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Chinese Tech Executives Admit 5G "Smart" Cities Have Big Costs, Small Benefits

In a stunning report from Chinese news outlet The New Lens, Chinese 5G Not Living Up to the Hype author John Xie exposes the disappointing reality of 5G "Smart" City networks. In short, the technology is not living up to expectations; the costs are enormous, and the benefits are few. The problems with high density 5G networks include, in summary:

  • Electricity costs were 10X higher than the profits in China in 2019
  • Uses 3X as much energy as 4G
  • Small coverage area = high density cell towers = close proximity to residents and office workers
  • 73% of customers say 5G is not needed
  • Widespread complaints about speed
  • More interference
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GMO Salmon Ruled Unlawful by Federal Courts

Great News! We are so thrilled to share this wonderful court ruling.

From our Friends at the Center for Food Safety:

During these turbulent times, we are thrilled to let you know a piece of good news! Yesterday, a federal court ruled in favor of Center for Food Safety’s lawsuit that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) violated core federal laws when it approved the first-ever genetically engineered (GE) animal: a GE salmon! This decision is a huge victory for wild salmon, the environment, and our fishing communities.

This work was only possible with your support – thank you!

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The Vaccine Book Review

The 3rd edition of The Vaccine Book, by Dr. Bob Sears is available! 

Vaccines are becoming an increasingly controversial topic as we are seeing more and more people question their safety.  The problem is, where can we turn for reliable information in a clear and concise way? The Vaccine Book delivers a unique approach to true informed consent for the American public. It teaches you what your pediatrician won’t or doesn’t have time to explain.

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National Recycling Month

Our planet's health and well-being are currently being attacked. No, we aren't talking about aliens or some other life form. Unfortunately, humans are the ones causing the most damage to our beautiful Mother Earth. A recent study found that even though humans only make up 0.01 percent of all living things, since our civilization began, we have managed to destroy 83 percent of wild mammals. We are our own worst enemies - but that stops here. November is World Recycling Month, and it's one of the most crucial time periods for us.

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No Matter Who Wins...

A message from our Founding Executive Director 

As we wait for the results of the election many are experiencing high levels of anxiety right now. In general, this anxiety is based on fear and projections of actions that could be taken by one candidate or another (or both) that could harm our families. 

I am writing this morning to remind you of your power, your love, and your commitment to your families.

No matter who wins, you are still the parent of your children. You are still the decision maker for your body. You are thinking, intelligent, rational human being. Even if the laws change in your state (which are based mostly on the Governor, not the President) you can still create a life that includes safety, learning, adventures and happiness. In the end, it is YOU who makes the daily decisions for your family.

A friend messaged me on social media yesterday, sharing yet another dramatic video with an "expert" talking about how the global elite are controlling our lives. I get that the global elite are influencing our government. But I don't see Bill Gates in my kitchen in the morning telling my family what to eat or making us breakfast. I do that.

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Becoming a "Least Vulnerable Person"

There is growing concern about COVID-19, the flu, and other infectious diseases affecting the most vulnerable people. Who are these most vulnerable people and what choices can you make for yourself and your family to become a Least Vulnerable Person. Fortunately, most of these options are under your control!


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Top Ten Reasons NOT to Mandate the COVID Vaccine

Letter to Governors

Top Ten Reasons NOT to Mandate the COVID Vaccine And Support an Individual’s Right to Health Freedom

Moms Across America supporters are reporting increased rumors of states like Washington state and Virginia Governors considering issuing mandates for the pending COVID Vaccine. This is a dangerous idea for many reasons. Americans from every state need to take action now, to prevent vaccine mandates in any state for any virus, especially this rushed and risky COVID vaccine. Please see our letter below and join our campaign to every Governor in America today. Thank you!

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Get Immune System Destroying Chemicals OUT of Our Food Supply!

Now is NOT The time to allow immune system destroying chemicals in our food supply!

An astounding new pesticide bill called the Protect America’s Children from Toxic Pesticides Act 2020 (PACTPA), sponsored by Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.) and Rep. Joe Neguse (D-Colo.) is being applauded by consumers, fellow politicians, and environmental groups across the country.

According to supporters of the bill, PACTPA eliminates about 90% of the toxins in the food supply and addresses the emergency exemptions and conditional registrations which have allowed 60% of the agrochemicals on the market to be used for decades without any safety testing.

Moms Across America director, Zen Honeycutt, states, “We are thrilled that our elected officials are addressing a myriad of major flaws with the current pesticide regulations. While this bill does not include glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world, it can. We ask for glyphosate to be added and also applaud the fact that it addresses most of the toxic agrochemicals, closes loopholes in safety regulations, and protects not only our children but farmworkers as well. This is a bill that every politician can get on board to support.”

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Posture, Growth and Healthy Emotions

From our Dad Champion Dr. Eric Plasker

Your spine is the structural support system of your body. At any age – child, teenager, adult or senior – how your spine supports you can be seen in your posture.

Posture reveals weaknesses that can progressively worsen under the stresses of daily life as you grow and age. Because your structure, spine and nervous system are the lifeline of health and energy to all the vital organs of your body, it is important to pay attention to your posture before pursuing prescription medications or over the counter remedies for physical and emotional health problems or imbalances. Many of these medications have serious side effects and do not get to the cause of the instability affecting you.

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Pediatric Chiropractic Trusted Choice for Families

Chiropractic is a holistic, drugless practice that has helped improve the lives of millions of people around the world. It focuses primarily on restoring health to a child's spine and nervous system and keeping it healthy through every stage of growth and development. Many people think that this is something that only adults can experience–but that’s far from the case. Pediatric chiropractic is a safe and life-changing practice that helps children heal naturally from all types of conditions and supports good posture to counterbalance technology, sitting too much and childhood falls. It helps kids get their lives off on the right track healing ailments ranging from sinus problems to scoliosis. 

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