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Letter to Professor Hotez on Vaccine Education


SENT May 14, 2020


Dr. Peter J. Hotez
Dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine
1 Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030

Dear Professor Hotez:

I just saw your interview on CNN and your statement about needing to educate anti-vaxxers resonated with me. I am reaching out to you to be of assistance in addressing the concerns of the anti-vaxxers.

Our nonprofit, Moms Across America, reaches millions of parents across the country and hears back from thousands nationwide. These parents, most of whom have children who are almost fully vaccinated, are dealing with children with multiple ailments, autism, allergies, auto immune issues, asthma, cancer, learning and behavioral disorders and more, and they are struggling. In their desperation for solutions, they research constantly and they are discovering that they have read more books on the history of vaccines, pesticides, lead, air and water pollution than their physicians. In fact, we are hearing back that when they talk to their physicians about different toxins, the physicians ask them to give them more information. Doctors are now learning from these dedicated parents. 

Many of these parents are successfully healing their children. Once they remove the source of toxic exposure - whether that be conventional food with glyphosate and pesticide contaminants, detox the toxins like aluminum from vaccines, remove mercury fillings, find the source of lead exposure, toxic mold or other pollutants, they see significant improvements. We hear from parents that have children who were damaged specifically after vaccination who did not vaccinate the children that followed, that those children are markably healthier. Growing groups of parents that show up to protest vaccine mandates are not the parents who vaccinated and have vaccine damaged children, but they are the new parents who have never vaccinated and vow to never vaccinate. Tens of thousands of young families have moved out of states like California due to their strict vaccine mandates to states with higher regard for parental rights and will continue to do so. Their reasoning is valid. 

Over 4.7 billion dollars has been paid out for vaccine damage by the government. Vaccines have a history of, and continue to this day to be, “unavoidably unsafe” as determined by the Institute of Medicine and a Supreme Court Majority ruling. Studies on vaxxed versus unvaxxed children have shown significantly less auto immune health issues in children without vaccinations. Doctors point to the impact on the immune system by the ingredients in vaccines as the culprits for the health implications. This is concerning, of course, considering the intention of vaccines is to strengthen the immune system.

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Local Food is Homeland Security

Interview with Pamm Larry, local food security community advocate.

Pamm Larry has been working on food sovereignty and security issues for 9 years, primarily addressing policy issues on the state and local level.  After the Camp Fire devastated her community, she decided to come home and focus on creating a strong local food system via The Butte County Local Food Network. She invites all who care about healthy food to see what we are doing and replicate at least some of it in your community to create a strong local food system, one tasty bite at a time.

Pamm, you have been focused on the food supply nationally for many years now, and have inspired thousands to raise awareness about GMOs. When the Paradise area fires happened, your area was devastated. Why did the fires motivate you to focus locally and what has happened as a result?
My shift to working primarily on local issues got solidified with the Camp Fire but the process had started years before. Around 2015 to 2016 I kept getting impulses about Victory Gardens. Then in 2017, I pulled back a bit from the GMO work and started another effort around them, but quickly realized I was getting tired of national stuff because it’s such a heavy lift. I also started to do a very deep dive into science around climate chaos that’s not being shared by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and found that the situation is far worse than their report conveys. Why? The data is ten years old and is politicized - all parties must agree on the report before it is published. It’s not really about “science,” it’s about politics. 

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Choosing Integrity in a Challenging Food System: An Interview with Cha’s Organic

These are challenging times to be producing food. Due to the shutdown, many food manufacturers are either overwhelmed with orders or are needing to discard their crops. Even before these difficulties, producing food has always been an opportunity to either make decisions based on integrity or cut corners and make the cheapest food to make the most profit.

In this interview with Marise May of Cha’s Organics, we discuss those decisions and how their Coconut Whipping Cream has become the newest Moms Across America Gold Standard 5-Star product. Marise shares some of the types of corner-cutting decisions some coconut milk manufacturers make and why Cha’s Organics makes the choices to do differently. If you have lost faith in food manufacturers, watch this interview. There are still good people in the food industry doing great things!

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Show Us Your Natural Immunity Booster!

CoVid 19 has impacted our society in many ways. Health challenges, loss of loved ones, economic struggles and stress are high on our list of where we are directing our attention. Our hearts go out to everyone who is being challenged today. Also high on the list of public attention is the focus on solutions. We want solutions now! Unfortunately, some are focusing- and putting all their eggs in one basket- on possibly ineffective solutions. The CoVid 19 situation has turned out to be an opportunity for mass media commercial to promote unproven vaccines as the be-all, end-all solution.

At Moms Across America, we have seen and heard from thousands of families who have been impacted by the toxins in today’s vaccines (mercury, glyphosate, aluminum, Polysorbate 80, etc.) and the quantity of vaccines (16 vaccines, 69 doses by age 18). This is not your mother’s vaccine schedule! 

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ACTION ALERT-Submit Comments to FCC on Proposed New Wireless Radiation Rules

The following information was adapted from Environmental Health Trust:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the U.S. has released new rules regarding radio frequency (RF) exposure limits, cell phone testing procedures, etc. The new rules extend the original RF exposure limits adopted in 1996 to higher frequencies which include 5G and millimeter waves. The rules are still not based on bioeffects or health effects research. Rather the rules are based on behavioral changes observed in lab animals which physicists and engineers consider to be "thermal effects."  Hence, the new rules pave the way for the deployment of 5G infrastructure and other new wireless technologies including wireless power jeopardizing the health of the public and the environment.

The FCC opened Docket No. 19-226 for public comments on their proposed rules.  The deadline for submission of comments has been extended to JUNE 17 2020.

In making a decision whether to adopt these new rules, the FCC is only required to consider information submitted to this docket.  And, they can only be held to account legally for making an inappropriate or bad decision if the information showing that they did so is in this docket.  Thus, your submission of comments and/or studies to this docket is critical. Please see below for details.

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Earth Day 2020 Call to Action

We Celebrate the Earth Today!

Mother Nature is always speaking. She speaks in a language understood within the peaceful mind of the sincere observer. Leopards, cobras, monkeys, rivers and trees; they all served as my teachers when I lived as a wanderer in the Himalayan foothills.

~ Radhanath Swami

Original painting by Ruth Westreich of the Westreich Foundation

Happy Earth Day!

Today we celebrate  with creativity and words from three inspiring women.  We begin by sharing a painting by a wonderful supporter of the arts and health, Ruth Westreich's painting of Mother Earth - a part of a series that is sparking dialogue with academics, health professionals and forward thinkers.

Even though we cannot be out doors with crowds of people, planting trees, sampling their organic food at a festival booth, or purchasing bamboo utensils and hemp T-shirts....we do want to continue to be mindful about what we can do and plan actions we can take.

The Westreich Foundation has collaborated with many organizations to compile this list of organizations which you could volunteer with to create a healthier world: 

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5G Antennae on Your Neighbor's Roof?

From our Friends at Children's Health Defense: a Very important call to action!


Sign to Join CHD’s Submission to Stop FCC Rule Allowing 5G & Satellites Antennas on Homes

What is OTARD and Why We Must Take Action

The FCC is about to expand its ‘Over The Air Reception Devices’ (OTARD) rule (WT 19-71), to allow wireless companies to install 5G and other cell towers and transmitting devices (not only receiving devices as the name suggests) on homes. The wireless companies will be allowed to enter into a contract with your neighbor to install a cell tower on their home, without the need for a permit, without asking for neighbors’ input or permission and without any considerations to a neighbor’s disability, property values or other needs.

The OTARD rule expansion will allow a “Wireless Wild West” for 5G infrastructure and antenna deployment which will include the 1,000,000 antennas to provide the ground infrastructure for the satellites. The expansion of the OTARD rule will violate the Constitution and upend long-standing common law personal and property rights. The FCC  does not have the authority to override people’s rights to bodily autonomy and their property-based rights to “exclude” the wireless radiation emitted by third parties from their home.

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How To Set Up a Safe Work Station at Home During the Shutdown

From the article by Theodora Scarato of Environmental Health Trust -  Step By Step: How To Set Up A Safe Computer Workstation For Your Child During COVID-19
Environmental Health Trust (EHT) has created this resource on how to set up a low-EMF computer/laptop/tablet workspace for all the families setting up telework for themselves and their children now doing school online at home.  

With Covid-19 rapidly spreading around the globe, families are sheltering in place and setting up telework and education at home. People are on screens more than ever before. Thus, it is more important than ever to take care of our eyes and health by reducing electromagnetic exposures. 

EHT has created this resource on how to set up a low-EMF computer/laptop/tablet workspace so that your workstation is as healthy as possible. 

Cell phones, computers, and all the wireless screens now ubiquitous in our lives create electromagnetic (EMF) exposures from both the wireless networks and the electrical systems they use. Medical organizations and hundreds of scientists recommend reducing these wireless radiation and EMF exposures. In addition, screens have very high levels of harmful blue light, also a type of electromagnetic radiation and blue light can damage our sleep and risk irreversible eye damage, especially for children. 

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How to Set Up a Safe Computer Workstation For Your Child During COVID-19

Based on the article by Environmental Health Trust.

EHT has created this resource on how to set up a low-EMF computer/laptop/tablet workspace for all the families setting up telework for themselves and their children now doing school online at home. 

With Covid-19 rapidly spreading around the globe, families are sheltering in place and setting up telework and education at home. People are on screens more than ever before. Thus it is more important than ever to take care of our eyes and health by reducing electromagnetic exposures. Environmental Health groups are sharing strategies for safer tech use for kids at home.

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Our Family's Quest for True Health

Reprinted with permission by Jill Carlson, Renewable Farming LLC

Our family’s health crises over the years spurred us to look outside the box. We listened to many voices and finally found the one, true basic answer: Food is our best medicine.

Jill is the author of four books and grandmother to seven grandchildren. She's active here at Renewable Farming, where our three-generation mission is encouraging farmers to raise health-giving food and keep their own families healthy.

Food: My Best Medicine

All my life I’ve searched for good food…really good food.

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