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Glyphosate, Vitamin D Deficiency and COVID Severity. It's REAL.

Screen_Shot_2020-12-16_at_11.05.47_AM.pngHave you seen the increased number of reports about the important role of Vitamin D in avoiding severe COVID symptoms?

Do you wonder why some people die from COVID and others have almost no symptoms or very mild symptoms?

We wanted to know too...

We already know that glyphosate, one of our major focuses for the past 8 years, is a chelator and can grab onto and make unavailable the vital nutrients of any living thing it touches. We suspected glyphosate, made by Bayer, is a major factor in why we humans are widely Vitamin D deficient in the first place. So we asked a glyphosate expert about the role of this most widely used herbicide in the world. Glyphosate has been found on thousands of food samples, breast milk, urine, rain, and drinking water. Could glyphosate be playing a role in the deficiency of Vitamin D and therefore contributing to death around the world from COVID?

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GMO Pigs Approved for Food Without Safety Testing

The FDA has done it again. They have approved another genetically engineered animal without the proper safety precautions!

As reported on Food Dive by author Megan Pionski

  • The Food and Drug Administration approved genetically modified pigs for use in food and medicine. GalSafe pigs, made by regenerative medicine company Revivicor, have been modified to remove alpha-gal sugar from the surface of the animals' cells.

  • Some people are allergic to alpha-gal sugars, which naturally occur in the cells of most mammals. The cause of this allergy, known as alpha-gal syndrome, is believed to be lone star tick bites. However, GalSafe pigs were only reviewed for allergen safety in pharmaceutical uses. They were not reviewed for safety when consumed by someone with an alpha-gal allergy, though the department affirms the meat is safe to consume in general.

  • Genetically modified — or bioengineered — food products are controversial among some consumers. Per a 2016 law, all food products that contain detectable bioengineered DNA will be required to have a label denoting that. While some food companies have started disclosing bioengineered ingredients, all products must be labeled as such by 2022. There is currently one other GMO animal protein product approved for human consumption: AquAdvantage salmon.

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Win! Glyphosate One Step Closer to Being Listed on CA EPA Prop 65 List as an Endocrine Disruptor

gly.jpgDecember 10, 2020, the Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee (DARTIC) had a meeting to determine which of the 22 chemicals they would advise the CA EPA's Office of Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) to be considered, at a level of high, medium or low, to be placed on the Prop 65 list as an endocrine disruptor. As we requested two years ago, Glyphosate and salts were finally up for consideration, so of course, we needed to present.

Glyphosate has already been listed on the Prop 65 list as a carcinogen, however, Monsanto sued the CA EPA and prevented the products containing glyphosate from having a warning labeling, such as Roundup and contaminated foods. They continue to sue to have glyphosate removed from the Prop 65 list, claiming that because the federal EPA did not find it carcinogenic (they only reviewed industry funded studies) that it was wrongly listed. Therefore, having glyphosate placed on the Prop 65 list as an endocrine disruptor would keep it in the forefront of the public's attention, require it to have a warning label, and possibly lead to a declined use or banned in countries around the world.

With the support of scientists and experts and their amazing work, we assembled a presentation. You may use the following presentation for your city staff, school principal or acquaintances that may be using glyphosate herbicides like Roundup or Ranger Pro. Natural Resources Defense Council commented in favor of listing glyphosate as an endocrine disruptor on the Prop 65 list. Mom Across America was the only representative on the consumers side who made a presentation in favor of glyphosate being given a HIGH priority for consideration to be placed on the Prop 65 list as an endocrine disruptor.

PDF presentation here.

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Brandy Vaughn of 'Learn The Risk' Found Dead

Yesterday it was reported on social media that Brandy Vaughn, founder of Learn The Risk, a vaccine awareness non-profit organization, was found unresponsive by her 9-year-old son. Her community was shocked. She was a 47-year-old single mom, apparently healthy, and had been very clear that she no reason to commit suicide.

As a former executive of Merck who spoke out against vaccines, she was harassed and threatened. She knew she was at risk. A year ago, she made a video recording of how her home had been repeatedly broken into, items moved, and she suspected that her home had been bugged. Incidents occurred to demonstrate that someone had been listening to her conversations or watching her by camera. 

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Organic Fertilizer Contaminated with Glyphosate and Diquat

December 4, 2020, the California Department of Agriculture (CDFA) has issued an immediate statewide quarantine and removal of sale of AGRO GOLD WS organic fertilizer due to the presence of Glyphosate and Diquat, which are not listed on the label.

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world, predominately used in agriculture directly on our food/feed crops, and has been the subject of tens of thousands of filings of lawsuits for non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, so far totaling to a $10 billion payout. Diquat is a highly toxic chemical known to cause tremors, convulsions and respiratory issues.  It is also highly toxic to birds and livestock such as cows, and detrimental to earth worms and honey bees.  These two highly harmful chemical herbicides have no place in organic products (or any products), and consumers who purchase these products have a right to be outraged by their presence.

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CDC Decides Who Gets The COVID Vaccine First

On Tuesday December 1, 2020, the CDC's ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON IMMUNIZATION PRACTICES (ACIP) meeting was held to vote on Phase 1a of the COVID vaccine rollout. The meeting was live streamed and was able to be viewed by the public. I watched the presentation for nearly 4 hours to witness the process in which crucial decisions like this are made and relay the information to Moms Across America supporters. Our moms are keenly interested in the topic of vaccines, as many of our children are vaccine damaged and we want to prevent further damage to others. We know first-hand how intense the struggle from the multitude of side effects can be for our elderly parents or family members, how devastating the loss of mobility or speech is, and how tragic it is to have our children’s potential for the future robbed from them. We are very concerned about the first group of people to get this rushed and risky vaccine, especially essential health care workers and our beloved, and most vulnerable parents, grandparents and family members.

Who Should Get the COVID Vaccine First?

Doctors, scientists, and heads of departments such as the CDC, FDA, NIH, HHS, and many other immunization management groups were present. It was a meeting of the minds of the people who control the immunization schedule of the United States of America, 350 million people. The context was set early, “Every minute a person in the United States is dying from we have this meeting at least 180 people will die.” The goal on the agenda was to vote on whether or not health care providers and residents of long-term care facilities should be the first to be offered the COVID vaccine, after it was approved by the CDC and ACIP. 

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EPA Releases Evaluation of Glyphosate Herbicide Impact on Endangered Species....and It's Not Good

The day before Thanksgiving the EPA released their Biological Evaluation (BE) assessment of potential risks for registered uses of glyphosate to endangered or threatened species or their critical habitat. This federal action is a part of the Registration Review for the license of glyphosate, which has been ongoing for more than ten years, for re approval or denial.

Moms Across America was incredibly disappointed by the actions of the EPA and their refusal to acknowledge the evidence that glyphosate can cause cancer in humans and does cause cancer in animals, as identified by world renowned scientists at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in 2015. One can only surmise that corporate pressure, due to billions of dollars on the line in lawsuits, produced that response. Findings from the EPA on glyphosate herbicide’s environmental impact to endangered species were our only hope for a pathway to restrictions on this dangerous herbicide that is virtually poisoning the entire planet.

There are two important take-aways from the assessment:

  1. Although the EPA insists glyphosate alone is not toxic to endangered species and their habitats, it does admit that formulated glyphosate is moderately to highly toxic to fish, highly to very highly toxic to aquatic invertebrates, moderately toxic to mammals, and slightly toxic to birds on an acute exposure basis. This is an important distinction because glyphosate is never used alone. It is, however, approved and licensed alone, and therefore that policy loophole may lead to the demise of thousands of endangered species if the EPA chooses to only consider the evidence on glyphosate alone.

  2. The EPA assessment found glyphosate herbicides caused Likely Adverse Affects (LAA) for 93% of species and 97% of critical habitats-  1,676 species and 759 critical habitats. This means that continuing to allow the use of glyphosate in waterways, forestry, and landscaping will lead to the destruction of these endangered species. We certainly hope glyphosate herbicide use will be banned from these uses immediately.
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2020 Impact Report

This has been a year like no other. When my team began the draft of the 2020 report, I assumed that it would be shorter this year, considering COVID, shutdowns, and the BLM protests, but no, they said, we actually did more. I was surprised. How could this be? As I looked back over our activities during these tumultuous times, it became obvious. In challenging times, we mothers and supporters of Moms Across America don’t retreat and hide, we rise up. We find solutions, we support each other. Rather than adding to the collective rage, we generate collective compassion. We celebrate the acts of kindness and get to the source of our skyrocketing health issues - long before COVID - and that is eating a healthy, toxin free diet and restoring our immune system naturally. We did not rest when the USDA lowered their food supply standards due to the shutdown. We mothers rose up and spoke up to hold our government accountable.

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Waste Free Christmas Season

Did you know that half of the paper used in the U.S. is used for wrapping and decorating products? Unfortunately this is just one aspect of what can be a very wasteful time of year. While the holidays bring joy to everyone, along with that joy often comes an awfully large amount of waste. In order to reduce that and try some new tactics this year, check out the 100 Year Lifestyle’s guide to doing so.

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Announcing our 2021 Moms for Moms Campaign

2020 sure did hit us with more than a few curve balls! At Moms Across America, we got clear this year that what is more important than ever is our health and supporting each other as a community. Standing up, linking arms with other moms, and being at the front lines to protect our families is what needs to happen for our communities to thrive in the face of adversity.

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