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New GMO “Labeling Law” Faces Lawsuit

On Jan 1, 2022, the GMO “Labeling Law” passed by the Obama administration and defined by the Trump administration went into effect. “Labeling Law” is in quotes because although it is being called a labeling law, the reality is that the law does not require the labeling of GMOs. The fact is that the food manufacturers have the option of doing one of three things:

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What Parents-to-Be Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine

Moms Across America risks social media censorship and the loss of sponsorship funding by sharing this information with you. We may need to cut staff and be limited in our effectiveness in the area of increasing access to organic food, safe environments, schools, and communities due to that loss of funding. 

We sincerely hope, however, that our funders and the media will see that the life of all babies is more important than restricting our sharing of information that simply empowers a person to choose the care for their families.

When we learn of the tragic loss of the precious babies in our communities, we cannot sit idly by in fear. We must take action. And we hope you will too.

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Opposition to 4000 JUMBO Cell Towers in NYC Increases

The massive spread of 4/5G cell towers and wireless technology is a major public health threat that is largely being ignored by the media and our elected officials.

Residents everywhere should know that 11,600 (7,500 in 2020, 4,100 previously) small cell towers have already been approved for installation in New York City. The proposed 4000 JUMBO towers, as described below, are in addition to the 11,600. 10,000 have been approved in Dallas, 2139 have been installed in Seattle, 531 in Miami, and more. National numbers are growing from 86,00 installed in 2018 to 800,000 by 2026. While the world is distracted with COVID, our cities are being riddled with the installation of cell towers that poses a constant threat of harmful wireless radiation. Long-term exposure to this technology weakens our immune systems and leads to many health problems, including brain dysfunction, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, heart arrhythmias, fertility issues, and cancer.

Opposition to 4000 JUMBO Cell Towers in NYC Increases

Article originally published on The Voice of the West Village News

By Camilla Rees

Recently, health advocates have learned that 4,000 enormous new ‘Jumbo’ 5G antennas, on giant monopolies, have been proposed for New York City streets in 25 different zip codes throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island, starting in more disadvantaged areas. Queens-based non-profit Wireless Broadband, Inc, Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications, and other local and national groups are protesting.

Despite growing awareness of biological and health risks from the radiation emitted by cell phones, wireless devices, and wireless infrastructure, and of wireless technology inadequacies to close the ‘digital divide’ (as is claimed) or to meet the growing demand for broadband capacity, wireless antennas in New York City are still rapidly going up all around us. 

The new Jumbo 5G antenna structures planned for City streets, each containing multiple antennas, on multiple tiers, are starting to raise big questions.

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Hot Mess Express Spreads Across the Nation

HME-1.jpgIn less than four months, Hot Mess Express, groups of women who go into a fellow mother’s home and clean up that which has been overwhelming for her, has spread to over 180 locations across the United States. Started by mom and TikTok star Jen Hamilton, this growing movement of kindness and compassion is a breath of fresh air during a time of tumultuous conflict. 

Jen says, “I started this group because we all need a little help sometimes. Hot Mess Express is a group of women who are here to rescue each other when we can't seem to dig ourselves out of our funk. Through nominations, we dispatch ourselves to the houses of our fellow mamas who need help--laundry, dishes, vacuuming, food prep, hygiene....whatever seems overwhelming to you...let us help! This is a volunteer-based group. No one is here to pay or be paid. Join this amazing group of women as we offer our hands and our hearts to pull our buddies out of the funk we all find ourselves in sometimes.”

The feedback has been enormous. The nearly two hundred local groups have dozens or hundreds of followers, all people who are looking to support or need support during these difficult times. Thousands have responded favorably on social media and are sharing the concept with their friends. It appears that cleaning other people’s homes, as a volunteer, is more exciting to us than most of the news and other things happening in the world. Many have been frustrated with the lack of support new moms, single moms, and most moms experience and want to step in.  The idea of making a difference in someone else’s life, even briefly, is inspiring women across the nation, and it’s just what we need right now.

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Together, We Are Unstoppable

Dear Friends,

Moms Across America is working for a world that does not currently exist. Regenerative organic food that is affordable and available to all. Clean air and water. Safe schools and parks in every neighborhood. Healthy and thriving communities where people connect with compassion.

We base our actions every day on how to realize the world we want. We are not against the toxins and corruption of this world as much as we are for a world of health and freedom. 

We hope that you will give in the spirit of creating the world you want for everyone on Giving Tuesday. In this mindset, creating a world of health, justice, love, compassion, and freedom is in alignment with organizations like ours. When you give in this spirit, we are all empowered!

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US EPA Glyphosate, Atrazine, and Simazine Regulation Process Advances

While most of us cannot seem to focus on any news except for COVID, mandates, and increasing government restrictions, rightfully so, the EPA has finally completed the review of glyphosate herbicides for their impact on endangered species.

In Dec of 2020, the EPA  found glyphosate herbicides caused Likely Adverse Effects (LAA) for 93% of species and 97% of critical habitats -  1,676 species and 759 critical habitats.

In this week's announcement, they shared that they also reviewed Atrazine and Simazine simultaneously, and the three chemicals are the first to go through the process under the Endangered Species Act in 1973 by President Richard Nixon. Yes, it has taken 48 years for glyphosate and these chemicals to be reviewed for their impact on our wildlife. Incredible.

Meanwhile, during the last 50 years, 70% of our animal population has died.

Much of the animal and marine life's primary food source, insects, are threatened with extinction. 40%, to be exact, of our insect population, are in jeopardy, and 75 of the top 115 global food crops depend on insect pollination.

While COVID is vacuuming up the public's attention in the present moment, our existence on this planet is being threatened every day by the continued spraying of glyphosate and other toxic chemicals.

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Are You Considering Giving Your Child the COVID 19 Vaccine?

Do you have a family member or friend considering it?

COVID -19 Vaccine clinics for 5-11-year-olds are opening in schools and public buildings across the country this week.

A coalition team has compiled a science-backed educational flyer with crucial information that the mainstream media networks are not sharing in news coverage.  We feel this information is crucial for an informed decision.

We support access to all kinds of medical procedures, alternative therapies, food, supplements, and remedies to support our family's health. We believe it should be the parent's choice what treatments they utilize for their child. We also believe to make that choice, they should have access to all of the information regarding the side effects, special interests, and politics behind the sale of the product or service.

The only way to make informed decisions is with as much data as possible, from independent sources that do not stand to profit from the sale of the drug or procedure.

Although the following flyer is not nearly complete, (there are many more reasons why this COVID -19 vaccine is risky for children) we selected the information we feel is most likely to have a parent reconsider their decision. 

Given the facts:

The vaccine manufacturers, government, and clinic staff administering the vaccine are not liable for adverse side effects, most doctors and health care providers are denying the connection between the health issues and the vaccine (and victims are unable to get adequate care), and children are more likely to die of 8 other things, including the flu, than COVID, we feel it is safer to exercise precaution.

We feel that boosting a child's immune system with natural remedies, waiting a little longer, and researching the side effects further before deciding to vaccinate, is a valid and responsible decision at this time based on the scientific evidence that has been provided to us via many experienced physicians and scientists.

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Mandates Threaten National Security

Across the country this week, firefighters, police, teachers, nurses, and civil servants are being forcibly ejected from their jobs. Many are being told to stay home on unpaid leave because they refuse to follow a federal mandate to get an injection of genetically engineered MRNA material and other toxins into their bodies.

Moms Across America has learned of a federally contracted company that focuses on aerospace, satellites, and military technology, with many employees who will not abide by the mandate. They choose to protect the integrity of their bodies and religious beliefs. Many of these employees hold integral positions in our national security. Their new vaccination deadline, according to Biden's announcement yesterday, is January 4th. Biden's administration of this policy through The Dept. of Labor's Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) means that it will override any previous state policies ( such as Florida, Texas, and dozens of other states)  that do not enforce mandates in one form or another. This gigantic overreach of government control is sure to be met with more resistance, not less.

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Ancient Grains IMPROVE Health and Gut Microbiome?

UPDATED article Oct 27, 2021

Over the past ten years, the food industry in American has been turned topsy turvy. All of a sudden millions of people can't or don't want to eat wheat....after thousands of years of major civilizations eating wheat with every meal. Suddenly, people feel rashy, irritable, fatigued, and even sick after eating a simple piece of bread. What happened? Bob Quinn, PhD. 30 year regenerative organic farmer, and author explains how upside down the food system has become- growing cheap processed food rather than healthy nutritious food in his new book Grain by Grain.

A major part of that cheap, processed food is wheat. Modern wheat (with a modern hybrid protein called gliadin which can cause allergenic intolerances), white, processed grain products, or whole grains that have high levels of glyphosate residue...have been destroying our gut microbiomes and increasing the skyrocketing autoimmune diseases for the past decade or more.

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Heavy Metals In Baby Food and What We Can Do About It

Update: Parent's Choice from Walmart Recalled for High Levels of Arsenic in Rice Baby Food

A new article by Lisa Gill of Consumer Reports states, "The Food and Drug Administration said Friday that baby food manufacturer Maple Island had issued a voluntary, nationwide recall of three lots of its 8-ounce Parent's Choice rice baby cereal after a sample tested above the FDA's guidance for inorganic arsenic, a known carcinogen. The products were tested as part of a routine sampling program by the FDA. No illnesses have been reported."

Immediate illness is not the only concern; however, long-term brain damage is caused by arsenic in animals and kidney function. Children are especially vulnerable due to their developing bodies.

This is also the second recall by a manufacturer for elevated inorganic arsenic levels in rice cereal for babies in less than six months. Beech-Nut issued a recall in June 2021 and announced it was permanently withdrawing from the infant rice cereal market after routine testing showed elevated levels of arsenic. 

"We've reached a critical point," says Brian Ronholm, director of food policy at Consumer Reports. "The industry appears to be unable to control the issue, and the FDA's go-slow regulatory approach is not serving the public interest."

"Baby food manufacturers should consider pulling infant rice cereal from the market until they can implement effective mitigation measures to address inorganic arsenic," he says. "Parents and caregivers deserve better."

Heavy metals in baby food have been a documented problem for several years. Tests in 2018 of 50 nationally distributed baby and toddler foods by Consumer Reports found that two-thirds had worrisome levels of at least one type of heavy metal.

Product recalled: Three lots of 8-ounce packages of Parent's Choice rice baby cereal sold at Walmart after April 5, 2021. The following product information can be found on the bottom left corner of the back of the package:

• Lot 21083, with UPC Code #00681131082907 and a "best if used by" date of June 24, 2022

• Lot 21084, with UPC Code #00681131082907 and a "best if used by" date of June 25, 2022

• Lot 21242, with UPC Code #00681131082907 and a "best if used by" date of November 30, 2022

We recommend not buying ANY rice products for baby food and making your baby food from organic ingredients. Avoid rice, root vegetables, spices, which are high in heavy metals. 

We ask everyone to please get in touch with their Senators and Representatives by clicking here. A pre-written email will ask them to pass regulations to protect our babies from heavy metals urgently. If you like, you can Tweet and be automatically connected with your elected official's office as well.

Click here to sign the letter, Tweet, and speak to your elected officials to ask them to vote YES to pass the Baby Food Safety Act of 2021 today.

More details on the Consumer Reports original report are below from the article originally published March 29, 2019:

Congress Releases New Baby Food Safety Act of 2021 After Report on High Levels of Heavy Metal Contamination in Baby Food


  • The New Baby Food Safety Act of 2021 has been presented and, if passed, will set heavy metal levels in baby food for the first time.
  • A recent Congressional report shows in-house testing from four baby food companies to have heavy metal contamination of ingredients up to 177 times higher than FDA standards.
  • These companies knew the levels far exceeded FDA allowable levels for heavy metals in water and still approved the products for sale to the public.
  • Three baby food companies did not comply and sent the Congressional Committee the heavy metal testing data as requested.
  • The highest tested ingredients for heavy metal contamination were organic and nonorganic rice products, spices, and additives.
  • The entry method of heavy metal contamination is unknown. Still, scientists suspect that heavy metals are pollutants of pesticides in fertilizer, irrigation water, or metal machinery used to grind and process food.
  • Moms Across America calls for parents to make their baby food and the FDA to require heavy metal (and pesticide) testing of all final products.
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