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Baby Formula Toxic Metals Results Released

Thanks to your support, Moms Across America has collaborated with GMOScience and The New MDS to test toxic metals in baby formula, and we are extremely dismayed by the results. We had hoped some formulas would be free from toxic and heavy metals, but they were not. We were shocked to see such high levels of toxic metal aluminum present in goat's milk formula and urge the manufacturers and the FDA to immediately take action to resolve this issue.

The following report on the toxic metals by Dr. Michelle Perro, founder of a 43 veteran pediatrician, clearly explains the problem we have and what we can do.

Moms Across America urges our network, the media, citizens or America and the world to insist that their elected officials take action to protect babies - the future of our countries, and ensure a safe future for us all.

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FDA Responds to Toxic Metal Testing in Baby Formula

Moms Across America is thrilled to report that a new bill has been presented to make baby food and potentially baby formula safer. In addition, the FDA has made encouraging statements about regulating heavy metals in baby formula just one week after we met with them regarding toxins in the food supply. The below CNN article reports that the FDA commissioner is calling for Congress to approve (give them the ability) to regulate heavy metals in baby food. They also requested to add baby formula (exactly what we requested) and all critical foods to children.

In summary:

  • Consumer advocacy works - testing baby formula and meeting with the FDA clearly made a difference.
  • Your elected official must approve and give the FDA permission to do their jobs.
  • Continued consumer pressure on elected officials is imperative.

We enthusiastically applaud Senator Klobuchar and fellow Democrats Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois, and Rep. Tony Cárdenas of California for sponsoring this bill. It takes a tremendous amount of research and time for our elected officials to devote their efforts to a particular bill. The bill will not pass without support however, and your elected officials are the only ones who can make this happen. They need to hear from you! We encourage all of our supporters to contact their elected officials - Senators and Representatives today and tell them that we want support for this bill. Tell them specially we need it to include baby formula.

We urge our Senators and Representatives from both sides of the aisle to remember that toxins are not partisan. Heavy metals, pesticides, and contaminants damage a baby's development, impair their ability to function, and prevent them from fulfilling their potential regardless of their parent's political party. It is imperative that our politicians come together to support this bill.

We also extend the deepest respect and gratitude to Dr. Michelle Perro of and author of What's Making Our Children Sick for initiating the baby formula project, our Moms Across America supporters, our director Zen Honeycutt author of Unstoppable and the laboratory who made the heavy metal testing possible, Kelly Ryerson of who attended the meetings, and Siekman and Siekman and Associates who arranged the meetings, and Stephanie Seneff PhD, our scientific advisor, author of Toxic Legacy and partner on The New MDS where we will announce the baby formula testing results. We are delighted that even before we released the results to the public, our elected officials have already taken action. Tune in on Tuesday May 21, 2024 at 3pm on ET on Rumble to hear all about the baby formula results!

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States Step Up To Block Lab Grown ‘Meats’ From Their Food Supply

labmeat-petridish.jpgLast week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law to ban cell-cultivated or “lab-grown” meat from the Sunshine State. “Take your fake lab-grown meat elsewhere,” DeSantis said. “We're not doing that in the state of Florida,” reported the Sarasota Herald Tribune. Anyone involved in selling, making, or distributing cultivated meat in Florida could face fines of up to $500 and 60 days in jail – the sentencing equivalent to assault and battery.

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May Letter from our Director, Zen Honeycutt

Director’s Letter
May 2024

Dear Friends,

The trees, bushes, and bunnies are bursting with life on our farm. May brings a flurry of flowers and a saturation of fresh, green, grassy pastures. The new growth invigorates my family, friends, and fellow activists. Life is what we work every day to protect.

This past week we were in Washington DC, meeting with our Senators and Representatives representing mothers and parents everywhere – requesting their partnership in creating healthy communities by providing access to safe, nontoxic nutrient-dense food.

We exposed the truth about the food supply through the testing we have conducted. Last year we tested school lunches and then the top 20 + 1 fast food brands from across the country and found glyphosate in 93%-100% of them, heavy metals in 100%, and veterinary drugs in hormones in 10-60% of the samples. Vitamin and nutrient density was so low that one could not truly call it food. The lab owner stated “The testing revealed that there are actually more toxins than nutrients in American school lunches and fast food.

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Monsanto Action Alert

From our friends at the Center for Food Safety

Moms Across America Editor’s Note: The following is an email from our friends at Center For Food Safety about Monsanto's efforts to get a new kind of GMO corn seed approved by the USDA.

If the approval goes through, it will almost certainly mean higher concentrations of even more pesticides in our food. We are appalled that our government allows chemical companies to spray poison on our food and feed for livestock we consume.

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Why Now Is The Time To Reinvent Processed Foods

by Errol Schweizer, Forbes Contributer foods are once again a hot topic. Between catastrophic externalized costs, new diet drugs, rampant price gouging and a growing wave of regulations, processed foods are attracting all the wrong attention. But processing may also be key to reinvigorating the best and brightest trends in the food industry.

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It Takes a Village: Human Milk Sharing Answers the Formula Vs. Breast Milk Dilemma

“Fed is Best” may be the biggest lie in all Big Formula marketing – of which there are many. Formula companies spend billions on promotion and much of their efforts target mothers and medical professionals in hospitals, urging supplementation of formula in the first few days after birth, based on the false premise that all post-partum moms are under-producing. The resulting often unnecessary supplementation then signals the mother’s breasts to underproduce during the time the lactation system is ramping up for the duration of babyhood – a self fulfilling sabotage of mothers who otherwise would have exclusively breastfed (more than 80% plan to).

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The Tug of War Between Traditional Farming & Corporate-Produced Food: Part Two

The Food Freedom Movement

A promising leap toward more food sovereignty in the US has been the deregulation of local food production and sales at the state level. Several states have passed bills to legalize or expand raw milk distribution, “cottage food” sales, and on-farm slaughter — regulations that had been prohibitive to traditional small farms in the past.

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The Tug of War Between Traditional Farming & Corporate-Produced Food: Part One

Moms Across America previously reported on a global land-grab involving using carbon and nitrogen regulations as the impetus to cull herds of livestock. The result of these regulations, in the name of climate change, would put thousands of multi-generational family farms out of business and reduce access to meat (raising prices) for millions. However, several fronts in this battle have taken a turn for the better. These should inspire and empower us all to continue taking positive action toward a safer food system.

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General Mills "Loaded” Cereal is Loaded with Dangerous Levels of Toxins

Trix-loaded-box.pngNew testing reveals that General Mills’ new Trix brand, “LOADED” cereal, contains high levels of toxic heavy metals and agrochemicals.

  • Levels of toxic heavy metals arsenic and cadmium present in two samples of Loaded Trix flavor were 200-400% higher than EPA allowable levels in drinking water.
  • Aluminum levels were as high as 3500 ppb, making Trix Loaded cereal a toxic way to start the day according to EU standards, if eaten daily. Aluminum levels were 1,365% and 1,650% higher than the EPA maximum allowable level in drinking water
  • Glyphosate levels were 15.83 and 17.47 ppb, 158-174X times higher than has been shown to cause sex hormone changes and organ damage in animal studies when they consumed .1 ppb of glyphosate herbicide.
  • Trace levels or higher of 8 pesticides were detected, including Fluopyram-1 a fungicide that has been shown to cause endocrine disruption in humans and wildlife at low levels.
  • Piperonyl butoxide - an ingredient used in shampoo to facilitate the killing of lice was detected in Loaded cereal.
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