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The EPA's finding that glyphosate exposure does not cause any health risks is a blatant act of reckless endangerment to public health. Americans should be outraged, not just because our EPA is not protecting us, but because our government is allowing the collapse of democracy by pandering to corporate greed. 


  • The EPA assessed risks to humans from exposure to glyphosate from all registered uses and all routes of exposure and did not identify any risks of concern, including cancer. 
  • The EPA did not review any cumulative health impacts of glyphosate.
  • The EPA did reduce the list of crop types with allowable levels of glyphosate residues from 160 to 15, however the crops removed likely did not utilize glyphosate, and the list is not complete.
  • The EPA still has not responded to the EWG et al petition about discontinuing the use of glyphosate on oats and wheat as a desiccant or made a determination on residue levels.
  • The EPA will do further assessments on the impact of glyphosate on bees and endangered species due to the Center for Biological Diversity mitigation.
  • The EPA is limiting the amount of glyphosate used per acre, by category of use, in order to prevent further weed resistance.
  • The EPA is requiring additional labeling for aquatic use which warns of fish kill from the lack of oxygen from dead water vegetation (note: not from glyphosate).
  • A final decision will be made after a decision about the desiccation of wheat and oats, endangered species review, and an assessment of endocrine disruption. Decisions could be in 2020 for some and August 2021 for others.
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New Asbestos Outbreak in Children’s Makeup

IQ-makeup.jpgOn January 16th, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released findings concerning a children’s makeup palette containing a staggering amount of asbestos. Manufactured by IQ Toys, the makeup was marketed for young girls ages three and up and found to contain more than four million asbestos fibers per gram of eye shadow. Sold across a variety of retailers including Amazon and eBay, the product has since been removed from all online platforms.

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Getting to Know You...Better

The start of the new year, a new decade, has put one thing at the forefront of our minds here at MAA - we want to get to know you better. As our support base grows (tremendously, we might add..thank you!) it remains very important to us to stay in touch with you. We want to know what you are thinking, doing, interested in reading about and learning about, and what is currently keeping you up at night regarding the health of your family or community. By knowing this we can work together and support each-other. The best way - the only real way - to get that information is to ask you directly. So here we are.

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Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Are you concerned about what foods to avoid?

Our Moms Across America number 1 recommendation is to eat 100% organic. Commit yourself to providing toxin free food to your baby while pregnant and breastfeeding. Now is the time to think of “treating” you and your baby with healthy organic strawberries instead of conventional ice cream, nutritious fermented foods instead of processed chips, and lots of green leafy vegetables instead of fried foods. You can do it. Your baby will thank you (well, not really) but you will feel better and the health of your baby will most likely be better....leading to better sleep and happier days to come.
Our friends at ChildMode have compiled a great list for other foods to avoid. We hope this resource is of value to you and that you have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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Study Shows Greater Glyphosate Harm on 3rd and 4th Generations

Letter to EPA on Study Showing 3rd and 4th generation Harm from Glyphosate

And an Additional Paper Showing the Devastating Impact of Environmental Toxins on Current Generations

January 21, 2020

To the EPA Pesticide Review Board,

This new Kubsad et al study shows that the impact to the immediate generation of animals exposed to glyphosate was minimally harmed*, but the 3rd and 4th generations (with no further glyphosate exposure) were statistically significantly more harmed. Is this the legacy you want to leave your grand and great-grand-children? You will not be able to retract your decision, or the harm done to them. Your children and grandchildren, when faced with devastating health issues in their children, will wonder why you did not act...if you don't.

But you can act. You can revoke the license of glyphosate.

It is imperative that you put the safety of not only current but future generations before the profits of chemical companies.


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Roundup Wine Parody Song Reminds EPA and Bayer That They Are Poisoning Us

Moms Across America has long encouraged courage, creativity, and striving to make a contribution to your communities by taking action to raise awareness about GMOS, glyphosate, and toxins that harm our families.

A creative group of people called RoundupWine Team did just that... and made this very clever and artistic parody song about Roundup Wine!
Share it far and wide!

Keep it organic,

Not-so-fun-fact. Having one glass of wine a day can increase the risk of cancer up to 44%. Maybe it's the glyphosate?
What if wine was NOT contaminated with glyphosate?

Click here for the first glyphosate test results in wine.

And the second here.

And the third here.

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Member Profile - Illana Stern - A Mom Transforms Her Fear Into Action

My mother had it made raising kids in the 1980’s! She did not have to worry about her kids’ toxic burden from food, air, water, beauty products or the seven vaccines I was given (not in one day like kids now, but overall). My mother raised kids at a time when we felt trust, safety and good fortune for the incredible material world all around us. Food was convenient with drive-thru windows and microwaves, plastic Tupperware and disposable everything… life made simple with nothing to worry about.

But here I am today raising my kids in the same world but, unlike my mother, I am worried. Protecting my children feels like battling in a war. For those of us parents who are waking up and seeing the reality of our world, it is overwhelming. We start to notice that children all around us are sick. Chronic ear infections, eczema, food allergies, asthma, behavioral issues, (these have become so common that it starts to feel normal). We notice that women all around us are having miscarriages or fertility issues and so many babies are being born premature or with birth defects. We start to hear story after story of children and adults with cancer, diabetes, neurological disease and of course, the autoimmune epidemic… thyroid issues anyone? Sigh! Was I born in the wrong era or what?! Being worried about all these things can paralyze you with fear and make you feel lonely.

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Letter to a Mom

There is no moment in the process of dealing with a sick child where one feels safe or sure in the decisions that they are making. Each new bit of information we gather can shake our confidence that we are doing the right thing. As we all know, it is very easy to feel alone, vulnerable, and not up to the task of taking care of your family. Among the many things that Zen does on a weekly basis is respond to letters from moms - no matter how busy she is. Moms regularly reach out to her for her insights, amazing knowledge, and the benefit of her experience in taking her family's health into her own hands. Here is just one such letter from Zen...

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Let’s Focus on Solutions

“We are the authors of our destinies. No one can see the vision any clearer, believe in and work any harder to make it a reality more than the visionary.”
                                                                                       – Nike Campbell-Fatoki

Each New Year we wonder what the coming day will hold for us. We have ideas, goals, dreams...and create a new vision for the year. We never know what will come our way, there will be many challenges, for sure that may cause breakdowns or delays. But no matter what, if we focus on our vision, if we focus on the solutions, we are much more likely to accomplish those goals and create the year we desire. It is our vision which guides us through the losses and setbacks. Are you clear about your vision for the coming year?

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A Different Type of Detox

Every January, upon the arrival of a clean slate of a new year, our minds all appear to go in the same direction - resolutions. In one form or another we are all thinking about detoxing from something, changing something, planning something, doing something - or many things - differently. It can be exciting, overwhelming, and often difficult to put all of our hopes and dreams for a better year into a list of things “to achieve”. And often this list falls by the wayside as priorities shift and the unforeseen happens. Before you know it the seasons are changing and your list has been put on hold once again.

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