glyphosate herbicides that can increase the impact of other toxins in the environment or heavy metals in vaccines on a child.

Bobby’s work extensively covers the harm from mercury in flu shots and the HPV vaccine. To find out more about the permanent damage and deaths that have been caused by the HPV Gardasil vaccine please read more here.

This information is overwhelming and confusing. Why are these toxins allowed in vaccines? Why aren’t our regulatory agencies like the FDA regulating them, and if they are causing autoimmune diseases and cancer, why isn’t the CDC holding the manufacturers accountable? Mr. Kennedy is one of the most vocal voices in America, traveling tirelessly from state capitol to state capitol, speaking to politicians, courageously risking his life to sue chemical behemoths, and inspiring thousands at rallies with his candor and electrifying speeches. Without his voice, thousands, if not millions, might not feel the hope they do today to rally and make a difference for future generations.

This leads me to his book. American Values, is, in my opinion, a must read for every parent in America today. Not only will one learn the history of America from a completely new, unfettered perspective, but you will be inspired to be a new kind of who leads by values.

From Mr. Kennedy’s book, “My father taught us by example that we should approach the world humbly but with confidence. We should be able to laugh at our foibles, admit our mistakes, and never take ourselves too seriously. At the same time, we would be serious about the problems of the world affairs, such as the arms race, communism, and Vietnam.” He continued to describe how his father supported him and his siblings in their interests, “But even as he encouraged us to pursue our own passions, it was clear that he would have been distressed if we did not involve ourselves in some way in the problems of humanity.” In the book he described their dinner table conversations involving reciting poetry, scriptures, and current news. Volunteering and community service were common practice for the entire family. Every child was raised to contribute to the betterment of society. The first sentence of the book reads, “From my youngest days I always had the feeling that we were all involved in some great crusade, and that our lives would be consumed by that conflict.”

We are in a great crusade right now - for health, freedom, and justice. And yet, most parents today are striving for comfort, convenience, and ease. We are not interested in our children or ourselves being involved in a crusade. We are so stressed and preoccupied with making ends meet, managing our kids bazillion extracurricular activities, keeping them off the video game consoles and away from inappropriate media...that we don’t often stop to think about our values and encouraging our children to make a difference for others. Without guiding values, we are led willy nilly by the busy-ness of our days. We don’t stop to have meaningful conversations to teach our children what it means to be honest, compassionate, and of service to humanity.

Without these values, our society simply will not work. It is the lack of these values that has us in this health crisis in the first place. If the CDC,the FDA, Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi, Bayer AG/Monsanto, and other chem/pharma companies had these values, they would not be poisoning 300+ million people in America and hundreds of millions more around the world with their toxic products; the future of our precious children would not be robbed from them; and the future of our country would not be in jeopardy.

We must raise the next generation with values like integrity, responsibility, compassion, and generosity; values Kennedy shows us throughout the book. They must be courageous people with integrity to turn around the corruption. They must see the opportunity in taking on the responsibility to right the wrongs; and be people of generosity and compassion, willing to spend their time on actions that redirect the country, instead of on activities of convenience and entertainment.

So while I implore you to learn the information on both Moms Across America’s and Children’s Health Defense websites, support our work and volunteer, I also ask you to read Mr. Kennedy’s book, American Values. Think about what your values are, create them with your spouse and extended family, have family dinners where your children discuss their values. Be clear with your children that you expect them to make choices based on these values, and demonstrate such behavior now, yourself. And together, we invite you to create a new America with with integrity, responsibility, compassion, and generosity.

We again would like to thank Mr. Kennedy for his dedication not only to the betterment of society, but for his continued support and guidance with Moms Across America. We are so grateful to Mr. Kennedy and his staff and are honored to collaborate with such a remarkable man.
Thank you.

And thank you to the extraordinary team at Children’s Health Defense.

This blog was also posted in Zen's monthly column in Masters of Health Magazine. Check out the magazine and other articles about Bobby Kennedy in this month's issue here.

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