Moms Across America 2017 Healthy Communities Award Recipients

Moms Across America has long appreciated the dedication and expertise of many leaders in our cause. At the Heirloom Expo Sept 5-7,  when I was a part of a panel MCed by Bob McFarland of the CA Guild, (our former fiscal sponsor), Dr. Vandana Shiva, and Robert F. Kennedy on glyphosate, I knew we could not pass up this opportunity to acknowledge these extraordinary people.


In addition, without the support of Pamm Larry and Jere Gettle of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, Moms Across America and the progress of our entire movement would not be what it is today, so we were thrilled to present them with awards. Then on Sept 17, at the CCOF Organic Symposium, I was delighted to award Phil LaRocca of LaRocca Vineyards and Board president of CCOF for 3 decades of commitment to growing and protecting organic food.

Without people like Bob, Robert, Vandana, Jere, Pamm, and Phil our organic movement would not be what it is today. Together, lawyers, scientists, farmers, activists, and seed savers, we can create a new future. That future is not dominated by the chemical companies who merely strive to make a profit, it is created by citizens dedicated to thriving in health, freedom, and justice for all. Thank you for your continued support so that we can continue our work, connect and collaborate with extraordinary people such as these, and be proud to live in this country and world with together.

The Moms Across America Healthy Communities Award is for people who have contributed in extraordinary ways to creating healthy communities. It is a sustainable bamboo wood cutting board, Made in the USA.



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