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Calling All Dads

C’mon Dad, we need you!

By Mike Gioscia of

Mike and his family are featured in the new movie Secret Ingredients.

IMG_4779.jpgI was going down a familiar road and I didn’t even know it. When my son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum (PDD-NOS) years ago, I stated this to my wife: ‘We don’t have to tell people. We don’t have to say autism. We don’t have to brand him. We can say he has… some difficulties.

Yup. I said it. Denial? Is that what it is dad? A feeling of failure? My kid can’t have anything wrong with him! What would that say about me?!

Well, I snapped out of my selfish funk pretty quick, and I implore you, dad, to do the same. We need you out here. Your kid needs you, more than anything else you’ve got going on. Forget the office. The boat. The golf. The trips. Whatever it is that’s pulling you away from dealing. Deal! C’mon dad, we need you!

Dads do many things.  Many, many things. Dad is a worker.  Dad can be a teacher, a philosopher, or just the guy who cuts the grass.  Dad can be a friend, a confidant, lover, or the enforcer.  Dad can be loving, kind, or perhaps not so much.  Dad is often the breadwinner.  The term ‘dad’ is all encompassing, and means a lot of things to a lot of different people.

IMG_0121.JPGRight now we need you Dad, your strength, your wisdom, your honesty, and your hard work ethic, out on the front lines.  Not for the traditional war being waged by the USA somewhere (everywhere?), but here at home, fighting for your family, right in your own home. It’s hard not to be able to fix the situation, I’ve learned to make the effort to be available for support, both for your spouse and your child.

There is a Food Revolution going on, a fight for Food Freedom. GMOs are being pedaled in most of the food we eat, having never been tested, and our kids are getting sick.  Sicker than ever before.  My kids.  Your kids. The world’s biggest chemical corporations are in charge of our food system. It’s not good.  

I know it’s just easier to let Mom handle these things, these feelings. And maybe Mom even gave you a pass on this stuff, and she’s partly to blame for enabling your behavior (stop it Mom, he’s a big boy!). Whatever the reason, it’s time for change.  

Yes I know, you can’t make every school play because of work, or every doctor’s appointment, or every rally. But we can all CONNECT better.  If Mom is dealing with a special needs kid, or allergies, or asthma…YOUR kid, she needs you more than ever.  Now! Every day!  It’s an incredible burden to have to make all these decisions by yourself.  It’s time to be a team (in sickness and in health, remember that old gag?).

I was a stay at home dad to begin with, so I was maybe a bit more tuned in to the ‘day to day’ of parenting than other dads, but being supportive can be as easy as taking over cooking on specific days, or handling some doctor’s appointments. Having just one person be in charge of the decisions is tough, it’s much easier with a team.

There is no meeting, job, gig, trip, conference, or appointment more important than leading the family.  Mom needs a partner, an ally, a buddy, someone to not only make tough decisions with, but someone who understands.  Yes, we all tune out sometimes from various conversations (except me honey xo!), it happens, but this is a BIG issue, and we need you tuned in and ready to rock!

Years down the organic road, making non-GMO food choices, my son is OFF the Autism Spectrum!  Yes.  My daughter no longer has Asthma!  And FOOD was a major part of their recovery, and ongoing health.  I didn’t know most of the things I know now re: this food revolution, it came after I got involved, and it’s transformed me as a person.  It’s made me a better Dad! 

You are Dad, you are awesome, you are a leader, you are smart, and other Dads will follow you.  We need you right now Dad, join us!

Disclaimer: Yes, there may even be time left over for beer, tunes, and fantasy football.

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