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Simplifying Healthy Packed School Lunches: Tips and Tricks from an Allergy Mom

We learned of our son’s severe food allergies when he was just six months old. Exposing him to the tiniest bite of bread induced hours of swelling and vomiting, symptoms I later learned were part of his anaphylactic response to wheat. The years that followed were a crash course into restrictive diets as we slowly learned of other food allergies and a whole list of intolerances. Our lives were further complicated when our daughter was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) at just two weeks of age. CF is a genetic disease impacting the lungs and pancreas, and we suddenly found ourselves overwhelmed by the allergic demands of one child and the medical treatments of another.

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5G Dirty Electricity...We are all Being Commoditized

In 2017, Moms Across America posted a lengthy article by Camilla Rees, Senior Policy Advisor, National Institute for Science, Law and Public Policy and Founder, and entitled “The Wireless Elephant in the Room.” In it she urged us to wake up before the tipping point:

The day will arrive when the profound injury to our lives and future generations from wireless technologies will be known, including not just the biological and health effects, and links to disease, but the psychological effects, like poorly developed self-worth, and other effects, such as compulsive behaviors, addiction, and isolation. We are being conditioned like rats on a treadmill, increasingly addicted to technology and unable to stop taking the drug. Many children have never known the quality of life possible un-tethered to the non-stop universe. They don’t know peace, or the sense of safety and inner guidance possible in complete stillness, when one is deeply connected to the natural world, or in the community, and not connected to man-made electronics.

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The Many Ways Cultured Foods Detoxify Your Body

Reprinted with permission from

I love my microbes and all they do for me. Not a week goes by that I don't discover something new that my 100 trillion microbes are doing just for me. I used to think that my liver was mostly responsible for filtering and removing compounds from within my body including hundreds of toxic chemicals and extra hormones (like estrogen) that can damage cells and weaken my immune system, but this is only half of the story. Your bacteria in your gut are responsible for 50% of the detoxification that your body undergoes, but if you don't have the right microbes and a lot of them, they can't do their job. So, what do bacteria do to detoxify you?

If you are looking for a more immediate detox solution, check out Primary Detox which is Gold Standard approved! 

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August - A Month to Dream

August is generally regarded as the last month of summer. It is hot, and often lazy, and for many of us it is the time when we make the transition from summer fun to back-to-school. However, August is also the month when Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired millions with his “I Have a Dream” speech. On August 28, 1963, Dr. King stood in front of a sea of people of all colors, ages, and backgrounds and shared his vision for freedom for all. It is a speech that is as referenced and revered today as it was the day he delivered it - and has, no doubt, inspired millions around the world to have their own dream.

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one"

-- John Lennon

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Moms Across America Asks USDA to Regulate GMOs, Protect Life and US Economy

 THIS IS OUR 300th Article! 

Wow! Thanks for being with us on this incredible journey!

Comment to USDA Regarding GMO Regulation
By Zen Honeycutt, Moms Across America
August 2, 2019 

The words of this comment are partially attributed to the Center for Food Safety, and partially to Moms Across America (in italics).

The new GMO regulations threaten America and beyond in the following ways


Our federal health care spending topped 3.5 trillion in 2018. Food is the most impactful factor of our health. American food is toxic, and it is making us sick. It could make us bankrupt.

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Open Letter to International Presidents and Consumer Groups

Dear Presidents of Countries That Import USA Crops and Consumer Groups,

The mothers and families of the USA need your international help. Trump has signed an executive order prompting USDA policy change to allow GMO companies to self-determine if their GMO innovations pose a "plant pest" risk and therefore need to be regulated by our USDA or not. No mention of harm to humans or life on the planet. These GMOs - herbicide tolerant, BT Toxin, gene drives and CRISPR - with thousands of genetic mutations, will be exported to your country and/or other crops will likely be contaminated by their pollen or seeds. Your people, our people, will be a part of a continued global experiment whose results are only known when our young are sick and dying...which is already happening.

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Tell the Government to Regulate -and BAN- GMOS!

Thousands of us dedicated our lives to getting GMOs labeled. We thought we were being reasonable and that our government would listen to us. Our previous administration did not. GMOs are still not labeled, and they remain in our food unseen, without warning, and with thousands more in the pipeline.

Now our new administration has signed an executive order that GMO companies will be able to self-determine whether their GMO should be regulated or not. These are the same companies that brought us DDT, PCB's, Agent Orange, and Glyphosate. The same companies that poison the paradise of Hawai'i, that refuse to pay the fees justly award to cancer patients in need of care due to the use of their products, and the same companies that have been found to be ghost writers of "scientific" studies showing that glyphosate is "safe."

These are the people our government trusts to put safe chemicals and genetically modified species in our marketplace, our towns, and our bodies. We do not agree that this is safe. In fact, we believe this is dangerous, corrupt, and criminal. They know that GMOs and chemicals like glyphosate can cause harm and they are allowing this anyway. Or do they? Are they seeing only the industry science and hearing from chemical company CEOs with big donation checks?

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Nearby farmers, landscapers, or neighbors spray pesticides and herbicides. I think my family is getting sick because of them. What do I do?

  • Get tested. You need proof that these chemicals are impacting your bodies. We suggest urine testing with Health Research Institute Labs for glyphosate because they have the lowest detect-ability. Great Plains Labs has a GPL-Tox test for many pollutants which is very useful.
  • Hair testing from the Detox Project is also good because it shows a month's accumulation.
  • Go to or email the nearby farmers, landscapers or neighbors who are spraying and ask why/what they are spraying. Follow up with an email, asking for it in writing. I ask because “my kids have chemical sensitivities and I just want to be clear which ones they might be responding to.”
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DIY Insect Repellant

At Moms Across America, we are always on the lookout for safe, toxin-free alternatives to the many food, household, and body products that we are exposed to every day.

MAA supporter Marielle shares with us some of her favorite solutions that are safe not only for our families but our fur babies too.

Bug repellent and spray products can be scary for moms across the nation, even more concerning than the mosquitoes themselves. Many popular bug repellents are known to contain harsh chemicals (e.g. petroleum) which makes many hesitant to use them on their kiddo’s skin. When the “momsenses” kick in, many moms question sunscreens, lotions, soaps, etc. to ensure the safety and well being of their kids.

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THE State of Emergency

Our current administration has issued many executive orders and declared some situations in America as a State of Emergency. Troops have been mobilized, millions of emergency funding have been spent, and immediate actions have been taken in some situations to respond to a crisis. 

Though there are many urgent matters happening in our world today, our administration needs to see the state of emergency, happening everyday in almost every American home, is the state of our children's health.

We call upon our administration to focus its attention on our millions of sick children, now. Immediate action must be taken, political will must be mobilized, and policies must be passed to protect our children. Our children are our future. Without healthy children, and adults, we cannot be a world power, a thriving nation, or a compassionate society. We must take action to prevent health issues, not just to treat them. We must reduce our children's exposure to toxins, regain their potential, and the future of our country.

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