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Is Your Family Swimming in Pesticides in HOA Outdoor Pools?

When a family member was recently diagnosed with kidney disease, I wondered if the pesticides sprayed in her HOA might have contributed to the illness. When I got the HOA's landscaping records, as you will see in the letter below, I was shocked. I realized that the thousands of gallons of these toxic chemicals, mostly sprayed around the community amenity center where the outdoor pool is located, were likely drifting into the pool. My family member swam in that pool several times a week during warm weather, which in Florida, was often. I believe that outdoor pool water could be a significant source of exposure to toxic landscaping and pest management chemicals, contributing to chronic health issues.

By going through this process I have realized that people all across the nation could benefit if we could test pool water in multiple HOAs for the toxic pesticides that they are using to kill weeds and pests. We could convince the HOA managers and landscaper to switch to safer alternatives (we provide a list of many choices) and we could make a difference in hundreds or thousands of communities being healthier.

It is our fervent hope that you will read the below letter, use a version of it for your HOA ( after you get your HOA records), and partner with us to create healthy communities!

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How America Got Here

It is not uncommon for us to visit our parents or inlaws and see more prescription medications than we can count as part of their daily routine. And yet, most of our family members will insist that they are “fine.” They think that the pills will fix whatever is happening with them and that their doctor knows best.

Over 50% of our nation’s people have chronic health issues. Fertility is plummeting. 42% of us are obese. Thirty million have liver disease. $35 billion is spent on kidney dialysis. Diabetes increasing rate could bankrupt our country in a few years. We have a skyrocketing number of mental health issues. No, we are not okay. And what most of our doctors are doing is not working. They are simply prescribing more drugs.

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Finally, a Safe Weed Killer

Is your Homeowner's Association, neighbor, city, school landscaper, or Parks and Recreation spraying toxic herbicides like Glyphosate (Roundup), Dicamba (Spectricide), or 2,4-D  in your community? Do you want them to stop spraying poisons and use nontoxic methods?

The number one argument that we hear when we suggest permaculture and organic landscaping methods is that hand-pulling labor is too expensive. Others say that they could not pry a weedkiller spray bottle from their Uncle's hand if their lives depended on it. So we at Moms Across America understand we must offer the solution of a non-toxic weedkiller spray in order to make progress with many decision-makers.

Buy Now.

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A Proposal for Safer Food For Students, Safer and More Secure Work Environment for Farmers, the Prevention of Economic Disaster and a Healthier Future for All

Will the US Government Have the Courage to Make a Common Sense Budget Change and Transform Health in America?

In the movie Food Beware: The French Organic Revolution, the Mayor saw an increase in the local children getting cancer, noticed the spraying of chemicals on local farms, and put two and two together. Backed with science and parental support, he decided to take action.

He transitioned the subsidy funding from the pesticide spraying farms to the schools and earmarked the money for organic, local food. The farmers saw that to remain viable and continue supplying the schools with produce, they had to switch to organic. So they did. They successfully and profitably switched to organic practices, and the students got their safer, organic, non-toxic food.  Ultimately, the health of children and farm laborers was better protected.

This is a solution that we can and must implement across the USA.

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Canada Listened to Consumers

Canada Glyphosate FreeIn a historic turn of events, due to considerable public outcry (including many of you), Canada has decided to pause the approval of the increase of glyphosate and other pesticide residues by 100-650%. As we pointed out in our call to action, Canada exports to 95 countries around the world so this news is significant for the global food supply. The Candian government also announced that has invested $50 million into the Pesticide Management Regulatory Agency. No increases will be permitted until at least Spring of 2022.

From the Health Canada Announcement:

  • There is no change to the Canadian use pattern of glyphosate. Neither how much nor how frequently glyphosate can be used changes due to the proposed MRL changes.

  • As a result of today's announcement, all of the proposed increases to MRLs currently under consideration by Health Canada will be paused. This pause will remain in effect until all evidence and submissions have been reviewed and assessed.

We are thrilled that they are paying attention to the health risks of glyphosate. And that they are not only reassessing glyphosate health impacts but of all of the 15 pesticides listed. This has long been our strategy at Moms Across America. By focusing on the most widely used herbicide globally, we are shining a light on the use of hundreds of pesticides and the entire agrochemical industry.

"With today’s announcement, we are confirming that no decision on any increases to pesticide limits on food will be made before next spring. Meanwhile, we will review the framework underlying the review process of the PMRA and strengthen its capacity to conduct those reviews. Furthermore, research investments announced today will also give farmers greater access to better products and to adopt new and alternative approaches to pest management that reduce risk while addressing the concerns of Canadians."

The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau
Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

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Bayer's Roundup Bites the 2023

Bayer Ends Sale of Roundup and Glyphosate Herbicidesto Garden and Lawncare Market by 2023.

Click here for Bayer's announcement.

Moms Across America is thrilled to share that something we have long been working for and waiting for has happened.

Bayer has announced that by 2023 they will no longer be selling Roundup and glyphosate-based herbicides at our local retailers for garden and lawncare! This will prevent our neighbors from unknowingly poisoning our community, risking miscarriage in our pregnant family members, giving our dogs cancer, and killing our bees and pollinators. 

This is a huge win for communities all across the country.

Although 2023 is FAR too long, and TODAY would have been far more responsible, this is an enormous step in the right direction. 

This decision was made after Judge Chabbria’s recent decision regarding the proposed 10 billion dollar cap on lawsuit payouts. The Judge decided that the cap would not be fair for people who develop cancer years after using Roundup and Bayer’s glyphosate products. Under Bayer’s proposal, those victims would not be able to get compensation because the cap was already met. So there is no cap to the amount of compensation that Bayer could payout for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cases connected to the use of their glyphosate products. The only way Monsanto could stop the increase of lawsuits is to stop selling the product. So today, that is what they decided to do.

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Call for Transformation of the Industrial Food System - And a Solution

The tide is turning. Two new papers show the importance of transforming the current global GMO toxic food supply to nontoxic, regenerative methods. Moms Across America has long been calling for transformation in the food system, collectively with many other organizations, for decades. It is a sign of hope to see so many diverse experts now calling for change.

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Stunning Solution to Our Health Crisis

For decades, long before COVID, a health crisis has been looming. The number of Americans, our family members, struggling with cancer and various health disorders has skyrocketed. Over 50% of our children now have a chronic illness, one out of six have a learning disorder, one out of five Americans has a mental health issue, and one out of two males and one out of three females are expected to get cancer. Our health is, without exaggeration, in a crisis. If these numbers continue to progress as they have for the past twenty years, we are soon headed for a human health apocalypse. No amount of government bailouts, no reduction in taxes, no change of political party or leadership will be able to heal the bodies of our loved ones and remove our pain and grief from loss. No matter how charismatic, no President or Governor will be able to give us our sister or mother back.

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Two Bills in US Congress Affect Health Freedom

At Moms Across America, we are committed to empowering mothers and others to create healthy communities. A foundational aspect of being healthy has the freedom to choose which medical procedures we receive. Not just from a fundamental human rights aspect, but from the undeniable reality that every human being has a unique genetic disposition. One may believe that drugs or vaccines are effective and can still acknowledge that no single medication will affect every person in the same way. Therefore, humans cannot be required by our government, employers, schools, or businesses to partake in a medical procedure or drug when there is the potential of considerable, irreversible health consequences for that individual.

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Big Ag Pressures Canada to Raise Allowable Glyphosate Levels on Food During Health Crisis

Despite an estimated 125,000 plaintiffs who have sued Monsanto/Bayer for their glyphosate-based herbicide products’( GBH’s) connection to non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and 40 countries around the world banning or restricting the use of glyphosate, Bayer continues to push the increased use of this agrochemical on food and feed crops.

Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has recently posted a proposed increase of glyphosate maximum residue levels (MRLs) on food crops to be 100 - 650% higher than previous levels. Glyphosate-based herbicides are used on many crops as a drying agent before harvest, weedkiller in agriculture or landscaping leads to glyphosate contamination of our water, food, beverages, rain, air, and even some childhood vaccines.

The risk of higher glyphosate residues on the global food supply and products, including America’s, resulting in decreased health, is not probable if this proposal is approved. It is definite. Much of Canada and the northern midwest of America are considered the “breadbasket” of America.  In 2018/19, Canada's total cereal (grain) exports amounted to around 28.39 million metric tons, exported to 95 different countries worldwide.

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