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Open Letter to Citizens and Organizations for Glyphosate Ban

Open Letter to US Citizens and Women’s, Food, Organic Farming, Endangered Species, and Environmental Organizations

Your actions, based on the following information, could alter the future of our planet.

Glyphosate herbicides are the most widely used agrochemicals in the world. According to the EPA, over 300 million pounds are used in the United States each year, 280 million pounds directly on our food. Crops such as soy, corn, sugar, wheat, beans, peas, alfalfa, and oats make up just some of the crops that feed livestock and humans contaminated with high levels of glyphosate. If our families and pets are not eating only organic food, they consume glyphosate in nearly every bite of their meals. Glyphosate has been found on thousands of human food samples such as cereal, orange juice, eggs, and in pet food, tap water, in our breastmilk, children’s urine, streams, ocean water, and even the rain.

A study by Professor Paul J. Mills, Ph.D., and his clinical research team at the University of California showed in the Journal of the American Medical Association a greater than 1000% increase in human glyphosate levels over the past 23 years. 

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New Study Shows Glyphosate Harms Next Generation

According to a new study, we have not even begun to see the true impact of glyphosate.

This new study by Kubsad et al, published in Scientific Reports shows that glyphosate alone, not the surfactants, impacts the germline of the fetus in female rats. The germline means the sperm and eggs inside the fetus, which will ultimately become the fetuses’ offspring. The sperm and eggs are harmed by glyphosate, affecting the health and viability of future generations.

There has been considerable controversy about whether or not it is glyphosate alone or the surfactants, also known as co-formulants, in glyphosate herbicides that cause harm. This point is legally significant. The EPA only requires safety studies on the one declared “active” chemical ingredient in glyphosate herbicides or any pesticide for that matter, not the full formulation which, includes the co-formulants. Lawsuits worth billions of dollars are being contested based on the industry science and EPA policies. Scientists who asserted that only the co-formulants caused harm and not glyphosate alone were inadvertently supporting Monsanto’s assertion that glyphosate (alone) does not cause harmful effects. That assessment could lead to another 15-year approval from the EPA.

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How Monsanto/Bayer Is Contributing to the COVID Shutdowns and Global Economic Crisis


  • A new study released January 28, 2021, shows that both Roundup and glyphosate affected the microbiome at all doses tested, causing shifts in bacterial populations and their function.
  • Imbalances in gut bacteria or dysbiosis is linked to an ever-growing array of diseases, including cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, behavioral issues like ADHD, Autism, and depression.
  • Previous studies have shown that populations with diabetes and obesity, or weakened immune systems, are at higher risk of death from COVID-19. 
  • Higher rates of death from COVD-19 are the largest factor in whether a state or country will shut down its economy. 

As reported by GMWatch - A new study conducted by an international team of scientists based in London, France, Italy, and the Netherlands, led by Dr. Michael Antoniou of King’s College London, was published today in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

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Oppose Mr. Monsanto as Head of the USDA

No matter who is in office, we at Moms Across America are committed to taking actions to protect our food supply and health of our families. Our food supply is in jeopardy of becoming even more toxic than it has been over the past decade. Biden's pick for head of the USDA, Tom Vilsack is a not surprising, but is a terrible idea. Vilsack is a staunch supporter of GMOs and is responsible for supporting the contamination of the entire food supply with GMOs and toxins while he held this position during the Obama administration. It's time for a change.

We need your help today.

We ask you to take a quick and easy action- go to our campaign and with one click, send a letter to your Representatives and Senators. You may also choose to Tweet them, call and/or send them a video of you saying why it is important to say NO to Tom Vilsack. Your information is only utilized to connect you to your Senator or Representative and is never shared. We know how important our privacy is to all of us.

We had a unique opportunity to speak to a South Dakota cattle farmer, Pat Trask who took on Monsanto and won his case at the Supreme Court to stop GMO alfalfa from contaminating the feed supply. However, shortly after the win Tom Vilsack approved GMO alfalfa for the marketplace anyway, saying "We have no choice." Yes he did, he could have honored the courts decision. Vilsack thinks he is above the highest courts in the land!

Watch our documentary Communities Rising starting at 17:35

Please click here to go to our campaign to Oppose Mr. Monsanto as Head of the Food Supply.



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America Needs a Time Out

Moms Across America is a 501c3, and therefore not a political advocacy organization. We have supporters from many different political views because we all, no matter what our political party, eat food, and want our families to be healthy. We encourage unity and embrace the good intentions from our supporters of all political parties in order to fulfill our mission; to educate and empower mothers and others with actions and solutions to create healthy communities.

We are deeply disturbed by the events of the past week, as well as the past few years, including the growing chasm of the political divide, the vitriol, and vigor of attacks by both sides on mainstream, alternative and social media. This wide gap in the difference of opinions and anger expressed, which divides families and friends, creates isolated, depressed, and unhealthy communities. This outcome is more concerning to us than which president holds office, or what their policies are. Because society cannot function and be healthy when it’s members are angry, divided, and/or isolated from their loved ones. 

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A Story of Cancer and Food

These are challenging times. The unrest we are experiencing and the growing numbers of COVID cases and deaths are deeply concerning. In addition, another health issue many families are also dealing with seems to be being forgotten. Every day in America nearly 2000 people die of cancer. 1 out of 2 men and 1 out of 3 women in America are now expected to get cancer. This has been happening for YEARS.

Look around at your family. The odds are not good. As the world is in a frenzy about COVID, we ask our supporters to consider... Why might Americans be so vulnerable to COVID symptoms and cancer? Why are so many of us getting sick and dying...where in other countries they are not? What could be contributing to our weakened immune systems? Could it be because 75-85% of our food contains GMO genetically engineered to withstand cancer-causing and immune system-weakening chemicals?

When we got our supporter's Jessica Marsala’s story, we knew we needed to publish it. 

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Exposé on Telecom Cover Up Released

"Wireless Hazards" -- An extensive exposé published by The Washington Spectator 

Today The Washington Spectator published an extensive exposé about the Telecom industry's decades-long campaign to dismiss the research about the health risks of radiofrequency radiation and fool the public into believing that cell phones are safe by co-opting government agencies and the mainstream news media.

This in-depth study was conducted by Barbara Koeppel, an investigative reporter who covers social, economic, political, and foreign policy issues. Her 7,000-word article posed two questions: 

"If you think your cellphone is safe, have you considered why you believe that? Is it a fact, or is it based on carefully crafted messages that you’ve read or heard?"

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Happy New Year!

Every year on New Year's Day, my family sits at the dinner table with a round white pot that my husband bought on one of his work travels, that contains a tiny pot and scroll of paper inside it. We call it the Wishing Pot.

We take a moment to reflect upon all the things we did that year, places we went, adversities we overcame, deaths, sickness, and celebrations. Then we open up the scroll and look to see what we wrote last year...what did we wish for? What were our goals, and who did we say we were going to be about them?

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2021 is Almost Here!

Many of us are ready to breathe a huge sigh of relief that 2020 is nearly over...with hopes that 2021 will bring more stability in our economy, health to our nation and unity around the world. Many abhorred 2020 and can’t wait to move on.

When I look back on 2020, I am deeply saddened by some of the things that happened, but I am also deeply moved by many. My family has a commitment to create the life of our dreams no matter what, however, and although 2020 was tumultuous, we took on the most amazing adventure ever this year. We moved across the country from California to North Carolina where we were able to get a small farm, our own clean well water (that we can drink from the tap!), barns and pastures near the artsy and exciting city of Asheville. We did this not just to move away from the draconian vaccine laws and politics of California, but also to move to a much more affordable place where we can fulfill our dream of being able to grow food and live in nature that our children can interact forts, rope swings, run around with animals, and plant fruit trees. We are having the time of our lives!

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What Moms Across America Means to Our Supporters

These are challenging times. Moms Across America is constantly looking at if what we are doing is working and how we can improve our effectiveness. There has also been a looming threat of censorship and potential lack of resources to continue to do what we are doing.

One day this fall, one of our team members, who was taking a course to improve communication with our network, asked a question of our supporters to find out what they would miss if we were to go away on Facebook. This question provided the answers to how much we are valued and in what ways our work is important. Men and women from all across the country and around the world responded. Below are just a sampling of their responses.

Question: If Moms Across America went away, what would you miss?

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