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Baby Formula Alternatives

We are sure you have heard of the baby formula distribution problems, which have caused a shortage in many areas around the country. Thousands of moms are frustrated with the lack of coordination and foresight our government had displayed regarding this issue. It is infuriating that over government is prioritizing sending money overseas for war efforts when thousands of parents are struggling to feed their babies right here in America! Arrgh!

You can expect that mothers will not just get frustrated however- they take action. Emily Swanson in Texas founded a formula match-up Facebook group called Nationwide Formula Search and moms are helping each other.  Mothers are posting photos of where the formula is available and even buying and sending it to other mothers. How generous and kind! How inspiring! We applaud all the mothers on formula Facebook search groups and encourage you to help out where you can too.

We applaud the creators of these groups and are proud that women are supporting other women across the nation! THANK YOU

We know President Biden just made an announcement to fly in formula from others countries and to redirect resources from corporations to make formula production a priority. Some may think the government is coming to the rescue.

Let's keep in mind that this shortage is primarily happening because the government and formula manufacturers failed to meet or even make safety standards to keep baby formula safe in the first place. Many babies have been reported to get sick and die from Cronobacter sakazakii and Salmonella Newport infections after consuming three brands of formula made by Abbot - leading to the shutdown of that plant and the shortage. At that time, back in February of 2022, the FDA NEVER  officially recalled the toxic formula! Abbot made a voluntary recall statement. So the President pushing baby formula manufacturers to hurry up and make more formula and fly in the formula from other countries (what countries and what are their safety standards?) in through Operation Fly Formula feels like the same situation where Trump urged the COVID vaccine manufacturers to hurry up and get through the safety trials with Operation Warp Speed. We all know how that's going.

We urge parents to reconsider the entire paradigm of our family's health being dependent on what the government does.

We are firm believers that our babies' and families' ability to thrive should not be based on decisions made in the White House, but instead on decisions made in our own house. The fact is that being dependent on formula, usually industrial agriculture GMO soy, corn, and sugar-based is not ideal. It may seem like the only choice, and make many mothers stressed out. We want you to know there are alternatives that are not shared with you by your pediatrician, most likely, and definitely not by the mainstream media. Many of these alternatives have been around for thousands of generations and you deserve to know that they are available.

Here are a few other tips for mothers to consider regarding breastfeeding and formula feeding.

We will preface this by saying that we understand all mothers are simply doing the best they can to care for their babies. Whatever you are doing we want to support you. Also, the care of a baby does not just fall on a mother, the fathers are equally responsible and we urge them to get involved in supporting the feeding of all babies. Mothers, make sure to let go of control and allow, ask your spouse or partner to support you, reduce your stress and enable you to breastfeed or formula feed in a relaxed manner.

1. First, reconsider using the formula if you are breastfeeding at all. If you are supplementing with formula because you think you are "not making enough," first consider this:

A baby's stomach is much smaller than one might think!

You do not need to produce or pump 4 ounces of breastmilk at a time for a newborn! The stomach is tiny, to begin with. A baby feeds so often and has only a tiny amount.

2. Consider a breast milk bank or reaching out to your community. Ask your Moms Clubs and the Facebook groups. Even Craigslist may have resources from mothers who produce too much breast milk and want to sell or donate it to mothers in need. Its' time for our community to support each other! Human milk is best for your baby, even if it comes from another human mother.

Only the Breast is a community for moms that can help you get started.

There are also dozens of breast milk donations and resources Facebook groups!

3. You may also try goat milk-based formula. It is the least allergenic and most like human milk as far as hormones etc. Here is a recipe from Weston A Price Foundation found on Goat Milk, promoted by a father of 8 children,  Joe Stout, also a Master of Science  - which is far more of an education than Bill Gates (funder of genetically engineered formula) has.

Again, if you go the manufactured baby formula route, we do not recommend soy or corn-based formula or gluten-free formula that is not organic. This is because the farmers of these crops often use glyphosate and other toxic chemicals as a weed killer or drying agent, and glyphosate does not wash dry or cook-off. Glyphosate residues have been found in baby formula. Glyphosate has also been found in breast milk when mothers eat conventional food. Glyphosate has been shown to cause tumors, thyroid disorders, liver and kidney disease, and damage sperm in four ways. It also causes the masculinization of female babies too. Breast milk is best, mainly when the mother eats organic as much as possible, and then we recommend organically fed goat's milk.

Whatever you do, know that you are doing your best, relax and enjoy being with your baby.

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