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More Roundup Found in USA Mom's Breast Milk


Moms Across America urges mothers to breast feed their babies. It is the number one opportunity for the necessary nutrition, good bacteria and bonding an infant can receive. We also urge pregnant mother and breast feeding mothers to eat as much organic as possible and avoid GMOs and toxic pesticides.

Pennsylvania's GMO Free Lancaster County non profit organization announced today that 1 out of 12 mothers tested for glyphosate at a detectability level of 75 ppb, found high levels the world's most popular weed killer their breast milk.


Zoe Swartz, Moms Across America East Coast leader, GMO Free Lancaster County Executive Director and coordinator of the testing, reported that 6 out of 12 ate organic.  Jen, the mother whose levels were 91 ppb, did not eat organic. Jen worked on a farm and sprayed Roundup/glyphosate on her farm while she was pregnant, thinking it was safe. Her 4 month old infant has neuroblastoma cancer. This is especially concerning considering that the World Health Organization has deemed glyphosate a Class 2 "probable carcinogen". Of course we cannot know if glyphosate is connected to Jen's infant's cancer, but we are extremely concerned. Scientists who have just learned of this information have commented that is is very likely that glyphosate could have caused this infant's neuroblastoma. This is heart breaking.

It is important to note that the other 11 mothers who tested negative at levels above 75 ppb, may have glyphosate in their breast milk. Testing of tap water found levels of glyphosate at .33 ppb and in urine, as high as 20 ppb. Glyphosate has been found in 70-100% of samples of soil, water and air. Glyphosate levels are allowed by the EPA on 160 of our food; 5 ppm is allowed on potatoes, 13 ppm on corn, 25 ppm on sugar and  40 ppm in oils. The method used for testing commissioned by GMO Free Lancaster County in PA could not detect below 75 ppb and further testing is being coordinated to get a more accurate reading of the contamination of glyphosate in the American people.

Glyphosate is the active chemical ingredient in Roundup and 750 other herbicide products around the world. It is the most widely used herbicide in the world, used on gardens, sidewalks, streets, school yards and sprayed directly on GMO food during the growing season as aweedkiller and non GMO food as a drying agent. Glyphosate levels as small as .1ppb have been shown to destroy gut bacteria and .10 ppt to increase the growth of breast cancer cells. Glyphosate has been linked, by independent scientists, to numerous illnesses including non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, autism, Parkinson's, endocrine disruption, and has been shown to cause placental cell death. Glyphosate, once thought safe, is proving to be one of the most, if not the most, insidious and toxic chemicals mankind has ever produced.

Glyphosate has been shown to stay viable in dark salty water for 315 days. Our wombs contain dark salty water.

Glyphosate has also been shown to kill white shrimp, which are the size of a six week old fetus, at levels above 5.2ppm.

25 ppm is allowed on sugar by the EPA, one of the most commonly consumed ingredients in America. We currently have the highest rate of infertility and birth defects in recorded history and still born deaths are on the rise. The possible correlation is terrifying. Mothers are outraged that nothing is being done to take precaution. Fathers are also speaking up.

Grandfather and Farmer educator Howard Vlieger has said "Glyphosate is going to make DDT look like mouthwash."

Dr. Don Huber, when speaking of the chelating effects of glyphosate says "Glyphosate chelates, or makes unavailable,  the vital nutrients of any living thing. It weakens the plant's immune system. It essentially gives the plant AIDS."

How can our babies grow and develope properly and protect themselves from cancer or chronic illness when they are being exposed to this chemical?

Monsanto, the primary producer of glyphosate, claimed that their chemicals; PCB's, DDT and Agent Orange were safe. They now also claim that breast milk is "glyphosate free" despite Moms Across America, Sustainable Pulse and German breast milk findings, and that glyphosate is safe when used correctly. They will challenge these findings. We agree, the newest findings, done in the best possible method available to PA citizens at the time, do need third party verification to be taken seriously by the scientific community. We wonder WHY hasn't our EPA done this? Why is the safety of the world's most widely used herbicide being argued about by a group of moms and a chemical company? Where are our regulators and elected leaders?

To mothers who want to protect their children, no further testing is necessary. If glyphosate is sprayed on non organic food, and any studies at all show harm from glyphosate, we chose to exercise precaution and avoid  glyphosate by eating organic regardless of the specific levels of findings in breast milk. There should not be any amount of glyphosate in our bodies or on our food, ever.

We particularly urge women who are planning to become pregnant, pregnant mothers and mothers who are breast feeding to eat as much organic food as possible. The good news is that studies have shown that 90% of pesticides leave the body in 1 week, and 100% in 2 weeks. All studies referred to in this article can be found under DATA on our website.

The lab report will be available when names can be omitted for privacy. Links to this blog will be added as soon as possible.

The lab who conducted the testing was Microbe Inotech and the same methods were used as the Moms Across America tests conducted in 2014.


We hope you will urge the women you know to find out more about GMOs and glyphosate. Thank you!

Zen Honeycutt




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Lab Responds to WSU/Monsanto Accusations of False Results


It is no small matter to accuse a scientific lab of falsifying results, especially when it comes to the contents of the most important food to infant human beings. Life is precious. The source of life, mother's breast milk, is not only a crucial nutrient, but it is a sacred and bonding act between mother and child, one which should feel wholesome, safe and loving. NO mother should ever be concerned about the contents of the food or breast milk she is giving her child, that it could hurt them somehow. It makes a mother feel anxious, unsafe and bewildered as to what to do.


Moms Across America tested glyphosate (Roundup) weedkiller in breast milk to explore the widespread contamination of this insidiously harmful chemical and spark further testing, with the intention of eliminating this chemical from our food chain and from breast milk and formula forever.

You can do that yourself by eating organic and avoiding toxic chemicals. 90% of pesticides have been shown to leave the body in 1 week, 100% in 2 weeks.

Many mothers do not know about  Roundup being sprayed in the food however, so we strive to get the license of glyphosate revoked (the main ingredient in Roundup and 750 other herbicide products) so that no mother ever has to worry about glyphosate regardless of her awareness or economic sector. Healthy breast milk should not just be for the babies whose mothers happen to know about glyphosate and whose mothers can afford organic.

We hope, as unbelievable as the results are from our testing with the support of Sustainable Pulse in 2014, which showed levels  of 76-166 ppm in 3 out of 10 mothers, levels up to 1600 X higher than is allowed in EU's drinking water, that you will take steps to eat organic and take action to support a ban or revoking of glyphosate from your HOA, community, farms and nation.  9 out of 10 of the mothers who sent n their samples stated that they were aware of GMOs and glyphosate and DID try to avoid them, so to find any levels of glyphosate at all, especially with the best detect-ability level at the time, 75ppb, was shocking. Soy baby formula has been found by Anthony Samsel to have levels of 170 ppb.

The recent WSU/Monsanto funded testing by Michelle McGuire in a Monsanto lab, with 41 samples, found American breast milk to be "glyphosate free". Considering the German breast milk positive findings and recent findings of glyphosate in 70-100% of soil, rain, stream water, urine and air, and additional findings in cereal, honey, soy sauce baby food and formula this is highly implausible. It is also a serious issue to call a scientific lab's work "wrong".

Below is Dr. Hemming's statement about the accusation of his lab's work:


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Surprise! Monsanto Says, "No Glyphosate in Breast Milk".

On July 23, WSU posted the news that a Monsanto funded study by Michelle McGuire found "glyphosate free breast milk." The tests were conducted in Monsanto's lab.

I was not impressed. Nor was I very surprised.

E.G. Valliantos EPA whistleblower and author of "Poison Spring" has stated that he has seen stacks of photos of dead bees after testing with neonicotinoids and glyphosate. The chemical companies and the EPA KNEW of the harm caused by pesticides.They simply chose to protect the profits of their shareholders rather than take precautions for the health of our babies and humans.

We have every reason to question the results of tests conducted by the chemical company who said that DDT and Agent Orange were safe. 

Michelle McGuire said, regarding the Moms Across America commissioned results "Moms Across America flat outright it wrong."

What do you think?

Below is our rebuttal to her article.


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Right or Wrong? Why the GMO Debate is Over for Me.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong. ”― Peter T. McIntyre


In the beginning I was not very confident to talk about GMOs and glyphosate. Surveys taken show that men need only be 20% sure of the facts before speaking about an issue and women need to be 85% sure. Because women are more likely to be shunned from their female community for being wrong (it's a safety issue), it's a primal instinct to stay quiet.

But then I considered the impact of either scenario. What if I (and not only I but many researchers and scientist with decades of experience) were right? Hundreds of millions needed to know in the USA ASAP. If I was wrong? Then the impact on them was only that they had switched to eating organic. Yes, it would be more expensive initially if they didn't buy bulk, whole foods and cook from scratch (it's actually cheaper that way) but they would only be eating organic food, the way food was created, whole perfect and complete. There is no negative impact on the health of human beings for eating perfect, organic food.

spraying_field_man.jpg There is a harmful impact from eating GMOs and related pesticides. We consume foreign proteins which have slow but unpredictable consequences on our health. We consume greater amounts of pesticides. Much of the impact is unforeseeable, unpredictable, and uncontrollable. Moms don't do well with the unknown and their children. We would rather know or avoid the unknown harms. It's better to be safe than sorry. I have confidence in this decision.

pesticide_sign.jpgThere are great risks of harm we avoid by avoiding GMOs. GMO foreign proteins DNA could be altering our children's/our DNA, GMO genes could be silencing our genes and waking up rare diseases. GMO related toxic pesticides could be shutting down our immune system, making us more susceptible to cancer and illness, and breaking down our blood brain barrier, allowing toxins into the brain such as fire retardants on our kids pajamas and sofas, PCBs from pollution, BPAs from plastic, aluminum and mercury from flu shots and vaccines, chemicals from our carpets and cars, and formaldehyde off gassing from furniture. The impact of the foods genetically engineered to either BE a pesticide or to RESIST herbicides, increasing our consumption of toxic chemicals, have never shown to improve human health. 

Organic food has been shown to be more nutritious, taste better, have much lower quantities of pesticides (and the toxic ones like glyphosate are not allowed), improves the quality of the soil over time and increases the soil's ability to retain water, decreasing drought. (Studies all on our DATA page)

So if I am wrong, the impact on people and the environment is still all right. I hope supporters are confident in sharing about the impact of GMOs and glyphosate, as a precautionary measure, to protect your friends and family. It's time for us to stand up and create the America WE want. It's time for people before profit.


To address the concerns of the opposition, the companies who profit from GMO and related pesticides:

There is a negative impact to the corporations making the GMOs and toxic pesticides whether I (and tens of thousands of doctors and scientists) are right or wrong about GMOs and related toxic pesticides and people eat organic instead of their products. They lose money.

Although corporations are not my concern, and I could just dismiss the impact on them as their problem, I understand it is reality that they are impacted by a movement of moms who buy 85% of the food, who are encouraging millions to not buy their products. My concern is the health and well being of the people and children, not the profits of the chemical companies. However, let's look at the reality for the chemical companies...If they do not face the reality of causing harm and only look at the reality of losing money, and they do not get innovative, then they will have to fire employees. The economy could be impacted if those employees do not get innovative find other jobs. This only happens however if they are not innovative.

Frustration is the mother of invention. Being stuck between a rock and a hard place is often the only time one will move.

Kodak went bankrupt because they sat on the technology for digital cameras for 20 years and did not act on it. They preferred to make money from their existing technology. They became extinct because they did not outdo themselves.

GMO technology is 20 years old, and their mainstay chemical glyphosate is over 40 years old now. That is not being innovative. It is also not ethically moral. To both make the toxic chemicals that are sprayed on our foods which make us (and the animals we eat) sick and then to make the pharmaceuticals which make us "better" is a perfect profit circle. Bayer, Syngenta, Monsanto, Dupont...all make the pesticides and have sister companies, own or are partially owned by companies which make the pharmaceuticals.

Syngenta, the largest pesticide company in the world has a sister company called Astra Seneca which advertises allergy, heart, COPD,asthma and cancer drugs regularly on your favorite TV channels which will not report the news about the harm from GMOs and pesticides...surprise, surprise.

Bayer makes aspirin, as we all know, and it also make pesticides.

Dupont owns Danisco which sells the majority of probiotic cultures in the USA.

Monsanto which makes the majority of GMO seeds and owns Roundup (glyphosate) the world's most popular herbicide, is a spin off of Pharamcia, owned by Pfizer, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world.

spraying_fields_three_men.jpgCapitalizing on the sickness you cause is morally and ethically reprehensible. It is wrong on so many levels that no amount of money can make it right. This is why the chemical companies need entire departments of paid staff to lie, slander and discredit one or two volunteer activists or unpaid independent scientists who devote their lives to truth. You have to pay people to be immoral. And the public can tell the difference. We know. The truth is free and creates freedom.

The entire system of chemical farming is morally bankrupt and will go bankrupt of they continue because it simply does not work for our health. Health comes first. Without a healthy society we do not have a healthy economy, military or position of world power.


pesticide_danger_sign.jpgNo matter whether I (and millions of people) are right or wrong, chemical companies would benefit from setting aside the concept of chemical farming and focus instead on what the environment and the people need now. We need technology to clean water, to reduce toxins in the air and oceans. We need solar and wind power and a way to eliminate trash. We need batteries that last and furniture, clothes and cars that do not off gas toxic fumes. We need safe vaccines and cancer treatments that do not obliterate our immune system. We need health care that does not bankrupt families or doctors and a food system that provides organic food to the wealthy and poor no matter where they live. We need innovation now.

We need people who are confident to speak the truth, who are willing to take risks, to be wrong and look bad even, risking themselves for health and freedom.

At a recent expo, at speaker panels on various subjects, I got up and asked questions afterwards. At one panel, I was scolded by a fellow activist. He said "You looked foolish. You should have done your homework." I replied "I don't care if I looked foolish, or looked bad. It's not about me. I have a responsibility to bring information back to the moms in a way that is easy to understand. I need to understand it. If I don't get it, I am going to ask questions, I don't care if I look bad." The willingness to be wrong, look bad and foolish is microscopic compared to the love I have for my children and the future of our country. So yes, there will be times when I will mess up, make mistakes, say the wrong thing or do something inappropriate....I am confident however, that out of it will come a benefit for the greater purpose, for health and freedom. Nothing wrong can come from being love.My confidence comes from allowing love to be greater than my fear. Right or wrong...I love, and love protects.

I hope you will be fueled by your love. Take steps today, with confidence, to alter the future of America.


Host an event on Get a code via email and pass out the free flyers. Be a speaker about GMOs. Host a speaker at your library. Ask your city council, school or HOA to discontinue the use of glyphosate and toxin based herbicides. March in a harvest parade this fall. Have a movie night. It's time to be the one to make a difference.

We need you.

Thank you!

Zen Honeycutt

Moms Across America

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Moms March On in 2015 Independence Day Parades

On July 4th 2015 for the third consecutive year, Moms and supporters joined into 4th of July parades all across the nation with Moms Across America banners and passed out flyers to the thousands of neighbors who lined the streets. Volunteer moms and families reached thousands locally and millions nationally in a single day.


We did this to raise awareness about GMOs and related toxic pesticides because we care about our communities and the future of our country.  We did this to create a future of health and freedom. Health by avoiding GMOs and toxic chemicals and Freedom to choose not to eat GMOs and toxic chemicals.  Freedom also from the control of chemical company corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Syngenta, BASF and Bayer which are influencing our regulatory agencies and politicians to make laws which protect the chemical companies, not the people.

So we opt out of the system and eat organic, but it is not enough just for our own families to eat organic. Our children's future spouses are out there somewhere, most likely eating GMO foods. We know now about the studies showing rats which showed rats which ate GMOs, by the third generation were completely sterile. We know now about glyphosate( Roundup) which is sprayed on GMOs (and non non organic crops as a drying agent), has been shown to be an antibiotic (destroying immune system), a chelator (drawing out minerals needed to fight cancer) and an endocrine disruptor (birth defects and sterility). It has also been link to Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma, liver and kidney disease and numerous behavioral and mental disorders such as Autism and Alzheimer's. This is NOT okay with us. We think America can do better and we demand it of our food companies and government. Until they do better we raise awareness to eliminate GMOs and toxic chemicals from our tables NOW, by growing, buying and eating organic. 

We thank all Wonderful Sponsors and Supporters of Moms Across America for your support!

Moms posted 40 parades to march in last Saturday and we want to take a moment to THANK YOU for your support either recently or in the past.
We are so grateful for you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


Because of you:

  • Moms volunteers who feel overwhelmed and stressed out feel supported by you and are delighted with the boxes of hundreds of dollars free materials they have received.THANK YOU!


  • Hundreds of thousands of flyers have been personally passed out across the country and we have supplies for many thousands more...reaching millions of family members and making a difference for generations to come.



  • Over 600 volunteers and leaders have had events; parades, Moms Meetups, speaker series, movie nights etc and have been able to spread awareness in 46 states during our first two years with your support. This third year has shown a rise in support, 85 trained speakers, a rise in organic and Non GMO food sales, and a drop in profits for toxic food and product manufacturers.


Watch Temple Terrace video of their parade and why the moms are marching here:


  • With your support, we reach hundreds of thousands of people through social media for free each week/month depending on events and millions more through movies like BOUGHT and international documentaries, changing lives.


  • With your support, we have been able to conduct glyphosate testing which has made a difference for our cause and instigate further studies and policy change. The EPA WILL include their own glyphosate /breast milk testing in their assessment of the glyphosate due out later this year. THANK YOU!


  • With supporters donations, we have been able to share our testimonials and requests to thousands of shareholders of the largest toxic chemical companies in the world, in person, passionately and clearly. We are being heard because of you.


  • Moms Across America has been able to spread the state of the health of our children and the hope/solutions we have to the rest of the world with a global offshoot Moms Across the World, in New Zealand, Australia, China, Africa, UK and more.


  • Your support has touched the lives of millions and will alter the future of America. THANK YOU very much!!!

With Hugs from the Moms Across America Team,
Zen CA, Zoe PA, Laurie WA, Anne MI, Jessica CA, Beth SC, Nanette WA, Amber VA, Natalie CA and Sherry WA.

Pictures from just some of the parades from across the country,  California, Texas, Washington, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and more!

10981611_477615325738343_3800592823926258719_n.jpg   11062249_477615572404985_4219058356953116855_n.jpg

11206509_843060749116604_3847241028848420776_o.jpg  11411643_10205501494835345_206569790207749419_o.jpg


11412053_482918688530575_5474228009158188377_o.jpg   11538124_843060855783260_1026788712579609903_o.jpg

11666226_10152977982732308_8127303221655358413_n.jpg   11667392_920465784676940_3455861714315656237_n.jpg

11695904_10203992301950347_6739661978029575818_n.jpg   11696482_843060599116619_5451743743308917104_o.jpg

11700849_477615535738322_1917338728673898127_n.jpg   11705290_920465854676933_5251487322674548866_n.jpg



11722655_10205501493155303_8275221942004075899_o.jpg      11722654_482918618530582_311866499987272319_o.jpg


THANK YOU supporters and sponsors for your commitment!!!

Love and Hugs,

Moms Across America

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Into the Den of Dow

Into the Den of DOW Chemical

May 14, 2015



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Mom Speaks at Dupont

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Sitting Down with Syngenta in Switzerland

I intended to speak for 2 minutes at the Syngenta shareholder meeting in Switzerland on April 28, 2015. Instead I got nearly 2 hours with 3 Heads of Departments at Syngenta. Two Heads of R&D for GMOs and Pesticides and one Head of Social Policy and Performance. All women, all Moms, all listened. Here is  my story:

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Top Ten Reasons Why the EPA Legally Cannot Ignore Harm from Glyphosate

 Some of the widespread uses Roundup. 


Almost everyone has heard of Roundup, the world's number one weed killer. Hundreds of millions of pounds are used every year in the USA alone. Globally, the active chemical ingredient glyphosate is sold in over 750 products by numerous chemical companies. It is sprayed on sidewalks, streets, along the sides of roads, on school playgrounds and city parks. It is also sprayed on the soil of our crops fields as a burndown before planting, on 80% of the genetically modified foods which are engineered to withstand Roundup, and as a desiccant (drying agent) on non-organic crops such as sugar, wheat, barley, dried peas, and beans.

Evidence of Glyphosate being used as a drying agent on wheat and other crops above.

Glyphosate does NOT wash off ( and yet it is sprayed on food)  and is claimed to target an enzyme which is NOT found in humans or animals. They refer to the shikimate pathway, which is found in humans and animals, in our gut bacteria.

Note: the glyphosate content of this product of Roundup ( average for sale in hardware stores) is 1%. Syngenta's product Traxion is 44.9% glyphosate and is used as a burndown on the soil in which grains are planted. This is extremely toxic. Canada is the primary source of grains for the USA cereals, beer barely, and animal feed. 400 ppm of glyphosate is allowed on grains. 0.1ppb of glyphosate has been shown to destroy gut bacteria in chickens.

See the full list of allowable levels of glyphosate on our foods at:

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International Validated Glyphosate Testing

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

A year ago the first ever citizen initiated glyphosate testing was made available through Moms Across America to American citizens. Supporters from across the country took the time to send in their samples and the results shocked the world.

The supporters who who made this investment in their health actually invested in the health of the world. The results have made a difference and we thank you forever more.

Americans had glyphosate levels 3X higher in their water, 10-12X higher in their urine than Europe and levels 1600-3200 X HIGHER levels in breast milk than has been shown to cause harm in numerous scientific animal and human cell studies. A wave of interest rose up about glyphosate around the globe.

Bloggers, online news reporters, organizations and film makers realized that unless we raise awareness and cause change to buying/eating habits and our chemical farming system, we are headed for an international crisis. Those who have already lost loved ones feel we are already in one. 1 out of 2 males and 1 out of 3 females are EXPECTED to get cancer in America. 1 out of 2 of our children have a chronic illness. We must stop the attack on our immune systems by this toxic chemical which has been shown to be an antibiotic ( kill good bacteria and promote growth of pathogenic bacteria and weaken immune system), chelator ( vitamin and mineral deficiency) and endocrine disruptor ( miscarriages, birth defects, infertility and sterility) and cause placental cell death.

We can all take action to raise awareness by having tens of thousands of water and urine tests exposing the levels of glyphosate in our nations around the world. 


World First Validated Public Testing Set to Increase Pressure for Ban on Glyphosate

Is the World’s Number #1 Herbicide in Your Body?

Roundup ( glyphosate) sprayed in backyards, streets, playgrounds, parks and our food.

backyard_spraying.jpg   Spraying_on_streets.JPG
spraying_on_yard.jpg   spraying_on_crops_in_suit.jpg

Watch the inspiring promo video by Ed Brown:

Get tested: 
$5 of every test goes to MAA to raise awareness about GMOs, when ordered from this link. Please share!


The Feed The World project launched April 23,2015 with a World first, unique glyphosate test for the general public. The project with specific focus on women and children in the U.S. is offering the first ever validated public LC/MS/MS glyphosate testing for urine, water and soon breast milk. This could lead to a ban on the sale and use of glyphosate, the world’s number one herbicide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announcement in March shocked the global biotech (GMO) industry by classifying their most profitable chemical – glyphosate – as a “probable human carcinogen” (1).

Henry Rowlands, Director of Feed The World (2) stated Thursday;

“Glyphosate is the backbone of our current agricultural system that supplies us with toxic food, water and air. We aim to ban glyphosate by allowing the public to inform themselves about what levels of glyphosate are found in their own and their family’s bodies. Feed The World will also give a platform to profitable, agriculture alternatives that allow farmers, businesses and governments to change direction towards a better non-toxic future for our children.”

The validated glyphosate testing method (2) sponsored by Feed The World will allow the general public to find out with certainty what levels of glyphosate are found in their bodies and in their tap water.

Previous small-scale pilot studies completed in 2014 showed that glyphosate is found in American women’s breast milk, urine and water, but due to the ELISA testing method used in these tests the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other government regulators were able to ignore the results. Feed The World has commissioned and sponsored a new validated LC/MS/MS testing method which will increase the pressure on the EPA and other regulators to take serious action on glyphosate-based herbicides, and potentially ban glyphosate.

Margaret of Mar, 31st Countess of Mar (3), member of the House of Lords in the UK, stated;

"It is to the women of the world that we must turn if future generations are to be able to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. Glyphosate is known to probably cause cancers and other life threatening medical conditions and yet it is to be found everywhere. As individuals we cannot know whether or not we or our children are affected. This remarkable project will enable the women of the world to discover whether glyphosate is in our bodies or water supply; to learn how to avoid further exposures and, finally, to join together to show that we will no longer tolerate glyphosate in our food, water, air."


Award-winning U.S documentary Director Ed Brown, who will be covering the Feed The World project from start to end said:

“You cannot look back or dismiss this information once you have learned it. To understand that this chemical could be found in almost every single person on this planet, and that it is a probably carcinogen makes this the single most important story of our time. That's why I have chosen to help tell it to the world, because it is the fate of our entire human race that is on the line.”

NGOs and mother bloggers from across the U.S. including the Organic Consumers Association (4) and Mamavation (5) have already signed up to promote the testing.

The Feed The World project also includes a Women and Children’s Bill of Rights (6) that will be presented to the U.S. Senate in October calling for a phasing-out and total ban on the sales of glyphosate-based herbicides before the end of 2018.

The creation of and validation process for the glyphosate testing method as well as the public testing for urine and water is performed by a very highly regarded laboratory in USA, whose identity will remain confidential until later in 2015, when they will publish the full method paper in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The public breast milk testing will also begin later in 2015.


Dr. Paul Winchester, Clinical Professor at the Division of Neonatology (7) , Indiana University School of Medicine and the Director of the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) at St. Francis Hospital stated;

“Brave and concerned citizens will have to act if the real extent of pesticide contamination is to be known. We are being offered a chance to test ourselves for the most heavily used weed-killer in the history of mankind. RoundUp (Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide) is used to both kill weeds but also to desiccate crops prior to harvest. It is found in ground water, river water, rain, snow, soil, and food and the levels are rising. Is RoundUp in you? Is it in your baby? Is this weed killer imprinting our descendants’ DNA? These are the questions we hope you will help to answer. EPA won’t do it. Government won’t do it. Chemical companies won’t do it. Farmers won’t do it. Our Grocers won’t do it. If we don’t pee into a cup and pay for the analysis no one will. I hope you will help us find out the truth.”


The expected reaction to the project from the industry that produces glyphosate-based herbicides is that the levels found in humans are ‘safe’. However, Feed The World has provided a very clear information database(8) that identifies the many health and environmental dangers related to glyphosate, including evidence that glyphosate doses considered “safe” by industry and government regulators, have now been demonstrated to be “toxic”.


Dr. Michael Antoniou, Molecular Geneticist, London concluded:

“With increasing evidence that glyphosate may be toxic at very low doses through mechanisms such as disruption of endocrine (hormone) systems that in turn can lead to serious illness in all age groups, it is becoming ever more imperative to obtain wide-scale information on the levels of this substance in the human population at large.”






FAQ: What validated method is being used for this glyphosate testing?

Glyphosate (N-(phosphomethyl)glycine ) is directly analyzed using liquid chromatography- tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). Water and urine samples are prepared for analysis by solid phase extraction using an ion exchange column. Extracted samples are injected to the LC-MS/MS and the analyte is separated using an Obelisc N column (SIELC Technologies, Prospect Heights, IL) through isocratic elution. Ionization of glyphosate is achieved using an electrospray ionization source operated in negative polarity. The analyte is detected by multiple reaction monitoring using a 13C- labelled glyphosate as internal standard. Quantification of the analyte is done by isotope dilution method using an eight-point calibration curve. The assay has a limit of quantification of 0.1 ng/mL.

The intra- and inter-day precision observed are 6-15% in concentrations that range 0.1-80 ng/mL. Recoveries for glyphosate range 70-80% at concentrations within the assay’s linear dynamic range.








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