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Mountain Man Sues on Behalf of the Bees and Endangered Species

Moms Across America has received countless emails and phone calls asking for help to stop the aerial spraying of glyphosate and toxic weed killers on forest areas by utility and lumber companies. People from California, Oregon, Washington, and numerous other states were desperate for help and increasingly got sicker by the day. They pleaded, “There has to be some way we can stop this, right?” Unfortunately, we responded, the lawyers tell us you can only sue after you get sick if you have a huge amount of health issues. You must have proof of the chemical causing that symptom through peer-reviewed scientific studies. Unfortunately, these critical studies reportedly lag 17 years behind the widespread appearance of symptoms - so the proof the lawyers need that certain chemicals cause the exact problem people have is not available yet.

The photos in the article below are photographs by Bill Orr on Roan Mountain. He has thoroughly documented the decline of the endangered species.

We refer them to the lawyers we personally know and trust, hoping that eventually, one will say yes and can successfully litigate the case. We direct them to the informational flyers on our Materials Store and pray that someone, somewhere along the decision-making line, will read them or listen to reason and science. We hope that someone will eventually listen, but our faith is often hammered by massive, industry-funded PR campaigns and sneaky corporate tactics.

 It’s tough to have faith when the system is set up for them and not for us.

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Plan Now for Safe Tech in Schools This Fall

As a child of parents who were both teachers, I know that most of the lesson plans for the entire school year are created during the summer. Much of the planning on whether or not our children will be learning from in-person discussion, textbooks, whiteboards, projectors, or wireless devices are being decided in a few weeks.

Just this week the Environmental Health Trust and Washington Spectator reported: Oregon Health Authority is Condemned by Scientists for Scrubbing Report on Wireless Health Hazards.

Clearly, ignoring the science has individual, statewide and nationwide repercussions.

Please take a moment to send a letter to your Principal and school staff to encourage them to get the school hard wired over the summer. You may use our letter for inspiration. 

Dear School Board Directors, Principal, Technology Director, Health Directors, and Teachers,

We hope you are having a wonderful summer.

I know that our teachers and staff do not really have the whole summer "off"; however, most of the lesson plans for the entire school year are created during the summer. Much of the planning on whether or not our children will be learning from in-person discussion, textbooks, whiteboards, projectors, or wireless devices are being decided in a few weeks.

We will be so happy to have our child back in classes in the fall, learning in person with you, and able to make friends. We appreciate how much care and joy you put into providing a great education for all the kids. Thank you!!!!

However, we are very concerned with the amount of time the students are spending in front of wireless electronic devices in class.

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Organic Gluten-Free Lifestyle

My Family’s Ongoing Journey towards an Organic Gluten-Free Lifestyle

By Rivka Seeman

Life hadn’t been easy for a while.  I struggled to maintain my composure while my small child had raged on the subway in front of numerous strangers and sometimes acquaintances.  Night terrors, “growing pains” that woke him up at night in tears, behavior that would change without warning- I knew something was wrong.  Possibly something he was eating.  His main food groups were dairy and wheat.  His cousin’s juvenile arthritis, an auto-immune condition, was being helped with a gluten-free diet.  I decided when he needed a blood test anyway, I’d ask the doctor to test him for food sensitivities. Gluten Free

Unbeknownst to me, the nurse had written his weight down in his chart wrong and it looked like he hadn’t gained weight in a whole year, a classic sign of Celiac, so although Celiac hadn’t even occurred to me, it did occur to his pediatrician.  I would later find out how lucky we were to have a pediatrician who knew enough to be willing to check for Celiac, and who knew what she didn’t know.  She referred us to a knowledgeable gastroenterologist to confirm the diagnosis and receive ongoing medical care.  Not every medical professional has the knowledge to check for Celiac and some do provide very little guidance on where to go from there.

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Just Say NO To GMO Impossible Foods in Schools!

Moms Across America Objects to Impossible Burger Products in School Lunches

May 06, 2021, Impossible Foods announced that they had secured Child Nutrition Labels (CN Labels) for its Impossible Burger products, clearing a hurdle towards widely entering the K-12 market in fall 2021. Moms Across America’s director Zen Honeycutt states. “We object to this GMO branded product being provided to our children in school lunches due to health concerns. We also object to the misleading marketing claim that Impossible Food’s fake GMO meat will help reduce climate change. Our children deserve better than to have a branded product promoted to them at their school that is risky for their health and bad for the planet, especially when there are safer non-meat, more earth-friendly alternatives.”

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Open Letters to State Officials on Streamlining 5G Bills

New bills SB 556, SB-378 and AB 537 in California threaten the safety of our neighborhoods and homes. Designed to lower the costs of Telecom companies to implement the installation of thousands of "small" cell towers in cities and towns to create 5G "Smart" Grid Networks, these bills "streamline" the process by eliminating the requirement of City Commissioner Planning hearings for installations with public comment. Similar bills are expected to roll out across the United States.

Pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro and our director Zen Honeycutt sent letters to the Assembly members in California to alert them to the dangers of bill AB 526 today and have allowed us to republish these letters for your use in your state or city.

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Reports of Menstrual Cycle Irregularities After COVID Vaccine

Moms Across America is deeply committed to creating healthy families and communities. Our reproductive health is essential for the viability and health of our babies and for future generations. 

Two new papers, one published in the BMJ called Rapid Response: Thrombosis (menstrual irregularities and blood clotting) after covid-19 vaccination, address concerns about the COVID vaccine* that are being reported online and researched by a recent University of Illinois survey. The BMJ study points to "underlying conditions" that might be blamed for the heavy and irregular periods and blood clotting that can lead to death. We are not so sure...

The second study published in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Policy and Practice states,  "On 19th March 2020, scientists from Oslo identified an antibody from vaccinated individuals which they suspect is responsible for attacking platelets and causing recent thrombotic events [7]. This discovery also supports our hypothesis [6] that CoViD genetic vaccines may have a direct role in spurring autoimmune response against platelets that may clinically manifest in thrombocytopenia, hemorrhage, and blood clots."

To support nationwide clarity on this issue, we ask that anyone who has received the COVID vaccine, please fill out the following survey and file a report with the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System VAERS.

The following parameters are directly from the University of Illinois survey:

Menstrual experiences with COVID-19 vaccines

Key Information: You are being asked to participate in voluntary research. This study aims to understand the menstrual experiences of people after they have been vaccinated for COVID-19. Participating in this study will involve completing a secure online survey which takes about 15-20 minutes. Risks related to this research include the potential to feel uncomfortable answering questions about your body and health. The benefits of this research are sharing your experiences and contributing to an often-overlooked area of health research.

Responsible Principal Investigator: Dr. Kathryn Clancy, Department of Anthropology, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (email: [email protected])

Purpose of the study: This research study is about your experiences with your period or other menstrual bleeding (such as "spotting") and associated symptoms after receiving at least one dose of a vaccine for COVID-19. Side effects are a common and even important element of the vaccine response, and bleeding patterns can be an important way to understand how our immune systems are activated.

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Earth Day - Four Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day


The theme for 2021 is Globally Restore & Heal the Planet 

“Let Food be thy Medicine & Medicine be thy food “ -Hippocrates

At Moms Across America, we continue to empower and educate mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities. Celebrating Earth Day on April 22, 2021, is another way to remind ourselves and our supporters about the importance of our choices every day that affect our health, the health of the ecosystem, and the health of our global community. We hope you will celebrate today by taking on our GROW Challenge and adopting plant today!

Mom contributor Liz Lee provided these Earth Day action ideas for us this year. We hope you will be inspired to take action and create healthy communities with us.

With each step forward…be conscious of what brings health to yourself and the environment.

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Roundup is Not Just a Carcinogenic Herbicide. It's a Bee Killing Pesticide Too.

A new study released April 6, 2021, in the Journal of Applied Ecology reveals that Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world, and the focus of recent lawsuits regarding non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, is not just a weedkiller but a bee killer as well.

This study is monumental because the decline of bee populations has been drastically declining since Roundup was introduced to agriculture, landscaping, and backyard gardening in the late 1970s. In the US, the number of honey-bee colonies dropped from 6 million in 1947 to just 2.5 million in 2014. In 2015, Monsanto made nearly $4.76 billion in sales and $1.9 billion in gross profits from herbicide products, mostly Roundup.

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One of the Law Firms That Defeated Monsanto Now Leads Toxic Baby Food Litigation

The recent congressional report detailing high levels of toxic heavy metals in baby foods came as a shock to parents throughout the country. Certain baby foods, including purees, snack puffs, rice cereal, and other products, contain dangerously high levels of arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead. Studies show that exposure to these heavy metals may play a role in causing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD).

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Female Babies Likely Androgenized by Glyphosate Exposure in the Womb

A new study provides more evidence for what many of us have been concerned about- endocrine-disrupting pesticides affect the reproductive organs of our children. This means that eating organic while pregnant and avoiding Roundup and other glyphosate weedkillers (read the label!) is being shown to be even MORE worth the extra effort.

We cherish children of all genders and sexual identities. And, having their reproductive organs altered by unnecessary and harmful pesticides in food or our neighborhoods is just unacceptable. All children deserve to have their bodies be formed and developed naturally as God/Nature intended. 

As first seen on Sustainable Pulse, a new peer-reviewed pilot study from a group of international scientists from the U.S. and EU suggests that baby girls' anogenital distance is becoming more male-typical due to their mothers being exposed to glyphosate when they are in the womb.

The study published on Monday in the well-respected Elsevier peer-reviewed Journal ‘Environmental Pollution, is a breakthrough in our understanding of glyphosate as a hormone hacker (endocrine disruptor).

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